Artificial Green Walls for Your Home

Would you like to see your guests’ faces light up as they gaze upon your decorating? When buying Designer Plants artificial green walls, you get a sustainable solution for a striking focal point designed to complement any home setting, from the living room to the bathroom and everything in between.

Why Get a Realistic Artificial Green Wall for Your Home?

Don’t settle for a lackluster space.

The beauty of nature is too great to be confined to a small space…unless you purchase a high-quality lifelike fake green wall from Designer Plants. This choice will reduce stress levels and create a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Soon enough, your guests will eagerly await get-togethers at your home.

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Artificial Green Walls Inside

A faux green wall presents a straightforward and imaginative way of revitalizing your interior and fashioning a calming atmosphere conducive to productivity, motivation, and balance. Resistant, easy-to-clean décor will breathe new life into your rooms, adorn your walls, and bring nature into your living space. 

Each artificial green wall panel is easily customizable and woven with UV resistance, making it the perfect item for a bulk buy and a unique tool for any interior designer creating traditional and contemporary looks.

Artificial Green Walls Outside

Since Designer Plants artificial green walls are impervious to harsh weather conditions, it’s no longer complicated for you to infuse your private garden with Mother Nature’s touch. These products don’t require light, irrigation systems, or specific temperatures, so they can brighten outside walls in less-than-favorable conditions. 

Abiding by stringent standards and undergoing substantial quality protocols, each fake green wall is designed and refined with your needs front of mind.

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