3 Best Artificial Outdoor Plants to Bring Life to Your Yard

Can you honestly say that your yard brings you more joy than yawns?

If yes, congrats - you’re already well ahead of many. But if not - it’s okay, it happens to the best of us.

Luckily, today you’ll discover the 3 best types of artificial greenery that will revolutionize your yard and leave your neighbors and visitors in awe. Our curated selection will breathe new life into your outdoor space and make your heart skip a beat.

Ready for the transformation of your life?

The 3 Best Types of Artificial Greenery for Your Yard

No two yards look alike. And they shouldn’t.

But no yard in the US can resist our favorite types of artificial greenery:

Artificial Trellis

First on our list - faux trellis and ivy. Our collection of artificial trellises is the secret weapon to transform fences and plain walls, into a green tapestry. Here are 2 of Designer Plants’ best-selling fake ivy and trellises:

33SQ FT Artificial Boston Ivy Green Wall


This marvelous Boston Ivy Green Wall is your ticket to a botanical wonderland. Crafted with the utmost care, this faux ivy boasts unrivaled realism that will leave Mother Nature wondering how we managed to capture her essence so perfectly. Each leaf mimics the vibrant hues and intricate texture of its natural counterpart. And, you won't have to hire a gardener or worry about being poisoned.

Tip: This product is UV-protected, so don’t be afraid to display it in the sun. But make sure to follow our advice to prevent it from fading.

ligustrum ficus trellis privacy fence

Variable-Sized Expendable Faux Green Ligustrum Ficus Trellis


Designer Plants’ Faux Ligustrum Trellis will help you unlock a world of beauty. This product combines the allure of lifelike greenery with the practicality of a privacy fence. As a result, it delivers an instant transformation. Our intricately-designed Ligustrum Ficus leaves fit any area and create an intimate, shielded sanctuary. This faux green trellis can withstand nature’s whims through UV protection and fade resistance. 

Tip: Installing this lattice is easy and only takes a few minutes. When fully expanded, the product reaches 1'H x 10'L and can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Faux Boxwood Hedges

No more nosy neighbors peering into your yard! If you want to  beautify your space and simultaneously add a splash of elegance, these faux boxwood hedges can do just that:

dark artificial boxwood wall panels
40" x 40" 11SQ FT Premium Commercial Grade Dark Artificial Boxwood Wall 

Vibrant, robust, and 40" tall, our Dark Artificial Boxwood Wall provides lasting beautification to any space. With its rich, deep tones and impeccably crafted boxwood leaves, you can spruce up a bare wall or add a focal point in the blink of an eye. This stately addition to your yard doesn’t need maintenance and suits every landscape.

Tip: This boxwood wall has a DIY-suitable installation that only requires zip ties, screws, or staples, depending on the wall.

dark artificial boxwood hedge

40"L x 10"H Dark Artificial Boxwood Hedge

This Artificial Hedge can solace all your landscaping woes by absolving you from dealing with constant upkeep. Aside from this, faux hedges offer all the beauty and charm of their natural counterpart and free you from gardening hassles. The weather resistance and built-in UV protection make our fake hedges the perfect low-maintenance decoration.

Tip: Combine this faux hedge with artificial topiary balls or a lush fake green wall or leave it as a focal point in your yard.

Fake Topiary Balls

Who says your yard can’t have some whimsy? Our fake topiary balls are the ultimate statement pieces to make your space pop with personality. With no watering and pruning required, here are 2 of our favorite artificial topiary balls:

17" Artificial Rose Clover Topiary Ball (Set of 2)

Outdoor decor that fails to impress is a regular feat without an Artificial Rose Clover Topiary Ball set. If you want to create a garden oasis brimming with clover all year round, our UV-resistant, faux topiary balls guarantee undying beauty. Depending on your outdoor space, you can display them in elegant pots, suspend them, or nestle them among the greenery for a bewitching appearance.

Tip: Artificial topiary ball duos elevate balconies, patios, poolsides, and porches. Wherever you place them, your guest will be in awe.

artificial buxus topiary ball

17" Almost Natural Artificial Buxus Topiary Ball (Set of 2)

With just 17", these Artificial Buxus Topiary Balls feature two spheres of greenery designed to captivate the senses and leave you questioning reality. This faux topiary ball set is meticulously crafted to mimic real topiary and greet your guests with a wonderful vista. Fake topiary brings sophistication to any setting and elevates your outdoor aesthetic by connecting you with nature.

Tip: These topiary ball sets can sit on their own or as an addition to other existing yard decorations. 

Why Should You Use Artificial Greenery Outdoors?

You’ve been tending to your yard for a while now, but you haven’t gotten any results. Sound familiar? 

If you’re tired of your outdoor space looking as exciting as waiting for a snail to finish a marathon, you're in need of some artificial greenery.  

1. Gardens In Unexpected Places

fake green panels on swimming pool

It’s a loaded sentence, but it’s true. With faux green walls and plants, your outdoor space is a blank canvas limited only by your imagination. By rearranging your yard like a puzzle, you can create jaw-dropping displays in unexpected nooks and crannies, i.e. spaces where real plants can’t thrive.

Want a garden by your pool? Done! How about a tropical paradise amid a desert area? Voilà!

If you get sick of it after a while, just move your greenery to a new location and watch it transform that space. Soon enough, your neighbors will be questioning the very fabric of reality. And we like keeping everybody on their toes.

2. Eternally Lush and Vibrant

lush greenery behind grill

But with artificial greenery, you'll have a garden permanently locked in the peak of its glory, like a never-ending summer. This way, you can enjoy your verdant oasis without wilting flowers and drooping leaves plaguing your thoughts.

Each leaf will retain its vibrant colors and perfectly imperfect form for years. Rain or shine, your yard will exude eternal beauty and captivate the senses. With the proper care and maintenance, artificial greenery from Designer Plants will last at least 5 years (but it’ll likely reach 15).

3. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

artificial green leaves for outdoors

Faux greenery isn’t just a sight for sore eyes, but an eco-conscious choice that gives the environment a big bear hug. Although faulty beliefs are still rampant, synthetic plants do contribute to sustainability. They do so by saving precious water resources that would’ve been guzzled up by real plants.

With artificial greenery, you’re also saying goodbye to harmful pesticides that wreak havoc on our ecosystems. This guilt-free gardening will allow you to revel in the beauty of greenery without compromising our planet’s well-being. After all, Earth needs all the help it can get.


Are you prepared to break the rules of gardening and ignite your imagination with artificial greenery?

Then explore the unexpected, embrace the lushness, and champion the eco-friendly revolution as you decorate your yard with the best of the best. Soon, your outdoor space will become a “living” testament to creativity and irresistibility.

And if you don’t know where to start, we’re always here to help!