How to Use Artificial Hedges

In an age of privacy deprivation and chronic availability, regaining a nugget of solitude will undoubtedly provide a positive and lasting impact. But with our living quarters inching closer to our neighbors’, we seem to be losing our privacy bit by bit.

With a little creativity and an artificial hedge or two at your disposal, you can revamp your home and garden and inject finesse and sophistication without compromising on functionality.

But how do you do that with just a fake hedge? Why would you even need one?

We’ve got more than enough details here that will surely inspire you. Plus, we’ll tell you about the scroll of benefits you can get from just one hedge!

Ready to enhance your life?

What Are Artificial Hedges?

An artificial hedge is exactly what it sounds like - a thick line of closely-packed fake shrubs trimmed to form a barrier. Just like regular hedges, artificial hedges provide all the benefits of living boxwood minus the often-tedious maintenance.

Faux hedges are built to last for years in spaces where real greenery would not thrive - and that’s part of the appeal!

realistic looking faux hedge

Manufactured with premium, sustainable materials, our fake hedges are made with implanted UV-protection technology. They’re available in all shapes and sizes, from shorter and darker boxwood to taller Ligustrum Ficus freestanding ones.

And as our lives have become increasingly busier, many people relish the additional free time derived from skipping plant maintenance. As a result, fake hedges have been all the rage because they require almost no upkeep and maintain their original appearance and structural integrity for years.

If you’re handy, assembling and installing a faux hedge can be a gratifying DIY project. And since there’s no trimming or pruning required, you can spend your time and money doing something else, like installing a fake green wall, perhaps?

Including Artificial Hedges in Your Home

To ensure you’re getting the most out of an artificial boxwood hedge, you’ll need to place it with intention and forethought. After all, a green block in the middle of your garden will hardly provide the reclusion you need!

outdoor boxwood hedge

So how do you purposefully include hedges in your exterior design?

Here are some nifty tips:

Use as Decorations

The most obvious way to incorporate an artificial hedge into your garden is by using it as a cost-effective decoration. If you don’t want to stop after planning your garden, you can create a green wall or a half-wall in your home with the help of a dense fake hedge and fancify your interior.

Cover Homely Fences

“As homely as a hedge fence” won’t ring true if you cover your unappealing fence with luscious and verdant artificial hedges that demand attention. By doing so, you can conceal your fence's worn-out appearance without spending money replacing it.

Create Protective Edging

If you’re a pet parent, you know how frustrating it can be when your cat or dog digs around your garden beds or damages your plants. Plus, if your garden is the rendezvous point for pests, no amount of training or scolding will solve the issue. But by placing a low hedge around the foliage you’d like to protect, you can sleep soundly knowing nothing is touching your precious plants.

Secure Your Pool Area

fake pool hedge

Don’t you just love swimming in your private pool surrounded by greenery? But you probably hate it when the pool becomes the leaves’ favorite venue and you have to frequently clean the water. With an artificial hedge around your pool area, you can keep it safe and secure without dealing with the fallout.

Set up Defined Areas

Artificial hedges come in clutch when setting up the layout of a large yard. Namely, you can use hedges to fence off separate areas in your garden and create a dedicated barbecue area, playground, or outdoor dining area. In turn, this will significantly break up the space and enhance functionality.

Cover Utilities

Since we don’t only use our yards for lounging, there are often unsightly utilities laying around marring the beauty, like a bulky water tank or an old derelict tool shed. To remove them from sight, cordon them off with faux hedges and simultaneously add more greenery to your yard. Effortless and elegant - a win-win!

Regain Privacy

By acting as a barrier between you and unwanted attention, an artificial hedge can provide much-needed relief for nosy neighbors peeping into your garden. Just remember to set up your hedge higher than your neighbor’s line of sight!

Why Should You Use Artificial Hedges?

The tips above can sometimes translate well to real hedges, but not always. So why should you opt for a fake when you can get the real thing?

artificial wall hedge

Well, there are a few reasons why:

Instant Hedge

If you want to see your hedging dreams come to fruition, realizing that you’ll have to wait years for a real hedge to grow will quickly thwart your hopes. In contrast, investing in the artificial option means your plans will be executed as soon as the hedge is installed. Perfect for the impatient!

Easy Installation

For the do-it-yourselfers, faux hedges are a breeze to install. Plus, you can prop them up on a variety of existing surfaces, like fences or brick walls, and customize them to your taste. And since there’s no digging required, you won’t get your hands dirty doing hard manual labor. We’ve even got a great video showcasing the step-by-step installation process!

Little to No Maintenance

No real hedges - no problem. Artificial hedges are so low-maintenance, they won’t take up more than a few minutes of your time per month. All you need to do is wipe them down every so often to keep them looking fresh and prevent fading and dust build-up. Not to mention that all our faux hedges are UV-resistant, which sets them up for success from as early as manufacturing.

Health Benefits

We all need a bit of green in our lives. The color is thought to calm us down and ease the strain on our eyes. As a result, decking your yard or balcony in green can reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

Highly Versatile

If there’s one thing real hedges can’t boast about, it’s portability. Natural boxwood requires specific conditions to thrive and heavily relies on sunlight. Conversely, fake hedges can “live” anywhere on your property and you can even move them around, especially if they’re shorter, like this perfectly-trimmed, evergreen boxwood.

Create Shade

Living in Florida has taught us how unbearable the sun can become, especially during the summer. And with the exorbitant amount of light we get, a UV-resistant artificial hedge can provide much-needed shade and keep things a bit cooler for you and your garden guests.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve been thinking about investing in artificial hedges, this is your sign to go for it!

Considering the virtually endless possibilities for using your faux hedge, you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a way not to make it as useful as possible.

But, only buy one if you’re ready to handle the adoring looks and oohs and aahs from your visitors!