Why Fake Plants Are Great for Airbnbs

Airbnb hosts have their work cut out for them.

It’s hard enough maintaining one home, let alone juggling multiple. It’s no small feat keeping a space in top-notch condition, especially when you need to extend hospitality to strangers from all sides of the world.

But this balancing act comes with many caveats, one of which is the struggle to create a homey atmosphere for temporary residents. Your Airbnb needs decor elements that are low-maintenance, pleasing, simple, and practical.

So, seasoned hosts and newcomers, let's explore how incorporating fake plants into your Airbnb decor will make your space more stylish and manageable.

Why Should You Decorate Your Airbnb With Fake Plants?

If you’ve ever searched for Airbnb decor tips, you can attest that every element plays a crucial role in how your guests perceive your listing. Sometimes, even the smallest decor items can make quite a difference.

For many guests, attention to detail is a driving force for rating a stay higher.

So, why fake plants? Why not just go with the real deal?

Well, artificial foliage is better for an Airbnb, because:

It’s Low Maintenance 

One of the undeniable perks of adorning your Airbnb with fake greenery is the blissful escape from the stress of plant care. Watering schedules may work fine for plants in your own home, but pleading with guests to nurture your foliage during their stay may soil their experience.

With artificial greenery, you won’t experience the anxiety of entering the rental only to see wilted leaves strewn about. Your green decor will remain evergreen and maintain its vibrancy without your round-the-clock care.

It Doesn’t Need Sunlight

No sun? No problem.

Fake plants thrive equally well in the glow of a well-lit room or the shade of a cozy corner. You can plop fauxliege in a dingy corner to brighten it up without considering the logistics of placements and natural light.

Even if your window sills are not particularly good as a plant home, you won’t have to fret about your greenery’s longevity. Artificial plants allow your creativity to run wild without being tethered to the limitations of natural light.

But if you want to make your fake plants look more real, we'd still recommend setting them up in locations with at least some sunlight. That way, your guests won't immediately notice your plant is artificial.

It’s Not Fussy 

Since maintaining an Airbnb already takes a good chunk of your free time, you’ll want to cut the effort as much as possible. But, of course, this shouldn't be noticeable and mar the pristine condition of your rental for the next guests.

With fake foliage, you’ll have no-frills elegance at a glance. Artificial plants don’t shed leaves, don't demand seasonal adjustments, or need changes in humidity. Guest turnovers and unexpected surprises are common, so the reliability of fauxliege can be your anchor.

Regardless of the time and temperature, faux plants stay picture-perfect and allow you to focus on other details begging for attention.

It’s Hypoallergenic

Creating a welcoming space means considering the comfort of all guests, including those with seasonal allergies. If you deck your Airbnb with real greenery and flowers, you’ll doom your allergy-prone guests to sneezing or coughing fits during their stay. This won’t help you get a good rating; it'll only take you further away.

But if you use fake plants, neither you nor your guests will have concerns about pollens or irritants in the air. Your fauxliege will provide a lush, allergy-friendly environment that guests can enjoy without a sneeze in sight.

It Looks Real 

Last but not least, we’ve got to comment on quality. Not every fake plant is a good substitute for real greenery. The cheap knock-offs you get in your local store won’t yield the results you’re looking for. But if you invest in high-grade artificial foliage, you’ll leave guests questioning reality.

The key to this is doing your due diligence and researching your options. Make sure the artificial plants you choose mimic the texture, color, and intricate details of natural plants. And ensure they don’t look too perfect; natural greenery has many imperfections - that’s what makes it exceptionally beautiful.

Best Faux Foliage for an Airbnb

Before you select the perfect faux foliage for your Airbnb, you need to prioritize quality and authenticity. Your faux plants should mimic the textures, colors, and intricate veining of real foliage.

Here are the best types of fauxliege to use for a rental to elevate the aesthetic and captivate your guests:

Artificial Hanging Garlands 


If your Airbnb needs a bit of whimsy, look no further than artificial hanging garlands. These lush and versatile accents can drape over curtain rods, dangle suspended from shelves, or sit quaintly in a hanging pot. Some faux hanging garlands come framed in discs with a chain and a hook for easy installation, while others have stems to plant into the soil.

Or, you can opt for realistic Bougainvillea plants with a variety of leaf shapes to add more depth and visual interest to your rental. The sky’s the limit!

Fake Green Wall Discs 

green wall disc

Do you want a bold and eye-catching statement in your Airbnb? If so, go with a striking artificial green wall disc.

Since this type of green decor is still new, you can create a stunning visual impact that turns ordinary blank walks into works of art. You can get one and use it as a focal point in a room or arrange many of them in a fun pattern. Either way, the result is a dynamic and distinctive burst of greenery that captures attention.

In our collection, you’ll find discs with rims in black or white, sized at 20” or 30”. We’ve noticed that many clients like using a mix of both sizes to break up the space a bit. 

Faux Topiary 

faux indoor topiary ball

Last but not least, for the hosts seeking timeless elegance, artificial topiary is the way to go. Our collection has sets of 2 identical faux topiary balls made to mimic boxwood, rose clover, or buxus. Fake topiaries fit into various settings, so you can place them in the corners, frame the entryway, or use them as a focal point in the room.

The best part is - they’ll maintain their pristine form without any trimming, so you won’t have to bring the shears along every time you clean your rental.

Finishing Thoughts

Airbnb hosting just got a whole lot easier. Fake plants can offer you a harmonious blend of style, practicality, and charm, so much so that you won’t want to go back to real plants.

So, as you continue to create memorable stays for your guests, take advantage of faux greenery. Bring a breath of nature inside without the fuss. Let your Airbnb decor stand the test of time.