Are Artificial Plants Good for a Nursery?

Tiny little miracles deserve tiny little sanctuaries.

Your little one needs space to take root and grow into the dreams of tomorrow. What if you can help with this by welcoming a bit of greenery into their nursery? But not just any greenery - artificial plants.

Yes, you read it right. Let's talk about whether this will stifle a child’s interaction with nature or serve as an imaginative gateway to the wonders beyond. And let's also pose questions about whether this might take away from the real deal or add to it.

So, are artificial plants good for a nursery?

Let’s see.

Should You Decorate a Nursery With Faux Greenery?

fake plants for nursery


But let’s not cut the conversation short. Let’s dive deeper.

While anxiously awaiting your bundle of joy, decorating a nursery may well be one of the most delightful dilemmas you’ll ever endure.

Although your baby won’t notice the intricate details woven in their room, a well-decorated space will fan their curiosity and ignite a spark of wonder.

If you’ve glanced at Pinterest at all, you’ve noticed the prevalence of greenery. You see leafy decorations breathing life into the room and providing a focal point right off the bat. They’re stunning, no doubt about it.

But would they maintain their allure after your baby gets here? Will you have enough time to dedicate to upkeep?

For most, the answer is no.

And that’s okay. Because this is where you witness the benefits of using artificial plants in a nursery. Fake plants will help your little one experience the essence of nature without falling victim to any fallout.

Benefits of Decorating Nurseries with Artificial Plants

indoor faux nurseries

So what makes fake plants better than real ones for nursery decor? How could the alternative be better than the original?

Artificial greenery has come a long way since its inception and the ugly duckling era. Today, there’s more to fauxliege than meets the eye, especially for your baby. Here’s why you should consider adding artificial plants to your baby’s nursery:

They’re Hypoallergenic

Real plants often come with a slew of cons, including the occasional sneeze-triggering pollen or dust, the toxic substances. Since your baby’s vulnerable, their little lungs might not be able to handle the allergens.

Irritated airways and runny noses lead to cranky newborns and exhausted parents. Suddenly, your nursery is a little less magical.

But if you choose artificial plants, you’ll eliminate all allergens and help your child take a breath. 

They’re Not Messy

Raising a child is wonderfully messy. So who would want extra mess from decor?

As you navigate parenthood, it’s reassuring to know you won’t be caught up in an endless loop of watching plants die and tidying up after them. You’ve already got a mini-human that takes up all your time, there’s no need to add to the strain.

When going the faux route, all those worries fade away. And it’s not just about cleanliness either; it’s about peace of mind. That way, you can focus on creating more cherished moments with your baby.

No soil spills, no water dribbles, and no dead leaf cleanups!

They’re Sustainable

If anything good came out of the looming climate crisis, it’s our shared responsibility to be more environmentally conscious.

Although we're only temporary residents on Earth, every choice we make has an impact. This extends to the decorations we bring into our homes. Real plants are as sustainable as they get (they’re part of nature after all), but maintaining them indoors demands actions that aren't equally eco-friendly. These include factors such as water usage, growing lights, and waste generation.

Responsibly-made artificial plants are an intentional step in the right direction, thanks to practices imposed to ensure the safety of the materials and a high-quality production process.

They’re Versatile

Fake plants are little chameleons; they can adapt to any theme and style. By using fauxliege, you don’t have to worry about moving or replacing it as your child grows.

Are you planning on changing the room to accommodate your baby’s current developmental stage? Well, since fake plants are so obliging, they won’t stick out after you’ve rearranged the nursery.

As your child transitions from a crib to a bed, or from a play area to a study nook, your chosen faux plant will blend right in and anchor the room like before. So, even though the room changes, your child will still have something familiar to look at.

They’re Easy to Care For

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have to do. Babies are not low-maintenance, that much we know. So, with all these demands, the last thing you need is nursery decor that adds to your already full plate. Sleepless nights don’t lend well to remembering when you last watered your plants or whether it’s time for a move.

It’s the little things that make a difference, like artificial plants thriving without adding more stress to your routine. It’s the best set-it-and-forget-it decoration that poses no risk for an adventurous toddler.

They’re Visually Pleasing

The myth that babies see in black and white is still prevalent, despite lacking tangible evidence. Contrary to popular belief, babies perceive colors from the beginning, just not as clearly as children or adults.

At around 2 to 4 months of age, infants can tell the difference between primary colors and perceive various shades of red, green, orange, and blue. It’s an exciting time when their world starts to expand, and you as a parent can help guide them through the process by stimulating their senses.

Decking the nursery in artificial plants will give your children an introduction to the chromatic world. In a way, you’re providing a visual playground that evolves with your child’s growing perception.

Best Artificial Plants for Nurseries

If you can see the appeal of artificial plants for a nursery, we’ll give you some advice about how to start. As beginner-friendly options that need little to no prior knowledge or experience, consider adding:

Artificial Green Wall Discs

green wall disc

Measuring 29.5" in diameter, fake green wall discs are eye-catching statement pieces that present nature compactly. They need no floor space, which is perfect for smaller nurseries. Wall discs are round and vibrant, providing a visually-intriguing item for your baby to explore. And since they hang on the wall, when your child grows up, they still wouldn’t be able to reach it.

Faux Hanging Garlands

fake hanging plants

Artificial hanging plants are the bread and butter of our decorating insights. They look elegant everywhere and can gracefully drape from the nursery ceiling or crib canopy. At our shop, you can find a host of different hanging garlands, including ivy, eucalyptus, ruscus, button ferns, etc.

Fake Topiary Balls

fake topiary balls

A little orb for your little angel!

Artificial topiary balls are easy to include in every type of nursery. Since they come in various sizes and materials, from boxwood to rose clover, faux topiary can find a home in any nursery style. Measuring 15" or 17" across, our topiary balls come in sets of two, allowing you to create symmetry and add structure to the room.


So, are artificial plants good for a nursery?

Most definitely.

Incorporating fake plants into your baby’s first room will plant the first seed of joy. You’ll have all the ingredients necessary to design a nursery that grows and changes with your child. And as an added bonus, your child will develop a bond with nature from the very start.

If you need more information and tips for building your child’s dream room, talk to us and we’ll spill all the details.