7 Ways Artificial Boxwood Hedges Increase Privacy and Safety

Want to learn how to use artificial boxwood hedges for privacy like a pro?

As it currently stands, fake boxwood hedges are the ultimate solution for everyone who wants to reap the benefits of lush greenery without any of the upkeep. But faux hedges aren’t just beautiful, they’re multi-functional as well!

Before you browse our extensive collection of fake boxwood hedges, there are a few things you should know, especially if you’re tired of having your outdoor space on display for the whole neighborhood to see.

Instead of spending a boatload of cash on sterile fences, why not create a fake hedge wall around your house to shield you from the outside world?

Yes, it’s that easy! Ready to find out more?

How to Use Fake Boxwood Hedges Effectively

Although artificial boxwood hedges are undeniably easy to look at, that’s not all they’re good for. If anything, their beauty is a secondary trait because these hedges come with a slew of practical benefits you can’t live without.

Privacy and seclusion are difficult to come by these days, so it’s best to use whatever means you have at your disposal to get some peace and quiet. Below, we’ve compiled all the ways in which a faux boxwood hedge can create your personal oasis.

Wrap Your Balcony

protect your balcony with boxwood hedges

For some Americans, lounging outside is possible only on the balcony. And sometimes, nosy neighbors intrude on the precious time you have for yourself and your thoughts. Why is drinking coffee so interesting to those nearby anyway?

To ease these struggles, a fake hedge may be exactly what you need. In fact, these products are so convenient, you won’t have to wait for them to grow to become a barrier between you and unwelcome attention. In the blink of an eye, you’ll have a stunning faux boxwood freestanding hedge flush to the railing. Plus, some of our products come in more sizes, so you can choose how high you want your hedge to be. But when it comes to privacy - the higher, the better!

After enclosing your balcony, you can enjoy a lovely weekend barbecue with your friends without watching out for strangers judging your grilling skills.

Secure Your Pool

artificial boxwood hedge for pool privacy

A striking touch of greenery in your pool area will elevate the beauty of the space and make it all the more likely for your guests to nag you for a dip. Aside from this, a dense faux boxwood hedge will keep prying eyes at bay and shield you from unwanted exposure. You probably don’t want the entire neighborhood looking at you splash in your pool, right.

But since this hedge will serve a purpose, you should put some thought into the type you pick. Namely, the best artificial privacy hedges are taller, mimic tightly-branched evergreens, don’t have any gaps, and look remarkable all year round, just like this lifelike, UV-resistant artificial hedge by DesignerPlants.

Ultimately, not only will you create a beautiful pool area, but you won’t be bothered with cleaning up leaves or trimming and pruning the hedge. A win-win for all!

Hide Your Lounge Area

boxwood privacy fence for backyard

If you have a designated lounge area in your backyard, that’s likely where you go to find solace and escape the chaos of modern life. But if this area is exposed to neighborhood activity, you won’t find much peace after all. That’s why it’s essential to protect your little oasis with a barrier that doesn’t break the immersion, and what better way to do that than with an artificial boxwood hedge?

By installing hedge panels around your lounge area, you’ll instantly create an intimate atmosphere. In fact, if you place fake hedge walls strategically around your yard, you can craft hidden nooks and crannies that lend well to deep conversations, quiet reading, or relishing nature.

Plus, the dense fauxliege of artificial hedges acts as a natural sound barrier and reduces the noise that reaches your backyard. Essentially, you can relax and unwind without distractions.

Shield Your Car

car parking protection with faux hedge

Although we’ve focused on the privacy benefits of artificial boxwood in backyards, these products can serve a purpose in your front yard, as well. Namely, if you don’t have an enclosed garage, you can shield your car in a makeshift one right in your driveway by using lush fake hedges.

A dark faux hedge with dense foliage will make for an attractive addition to your front yard, enhancing the overall curb appeal of your house while keeping your car safe. For example,  you might opt for a minimalistic dark faux boxwood hedge that can sit in a taller planter to embrace a sleek, modern look. That way, your vehicle will be protected from petty theft and potential damage without being condemned to homely fences.

If there’s anything fake hedges do well - it’s multi-functionality.

Cover Your Windows

home window artificial ivy cover

We all love the look and feel of huge windows in our living rooms overlooking spacious backyards. But when you notice your neighbors enjoying the view into your home, you might form different priorities. Instead of erecting the bulkiest wall you can find, look into artificial privacy hedges as a natural covering for your windows.

What our beloved client has done with an artificial green wall, you can do with a luscious fake boxwood hedge. Besides providing you with relief from peeping Toms, these faux hedges will inject glamour into your space immediately following installation.

For the best results, make sure your hedge is set higher than your nosiest neighbor’s line of sight.

Keep Pests Out

boxwood hedge for pest protection

In some regions (like good ol’ Florida), intrusive neighbors aren’t the only thing to worry about. Unfortunately, we’re often first in line for pest attacks, as well. But by installing an artificial privacy hedge, you won’t have to stress about creepy crawlies inside the foliage (because it’s fake!) or in your backyard (because you have a barrier!).

One of the most frequent unwanted guests we get here is the not-so-friendly raccoon. Although they might help us get rid of other pests, they also leave trash everywhere, rip up sod, scratch lawn ornaments, or steal the siding off of homes.

Without inflicting harm on the little creatures, you can simply prop up a hedge and discourage them from entering your abode.

Windbreak During Storms

huge fake hedge wall in backyard

Last but not least, a high-quality commercial-grade artificial hedge will help you create shelter from the wind in your yard and protect delicate flowers. By investing in dense fauxliege, your fake hedge will serve as a semi-permeable barrier that reduces strong prevailing wind.

With the weather in the US becoming increasingly unpredictable, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And since our artificial hedges are designed to mimic real greenery, they will disperse the power of strong gales and storms rather than stop them entirely (and risk breakage).

Ultimately though, a windbreak is never just a windbreak. In fact, you will also benefit from the shade and beauty these hedges provide. But be sure to include a variety of different heights to effectively guide the wind away from your yard!

Ready for a Fake Privacy Hedge?

If you can see yourself enjoying your yard and taking in the beauty of a faux privacy hedge, all that’s left is to check out Designer Plants’ sweeping collection of artificial boxwood products.

With its dense foliage and sturdy construction, our hedges will produce physical barriers that deter unwanted intruders and provide esthetically pleasing surroundings for those on the inside.

So why not invest in your peace of mind today?