Instant Hedges for the Ocean’s 8 Premiere: An Immediate Solution

In a Nutshell

Before Our Collaboration

In 2018, a series of movie premieres were scheduled all across Australia. One of them was for the coveted Ocean’s 8 premiere in one of the most popular venues in Melbourne. People were buying tickets in droves and ticket-selling platforms saw unprecedented, adrenaline-fueled traffic.

The event organizers had a lot on their plates. Demand was increasing while the venue cried out for a radical revamp. Immediately.  

The Problem

As anticipation was picking up and free seats were running out, the organizers faced a challenge. The venue was lackluster and left much to the imagination. As a result, this wasn’t conducive to the excitement and sophistication they wanted to portray.

So, the staff brainstormed ways to upscale the space within strict time and budgetary constraints.

One of the first ideas on the table was decking the space in green. Of course, greenery is always a good idea and can enliven the space in mere minutes. But there was no time to waste waiting for custom staging or elaborate builds to happen for each space. 

And so, the team had to come up with another solution - one that is easy, hassle-free, versatile, and portable. 

Luckily, they soon learned about the many benefits of artificial hedges and turned to Designer Plants for help.

During The Process

In such high-pressure times, the organizers took to Google in search of a fast and effective solution. 

Thanks to our ultra-realistic, high-quality products, Designer Plants captured the clients’ attention. Then, our site led them to our vast collection of artificial greenery. Here, they discovered our commitment to perfection and came across our catalog of lifelike faux hedges.

And there it was, the answer they were seeking - a portable artificial hedge. Specifically, our Premium Light Green Artificial Boxwood Hedge.  This product perfectly fit the theme of the event and the venue itself, eliciting a sigh of relief.

The Solution

But finding the ideal product wasn’t the hard part. Since the staff was on a time crunch, they needed the faux hedge as soon as possible. For us, it was a test of our management skills.

And thus, the scrambling commenced.

Our team worked tirelessly to mobilize different departments and deliver the products as soon as possible. Thankfully, the feverish atmosphere gave rise to same-day delivery and the client couldn’t have been happier, while our team couldn’t have been prouder.

This particular artificial hedge is 30" long, 30" high, and 10.5" deep (excluding the 2" foliage on each side). These measurements were enough to cover the empty space in front of the movie posters and provide a stunning backdrop. And since installation is a breeze, the client was able to independently set up each hedge.

And they did a spectacular job!

After It’s Done

As the deadline was closing in, Designer Plants delivered the hedges in just one day, enabling the organizers to set it up straight away. And since our artificial greenery is easily installed, the client could transport it around the venue for each premiere over the course of a fortnight. All this, without causing any wear and tear.

After the event, the organizers were buzzing with excitement.

The premieres were a sweeping success, and movie-goers appreciated the visual interest of the space. Namely, the red carpet wasn’t bland and empty, but brimming with elegance and visual appeal.

Thanks to the product’s versatility, the hedge can revamp even the dingiest corner, so it’s no surprise the entire venue shined. Our artificial hedges effortlessly provided a point of interest at the event, delineated spaces, and guided visitors toward the movie theater.

And by opting for artificial hedges instead of real ones, the organizers saved precious time and money. Plus, they didn’t need to hire any help!

Next Steps

Artificial hedges might not be the first thing you think of when discussing event decorations. But the advantages of faux hedges transcend aesthetics and snowball into functionality, practicality, and versatility.

Both the organizers and visitors had the chance to witness this transformative power firsthand. In turn, this helped us gather insight.

Following a long talk with the staff working the event, we confirmed that their objectives were met. The venue decorations contributed to an elegant atmosphere and provided the results they were looking for. 

Our team at Designer Plants was excited about the prospect of executing a complex project in such a short time span. We saw the challenge as an opportunity to own our unmatched expertise. Besides this, we’re thrilled that more and more people see the beauty of using artificial greenery for events and we’re looking forward to working at more venues in the future. 

If you’re interested in exploring the world of artificial hedges, our collection holds the key to a whirlwind experience. 

So, reach out and talk to us about anything and everything artificial greenery!

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