Artificial Green Wall Disc 30" Black Frame UV Resistant

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An eye-catching statement piece with a wall disc that transforms any space from drab to fab.

Our gorgeous artificial living wall disc is your best option for turning any drab wall into a warm, cozy, and elegant space. Uniquely hand-crafted, affordable, and solid enough to last outdoors.

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29.5" Diameter & 1.6" Deep Frame & 6" Total Depth | 75cm Diameter & 4cm Deep Frame & 15cm Total Depth


Indoor & Outdoor

Hanging via A Hook

UVTex & RealTex


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Safe for Humans and for the Environment

Our green wall discs are manufactured with your health and safety in mind. They contain no harmful chemicals, including toxic heavy metals, that may have long-term effects on pets and humans.

All our artificial living plant wall decor is made with 100% recyclable materials, making them the best and most environmentally-friendly choice.

For your peace of mind, our artificial green plants are ISO, REACH, and ROHS compliant. That makes it so much safer even compared to real plants, which often need harmful pesticides to survive.

Well-Built for Your Convenience

You won't just save time and money on maintenance, you also won't be needing a ton of equipment just to set up a living garden. Installing our faux plant living plant wall discs is super easy and requires very little equipment. It's just like putting up a picture or a painting on your wall.

We know how annoying it is when you buy something affordable and it falls apart almost instantly. That won't be the case for our plants. These faux living wall discs are made with powder-coated steel and PE plastic, a type of plastic renowned for its durability.

Artificial Green Wall Disc

Stunningly Lifelike and Vibrant Colors

Our fake wall discs are made to replicate real life as closely as possible. We use RealText technology for a long-lasting, lifelike finish on all our artificial plants.

Many artificial plants will fade after too much exposure to the sun, but our faux living wall panels and discs are treated to withstand the harmful UV rays. They come with a one-year guarantee against any fading or cracked leaves, allowing you to sit back and effortlessly enjoy the scenery.