How to DIY an Outdoor Patio With Designer Plants

In a Nutshell

Before Our Collaboration

An enthusiastic client, Nicki, approached us with an innovative idea to transform her hidden outdoor patio and document her journey. Although a wooden privacy fence was already a great choice for her patio, she was looking for that je ne sais quoi.

The Problem

before panels installation

Nicki already had a fenced outdoor patio next to her home in North Carolina that provided respite for her and her family. Like most people living close to neighbors, Nicki valued her privacy. This is why she opted for a raw wooden fence around her patio. Admittedly, her setup was great from the start, but she acknowledged that it didn’t align with her desired aesthetic.

I want my patio to be the ultimate spot for my future hosting nights”, said Nicki. As a dedicated hostess, she’d been fishing around for DIY ideas to add timeless elegance to her patio. Ultimately, she aimed to create a stylish, charming spot for her guests, especially during the changing seasons.

During The Process

green wall installation process

Like most Americans, Nicki turned to Instagram for inspiration.

And as a content creator, she knew exactly where to find it. After coming across the Designer Plants Instagram page, Nicki recognized the benefits of artificial plant walls and how they could help her create the patio of her dreams.

She decided to cover her wooden fence with faux green wall panels to further increase her privacy and add some whimsy into the patio. This led to her contacting us on Instagram to share her wonderful ideas.

Since Nicki had already conducted extensive research on the product and had a clear vision, working with her was a breeze. She wanted to cover her fence with the White Flowering Artificial Boxwood Wall and add a Luxury Artificial Green Wall Disc to the adjacent wall facing the patio.

The Solution

With such a creative client, results were inevitable. Given that this is a residential project, Nicki would benefit from evergreen decorations guaranteed to last at least 5 years without replacement.

North Carolinians experience severe weather during spring and summer, so Nicki needed tough-as-nails fauxliege to withstand the elements. According to her, “These panels also offer the perfect backdrop for tons of fun party themes”.

As an avid DIY enthusiast, Nicki undertook the project herself and followed the easy step-by-step installation process. After measuring the walls, she obtained the following dimensions:

  • 56″ x 60″
  • 46″ x 63″
  • 87″ x 62″
  • 65″ x 62″

She then entered these dimensions on our website, and we got to work.

To help with her DIY project, we included an installation guide and zip ties in the package. Nicki used an industrial staple gun to secure the artificial garden wall panels to her fence and interlocked the panels with each other.

When the first part of the remodel was complete, she hung up the artificial green wall disc on a blank wall. At that point, Nicki determined that “As much as I love a raw wood look, the beauty in an evergreen privacy fence is unmatched”.

After It’s Done

installation of faux green panels

Nicki worked hard to revamp her patio and give her guests a refreshing change of scenery. She also recorded the process and shared her stunning results with us.

Upon completing the project, she said: “I designed this space with the idea of immersing my guests into nature, but keeping the elements of class, luxury, and a splash of whimsy”.

In addition to enlivening her patio, this beautification “turns a space into more than just an elegant, private dining space, but becomes a romantic evening in the garden!”, said Nicki. Now, she and her family can enjoy their own little slice of paradise while their guests revel in style.

Next Steps

Our motivated client was thrilled with the outcome and the compliments she’s receiving from her friends. And here at Designer Plants, we’re were very happy to provide the tools she needed to make her vision a reality.

This captivating transformation allowed for Nicki’s drive and talent to shine through, and we’re honored to have been part of the process.

Now that everything is complete, she encourages other DIY-ers to “think outside the box and add some whimsical, lush evergreen panels and choose a DIY path that blends beauty, functionality, and sustainability”.

If you also have an outdoor patio to adorn, contact us for ideas, solutions, or a quote. Share your vision with us, just as Nicki did, and we’ll be on the case in no time!
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