artificial outdoor faux topiaries and disc plants

Is your garden looking like a survival challenge?

Between the kids, the job, and the million other things weighing on your mind, the yard often takes a backseat. And if you’re not particularly keen on gardening, the prospect of weeding and cleaning may not seem all that enticing.

Luckily, there’s a way to create a lush garden without the nail-biting drama of it all.

With artificial plants!

But can faux greenery withstand the elements and stand tall amidst rain, sun, and changing seasons? Is planting fake plants outside a sneaky hack or a shortcut to disappointment?

Let’s dive in. 

Can You Put Fake Plants Outside?

It depends.

Unfortunately, there’s no silver-bullet answer to this question because not all artificial plants are equal, even when they come from the same manufacturer.

The golden ticket that ensures your fauxliege thrives outdoors for years is UV resistance. If the artificial greenery has UV protection built-in, you can be sure they have a shield against the elements.

At Designer Plants, we take this very seriously.

All products suitable for outdoor use have undergone rigorous testing. This ensures they’re as sturdy as a seasoned oak. We’ve discarded many prototypes that failed to meet our standards, but we’ve also developed a great blend of materials that guarantees longevity.

But even within our collection, you’ll notice variations. While they all maintain high quality, some are specifically for indoor use. This is not to say they’re ‘less than’ the outdoor-suitable ones; it just means we haven’t added UV protection.

If you’re unsure about whether you can put your fake plants outside or plant them in your yard, always consult the product specifications.

If there isn’t anything specifying that you can use it outside, it’s best to assume you shouldn’t.

On our site, pay attention to the following specs on each product page:

indoor vs outdoor faux plants

Other factors contribute to whether or not you can put fake plants outside, which we’ve covered in depth in another post.

We’ve also talked about how you can prevent your fauxliege from fading in the sun so that you keep those leaves evergreen.

Can You Plant Artificial Plants?

If your fauxliege is suitable for outdoor use and you know how to plant it, then yes, you can plant artificial plants.

Granted, you’re not really ‘planting’ it in the traditional sense, but let’s not get too pedantic.

To plant artificial plants, prepare the area or the flower beds as you would for real plants. You can plant your faux bushes directly in the soil or in a planter.

To ensure your faux greenery remains in place, choose products with thicker stems that can anchor the plant into place. Pick the best spot for your artificial plant, push the stem into the soil until it sits flush with the ground. Then, create a little ridge with your hands and pack the dirt around it.

If you’re using a planter, the steps are largely the same. Start by selecting a planter large enough to support your faux plants. But also keep in mind that your fauxliege has to fill up the space in the planter to look more natural.

Since you don’t need to worry about root crowding, you can pack on as many stems as your heart desires.

3 Best Types of Faux Foliage to Plant

For a seamless transition, plant fauxliege that’s meant to sit in a planter or soil. As you become more comfortable, you can explore more creative options.

To help you out, we’ve curated the trifecta of faux foliage for planting. If we’ve played our cards right, these will make you question your need for real plants.

Fake Topiary 

We can sum up topiary in just one word - elegance. This gem adds sophistication to any space and also defies the elements with its UV resistance. Faux topiary balls are great for symmetry, which is why our sets always include two. Place them by the entrance for a warm welcome or scatter them throughout your garden.

And of course, you won’t have to worry about pruning. Artificial topiaries remain vibrant for years to come, making them suitable for urns, pots, or planters. This product doesn’t have stems to push into the soil, so make sure you secure them well.

Here’s how our clients have used our Artificial Rose Clover Topiary Ball set in their yards:

faux topiary ball in a planter from past client

our past work of faux topiary balls

Faux Hedges

Aside from being fantastic options for a little more privacy, faux hedges are very easy to set up and use. All artificial hedges in our collection are UV-resistant and will stand tall and lush for at least 5 years.

Faux hedges are a great type of fake greenery to plant. Find a suitable location for your hedge, make sure it doesn’t obstruct the view to the yard, set it up, and gently push it down into the soil.

If you’re using a planter, position the hedge and cover the base with soil to secure it.

And the best part? You don’t have to wait for growth, amend the soil, or prune and trim your hedge. Here are some client ideas on where you can plant your artificial hedge. These clients’ pick was the Premium Light Green Artificial Boxwood Hedge:

premium light green artificial boxwood hedge

light green artificial boxwood

Artificial Hanging Plants

Last but not least, some of the best artificial plants for planting are hanging garlands and stems. These beauties are your ticket to a Babylonian garden without the extra fuss. Our collection of artificial hanging plants features stems in many colors that’ll bring charm to your garden.

Of course, most of them are UV-protected, so they won’t wilt under the sun or succumb to the Southern heat. You can plant them in hanging pots or wall-mounted planters on your porch or patio. These faux plants come with stems you can use to push into the soil and fix them in place.

You can mix and match the fauxliege in your planter because they don’t have different light or watering needs. So, this is your chance to get creative. Check out how our clients have used the Vibrant Pink Hanging Artificial Bougainvillea Plant and the Hanging White Artificial Bougainvillea Plant.

artificial bougainvillea hanging plant

artificial hanging plants

Finishing Thoughts 

The verdict’s in: faux foliage isn’t an alternative anymore; it’s becoming the default. So say bye to your gardening woes and have the beauty of a thriving garden without any of the maintenance labor.

We’re embracing the simplicity. Are you?