Can You Put Fake Plants in the Bathroom?

Think of a room in your home that gets a lot of foot traffic but not nearly as much thought. Chances are, it’s the bathroom - a place often relegated to mere utilitarian functions.

But bathrooms hold more potential than we realize. They help us start and end our day while providing solace and a space to unwind where we trawl through our thoughts and the day’s events while going about our routine.

With this in mind, shouldn’t we give our bathrooms the courtesy of beautification?

While unconventional, introducing decorations to your bathroom creates a little nook, helping you see the value of the time you spend there whiling away in tranquility.

So, we’ll talk about a simple idea: can you put fake plants in the bathroom to up the charm?

Let’s find out.

Can You Put Fake Plants in the Bathroom?


And you should.

It enhances the ambiance and contributes to an inviting atmosphere. Lately, fake plant bathroom decor has been gaining a lot of traction, especially among those looking to incorporate nature into their homes.

In a similar vein, can you put fake plants in the shower?

Also yes.

Since natural light in bathrooms can often be thin on the ground, artificial greenery offers a practical solution because it doesn’t need sunlight to survive and thrive. Aside from this, its resilience to humidity ensures it remains unaffected by the steam and moisture accompanying bathroom activities.

So, by introducing faux plants, you can temper your bathroom’s functionality with a bit of calmness.

Reasons Why You Should Use Fake Plants in the Bathroom

Leaping into decorating with artificial plants will reward you with a buffet of benefits. But we’re not going to wax poetic about all of them. Instead, here’s a sampling of what you’d get:

Added Relaxation

Fake greenery cultivates tranquility and a space for relaxation, aligning with studies that reveal nature’s positive impact on mental and physical health. With their subversive presence, artificial plants bring the outdoors inside and foster a haven to unwind and find your bearings.

Minimal Upkeep

But again, one of the most compelling reasons to look towards fake plants in the bathroom is their hassle-free upkeep. Since faux greenery doesn’t need watering, pruning, or sunlight, it makes for a convenient choice on all fronts. This convenience even extends to its hypoallergenic qualities, making it ideal for sensitive individuals who might react to pollen allergies.

Ample Durability

Durability is another key virtue of fake plants. As it stands, their longevity is unparalleled, as they regularly withstand the test of time with minimal wear and tear. Faux plants remain ever-fresh and spare you the expense and effort of constant replacements, which isn’t something you can say for real plants. As a result, you can relish in the beauty of your carefully chosen fauxliege for years to come, all the while maintaining your bathroom allure.

Trendiness and Versatility

And beyond the functional appeal, artificial greenery is also trendy and versatile. With an array of options available, you can easily switch up the complete look of your bathroom and the atmosphere in it by merely changing your faux plants. You can replace your plants and completely redesign your bathroom without actually redesigning it.

How to Decorate a Bathroom With Fake Plants

Can you put real plants in the bathroom, you ask?

Of course.

But if you’re after low-maintenance, long-lasting greenery that doesn’t demand a green thumb, artificial plant decor ideas will be a better solution. Let’s explore some ways you can decorate your bathroom with fake plants and establish an oasis right in your home:

Use Hanging Artificial Garlands

fake garlands in bathroom

Take your bathroom decor to new heights (literally) by adorning it with hanging artificial garlands and vines. Opt for lifelike leaves and vines and drape them elegantly along a shower curtain rod or right above the bathtub. Delicate fauxliege cascading down the walls makes for a whimsical sight and creates a charming visual display without much effort.

By choosing faux hanging plants with various shades of green, you’ll evoke a serene forest-like feel or a tropical paradise within the confounds of a limited budget.

Put Up a Fake Living Wall

indoor artificial living wall

If you don’t have much floor space available, why not transform a bland wall into a focal point by installing a fake living wall?

Lifelike artificial plants arranged in a delightful mosaic will add a refreshing touch to your bathroom and breathe some much-needed life into the room. As a result, this will inspire feelings of serenity and rejuvenation, making your bathroom a truly unique space you’ll want to spend time in. You can decorate with an artificial vertical garden that fits within your pre-established design or include a statement piece that stands out from the rest of the room.

Add Shelving 

You can even bring the charm of a greenhouse into your bathroom by incorporating intricate shelving units to showcase a delightful assortment of faux succulents or small flowers. Select artificial plants with eye-catching detailing to mimic the unique characteristics of real succulents, such as the luscious rosettes and textured leaves.

Then, place the small pots on the shelves and allow the greenery to peek out and add a burst of color against your bathroom walls. This combination will boost the diversity in your bathroom and make the space more visually engaging.

Place a Faux Plant on the Counter

Less is more, they say, and that’s often the case with decorating with artificial greenery. To craft a stunning space, you don’t need to drench it in decorations. Most of the time, a few carefully-picked items will do a better job of elevating a room.

Welcome simplicity with a single fake plant on your bathroom counter and choose a chic vase that complements the decor. A minimalist approach enhances aesthetics without overwhelming the space and offers an instant pick-me-up.

Beautify the Window Sill

artificial plants on window

Take advantage of the natural light streaming through your bathroom window and place a fake plant that can fool visitors. Since artificial greenery doesn’t need direct sunlight, you can position your plants wherever you like on your window without a worry in sight. Plus, since our fauxliege is UV-protected, there’s no danger of fading or yellowing as long as you give it some love occasionally.

Alternatively, you can even design a mini garden with a mix of imposing and trailing plants. They’ll bathe in the gentle rays and frame your view of the outside. This decision will introduce privacy and enliven your bathroom simultaneously.

Finishing Thoughts

And there you have it - an array of ideas to brighten your bathroom and daily routine. By now, you’ve likely discerned that artificial plants aren’t just decorative pieces but gateways to timelessness and convenience.

Ready to strike the perfect balance between beauty and practicality and bid farewell to worries of plant care?

Then contact our expert team and we’ll put our all into making your space bloom.