Well-designed artificial green walls can instantly add vibrance to any space. These affordable, life-like artificial green wall plants and vertical garden walls are gaining attention and popularity in American homes and commercial spaces due to their super easy installation approach and longevity.

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How many Artificial Vertical Garden Green Wall Panels you need?

Installation Methods for Artificial Green Wall

Best of all, our premium vertical garden range can be installed quickly & easily with commonly found tools at home.

The installation method depends on the material of the surface where the artificial green wall is to be placed. Whether stone, concrete, wire or timber, there is no need for special tools or fixings. You can get the work done with a few items available at home or which can be easily bought at the local hardware store.

Tools Required:

Timer, Plaster / Stucco, MDF or Plastic Fences / Walls
  • Staple Gun
  • Drill & Screw Drill Head + Screws
Mesh, Tubular or Railing Fences / Walls
  • Cable ties
  • Scissors
Brick, Concrete, Masonry or Stone Fences / Walls
  • Concrete / Brick Anchor Plugs
  • Hammer, Drill + Drill Bit

How to Install Faux Green Walls

Installing your artificial vertical garden is super easy, and can often be done in just a few hours.

Step 1: Site Survey & Preparation

It is necessary to ensure that you take preventive measures for safe installation

site survey image

1. Measure your space (multiply length x width to calculate square feet required) and order enough panels to cover the wall or fence you seek to beautify.

2. Mark up the area you wish to start and finish on the wall or fence.

3. Ensure that the area you are installing the fake green wall does not obstruct any switch-boards or important access points.

4. If you are renting you may consider using adhesive hooks instead.

5. Avoid installing artificial green walls near sources of open flames. While our artificial green walls are made from fire-tested materials, this step helps prevent damage

Step 2: Install Your First Panel

Hold up your green wall panel and attach the panel starting in the top corner and proceed to add a fixing every 10-15inches.

Depending on the surface you will need to attach slightly differently.

diy attaching artificial green wall panels

Timer, Plaster / Stucco, MDF or Plastic Fences / Walls
- Simply staple the panels to the wall/fence (gripping the backing mesh to the wall or fence)

Brick, Concrete, Masonry or Stone Fences / Walls
- Drill your hole adjacent to the backing mesh.
- Place the plug into the wall whilst holding the vertical garden panel against the wall
- Hammer or insert the wall fixing whilst ensuring the head of the fixing grips the panel against the wall

Mesh, Tubular or Railing Fences / Walls

- Push a cable tie through the vertical garden panel and loop it back around through the head of the cable tie and pull tight.

- Cut off the excess end of the cable tie.

Step 3. Firmly Secure The Panel

diy attaching second artificial green panel

Proceed to attach a fixing every 10-15 inches per vertical garden panel (around 12 per panel). Less can be used in areas not subject to strong winds.

Step 4. Secure The Second Panel

diy securing artificial green panels

Using the holes and lugs along the panel you should now join the second panel (and subsequent panels) to the first panel.

Step 5. Continue The Same Process

Follow the above steps to secure remaining panels. You may need to cut the last vertical garden panel to accommodate, and to ensure the wall is completely filled.

If your wall is smaller than a full panel you can simply cut the excess off the vertical garden panel using scissors by cutting along the backing mesh.

Step 6. Ruffle The Foliage

diy artificial plants

Once all your vertical garden panels are installed you can proceed to lightly fluff the panels as sometimes when unboxing them they may have been tightly packed inside.

Should you wish to have someone else install our beautiful vertical garden panels we are always happy to speak with you or them to guide you through the vertical garden installation process. Alternatively, you can contact us to get an installation quote.

Our qualified installers can do all the work for you. Our staff are always ready to advise and assist, whether you’re looking to make once-off orders for your living room, office or large-sized orders for your business.


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