using artificial plants in apartment

We’ve had our fair share of rented apartments.

We still have our fair share of rented warehouses (which you can tour, by the way!).

And we know as well as you that renting isn’t ideal. You have to navigate cramped spaces and the ever-looming prospect of moving again.

But you can make the best of it while you’re still here. You can still turn those four walls into something you proudly call yours, even if it’s just for a little while.

Rented living may be temporary, but it doesn’t have to look it. And one way you can make it feel more like a home is by introducing greenery.

Artificial greenery is a versatile companion that removes the stress of constantly adapting and worrying.

Ready to find out how faux greenery can save your renting experience?

Why Do You Need Plants in Your Rented Apartment?

Sometimes, no matter what you do, renting can often feel like living in someone else’s space. It’s a struggle to make a temporary abode feel like a permanent home, especially with tiring lease agreements.

This can result in people neglecting that personal touch. Why do it when you’re going to pack it back up and move again?

That line of thinking won’t get you very far.

Regardless of how long you’re staying in your rental, you should make it as homey as possible. That’s why we recommend plants!

Having plants around isn’t just for that splash of green. It’s also about bridging the gap between transience and a sense of belonging. It’s a cheap and easy way to turn a borrowed place into something yours.

Greenery can serve as a stamp of individuality because it brings forth charm and fosters a connection to your living space.

But we know that not everyone has a green thumb, so we’d be alienating many of you. Unless we’re talking about artificial plants… which we are.

Why Should You Get Fake Greenery for a Rental?

faux vertical garden on stairway

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty - what makes fake plants great for rented apartments?

1. They’re Low Maintenance

Real plants are great and all, but they can be a pain to take care of. They demand a lot of time and care - a luxury many renters can’t afford. On the other hand, artificial plants bring the beauty of nature without any of the upkeep.

You can’t neglect a faux plant - it’ll still stick around. All you’ll need to do is clean them occasionally to prevent the buildup of dust and debris. This makes them the ideal decoration for people with hectic schedules.

2. They’re Allergen-Free

If you’re prone to allergies, the hypoallergenic nature of artificial plants will be a game-changer. Faux greenery doesn’t release pollen and doesn’t attract bugs, which minimizes any potential health hazards.

As a result, you can breathe easy knowing your greenery won’t trigger any sniffles or sneezes every time you walk past.

3. They’re Versatile 

Renting often comes with the desire to switch things up, but the hassle of rearranging is taxing and can even make or break your plant’s life. Artificial plants, on the other hand, are adaptable and can blend into any decor scheme.

You don’t need to think about where the sun will hit the leaves at the best angle or whether the room is just the right temperature. You’ll be able to ensure your rented space reflects you and your style without the logistical headaches.

4. They’re Portable

If you live in a rented apartment, adaptability has to be one of your key traits. Renting demands flexibility, and there’s almost nothing more flexible than artificial plants. When it’s time to relocate, you can pick up your faux green wall disc or fake hanging garland, put it in a box, and take it with you.

When you unpack your decorations again, your faux plants will add familiarity to your new surroundings. Plus, you won’t need to worry about them thriving in your new home. After all, that’s all they do!

5. They’re Pet-Friendly 

Pets are part of the family, but they also pose a challenge for real plants. Unfortunately, some plants can be toxic to our furry friends, and some owners may not know until it’s too late.

To avoid this stress, opt for artificial greenery free from toxins that can harm your pet. Of course, we always recommend keeping your pets away from your green decor if they tend to chew on it.

6. They Don’t Need Sunlight

Rentals are rarely the perfect solution to your woes. Sadly, you’ll often have to put up with things you wish to skip. One of these challenges is your rental’s location. If your rental sits on a less-than-ideal street, you may have very little sunlight peering through the curtains.

If you have real plants, this will be a struggle. In some cases, it can even be detrimental. But if you have fake greenery, you’ll still see your fauxliege thriving in the darkest corners.

7. They’re Cost-Effective

Renting entails being budget-conscious about all decisions, both big and small. Artificial plants are a cost-effective, budget-friendly alternative because they’re a one-time expense. They don’t need soil, water, fertilizers, or heat to enliven your living space.

With a one-time purchase, you’ll have fauxliege that lasts up to 15 years without any recurring costs. As they say - a penny saved is a penny earned.

8. They Can Be Temporary

In most rentals, landlords prohibit permanent changes like drilling on the walls, painting, changing the locks, or doing unauthorized repairs. In turn, this means your decor elements should be easily removable. Artificial plants fit right into this box, as they facilitate creative expression without commitment.

For example, you can install and take down your faux green wall disc at a moment’s notice because it’s not connected to anything. Plus, if you use an adhesive hook for a small faux green wall panel, you won’t damage the walls either.

Finishing Thoughts

Although the sense of permanence is elusive while renting, artificial plants can ground you and make your rental feel more like home.

The adaptability, resilience, and freedom fauxliege brings is worth much more than just a decoration.

If you want to talk to us about adding faux foliage to your rented apartment - contact us here and we’ll give you all the options.