The 3 Best Artificial Tropical Plants

Jetting off to the Caribbean is a bucket list item for many Americans. But of course, dreaming about an island getaway is much easier than actually going on one.

So what’s the next best thing?

How about turning our homes into lush paradises without burning a hole in our wallets to visit some?

Fake tropical plants have the resolve of a Hollywood actor - always stunning, always in character. They have the power to whisk you away to the oasis you’ve always wished for, sans the sunscreen and bug spray.

But before we get into the meat and potatoes, let’s get acquainted with the topic a bit more.

Shall we?

What Are Tropical Plants?

Tropical plants are plant species native to the warm and humid regions near the equator, where they back in year-round sunshine and high humidity.

Their striking foliage, a rarity for us living further from the equator, makes them irresistible choices for both gardening and decoration. Aside from this, the mere presence of tropical plants offers a taste of escapism for those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience tropical destinations in person.

In essence, the deep-rooted appeal of tropical plants lies in their ability to bring the tropics into our daily lives, turning our homes and workplaces into miniature paradises.

Why Do You Need Artificial Tropical Plants?

outdoor tropical vertical garden

Many of us lack the patience and expertise needed to take care of real tropical plants. No matter how much we try, these plant species demand very specific conditions to thrive, conditions that are often absent in most parts of the US.

But since we refused to give up on our dream of bringing the Caribbean into our homes, we turned to artificial tropical plants. These alternatives are chock-full of all the benefits of real tropical plants but completely stripped of the demanding upkeep.

Here are a few more reasons why faux tropical plants are a fantastic choice:

They Thrive In Any Climate

Much like other fake plants out there, artificial tropical plants are adaptable and can “live” in any climate. They’re resilient even in the dry scorching heat of Arizona. Unlike their living counterparts, fake tropical plants remain unscathed by drought and won’t droop during harsh winters.

They Don’t Rely on Humans

If you’re a busy bee, a tropical plant will be your worst nightmare. But with a fake one, you can forget about daily doses of water, sunlight, or your lack of a green thumb. Plus, you wouldn’t need to agonize over leaving your plants unattended during your (maybe tropical) vacations without fearing their demise.

They Add Color to the Space

The vivid green fauxliege and striking blooms of artificial tropical plants will turn a room from drab to fab in minutes. If you’re seeking an easy way to inject color and vibrancy into your space, fake tropics should be your go-to. Plus, if you decide on a tropical fake green wall, you can customize it with eye-catching Bougainvillea stems that up the wow factor.

They Bring Cognitive Benefits

Beyond aesthetics, artificial tropical plants also offer cognitive benefits. Studies show that the presence of greenery has a calming and stress-reducing effect on our overworked minds. This lends well to improved mental well-being and productivity, making these plants a valuable addition to both home and office environments.

Top 3 Artificial Tropical Plants On the Market

Artificial tropical plants for the outdoors come in many shapes and sizes, which may temper your decision-making skills. But here’s the solution - a short list of the best fake tropical plants money can buy collated by experts with decades-long experience in the field.

But before you decide, ensure your area can accommodate these new additions, as people rarely enjoy cluttered spaces.

Artificial Hanging Bracken Fern
fake hanging bracken fern

We might be biased, but the Artificial Hanging Bracken Fern is our idea of a botanical masterpiece. Measuring a generous 31 inches in length, the faux fern boasts intricate detailing in its lifelike fronds. It even retains its vibrant green color when exposed to sunlight, thanks to its in-leaf UV resistance.

Bracken ferns naturally adorn landscapes across the US, from Virginia to Alabama and West Virginia to Kentucky. So, an artificial plant mimicking this fern will blend into your surroundings and become almost indistinguishable.

Tip: Display the faux Bracken fern on a wall hook, drape it over a railing, or suspend it from the ceiling in your bathroom. The stems are flexible, so you can position them easily. 

Green Tropics Artificial Vertical Garden

faux tropic green wall

If a delicate artificial plant doesn’t suit your tastes, consider a more imposing product like the Green Tropics Artificial Vertical Garden. This versatile piece of fauxliege showcases a diverse mix of tropical plants and also ccontains built-in UV resistance.

The Green Tropics panel measures a generous 40x40x6 inches, which you can trim to fit any wall. All our faux vertical gardens as excellent DIY projects, suitable for newbies and professionals alike, and need minimal maintenance.

Tip: Cover an entire wall, indoors or outdoors, with these panels to create a dramatic element to your space. Alternatively, use a single panel as a decorative accent in your living room and frame it as a focal point.

Artificial Florida Palm Tree
from $7,450

artificial Florida palm tree

If you’re in the market for artificial tropical trees, faux palm trees are the way to go. The Artificial Florida Palm Tree is a towering creation that replicates the prominent silhouette of a Florida palm. Available in heights ranging from 13 to 26ft, this product is an unexpected addition to any landscape.

Just like their natural counterparts, tropical artificial palm trees are resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The detachable leaves provide extra protection and the option to replace damaged fronds without chucking the entire tree. Even in times of high distress, our artificial palm trees are fire-resistant.

Tip: Place artificial tropical trees poolside to create a resort-style atmosphere. Surround them with lounge chairs and colorful umbrellas for a bigger statement.

So why wait?

Turn your home into a tropical haven and let the escapism begin by contacting our team right here.