Our mission here at Designer Plants is to create the finest quality artificial plants for every home, office, venue and event across America.

As one of the largest international wholesalers of faux green walls and artificial plants, our team is committed to help every homeowner, renovator and business owner access the finest range of greenery available without sacrificing real-life beauty.

Quality, quality, quality – we can’t emphasize this enough.

All our suppliers are certified under ISO, REACH & ROHS standards, ensuring that our entire range of products, from wall gardens to office plants, are of unmatchable excellence. With meticulous attention to detail and a drive to get it perfect every time, our team has the expertise to assist you build the garden of your dreams.

Gone are the days of relying on cheap, tacky plants that break only a few weeks after purchase. Gone are the days of the constant need to water, feed and provide enough sunlight to your plant range.

Get your greenery from Designer Plants – and create a garden that lasts for years.


With the cost of water and garden fertilizers rising year by year, and with more Americans becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy, we searched for a solution that could make those problems go away.

We wanted to help homeowners, businesses and renovators hit two birds with one stone – have a beautiful garden that didn’t need fertilizer, and that protected individual privacy, all while keeping costs AT an affordable level.

Over the years, we sourced hundreds of plant samples from different suppliers. Most melted. Most faded. Most fell apart into pieces.

It just wasn’t right.

We finally found the right product, and only the best manufacturers around the world who are now partners with us to this very day. It took the world by storm.

Having a Designer Plant in your home means you:

⚈ Can cover any dull blank spots around your home, office or property.
⚈ Can forget about planning, watering, trimming, and expensive maintenance.
⚈ Ensure maximum privacy with faux plants in locations of your choosing.
⚈ Live your life in the luxurious greenery you’ve always dreamed of.

We’ve focused on only the highest quality products from the beginning - and it’s been a journey all around the world from there.


One plant at a time

Some people ask us ‘you’re using so much plastic’ – isn’t that bad for the environment?

From day one of our business, we wanted to create an ultrarealistic range of greenery that didn’t hurt the planet. So our entire range is crafted from environmentally friendly materials. They’re all ROHS compliant, and free of harmful toxins and chemicals.

We’re also the world’s first artificial greenery supplier to offer completely recyclable green walls and even a recycling program.

We’ll always make sure our operations are sustainable – so mother earth doesn’t hurt when you choose to do business with us.


With fast delivery, excellent customer service and thousands of incredible products to choose from, the finest quality artificial garden is waiting for you: