How to Decorate Your Balcony With Artificial Greenery?

Scrolling Pinterest for balcony decor inspiration can do one of two things.

One - it can inspire you to the point where you immediately create your own interpretation of the picture.
Or two - overwhelm you to the point where you think you’ll never be able to recreate anything remotely close to it.

If you see yourself as the second option, you may feel like you’re missing out due to budget or time constraints. It may also cause you to ponder whether your financial situation will ever let you match the picture-perfect setups you see online.

But here’s a little secret: you don’t need a sprawling balcony or Beyonce’s budget to create a stunning balcony or outdoor space. Often, you may just need a few artificial plants, some strategic choices, and willpower.

Sounds like a solid idea?

Then let us guide you through practical ways to decorate your balcony with artificial greenery. It’s prime time to break up with any consistent upkeep.

Let’s dive in.

5 Ways to Decorate Your Balcony With Artificial Greenery

The best part about having a blank slate is that you can do anything. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate your balcony because the keyword is personalization. The point of your balcony decor is to reflect your taste and lifestyle.

So, you should choose elements that bring you joy and drop those that don’t, just like Marie Condo says!

To help get you started, here are 5 fun ways to decorate your balcony with artificial plants:

Use Vertical Space 

decorate balcony with hanging potted plants

If you’re lacking space and can’t think of ways to decorate a small balcony, it’s not the end of the road. If you ask us, we’d even say it’s the beginning - the time for you to turn to more creative solutions instead of obvious ones. Even the tiniest outdoor space could become unrecognizable if you decorate it with an action plan and a concrete idea.

When you don’t have floor space to spare, try artificial hanging plants with cascading vines you can suspend from railings or ceiling hooks. This softens the harsh lines of urban architecture and lets you include the greenery you’re craving.

If your balcony only has space for a small table and chairs, move your decor upwards and make a canopy that cascades down like a curtain of foliage.

Cover Drab Fences or Walls

balcony fence decoration with faux ivy

If you live in an older, cramped apartment building, you know the pain of a balcony surrounded by plain walls or colorless fences. Sometimes, it seems like whatever you decorate your balcony with, most of what you see is… gray.

While this can be a point of contention, you don’t have to put up with it for as long as you live there. On the contrary, if you can cover the walls, you won’t need much more than an artificial vertical garden.

In one fell swoop, you can alter your backdrop and change your entire view. If you’re renting and aren’t allowed to make any permanent modifications, think about erecting a freestanding hedge wall. This is a technique we’ve begun doing for clients who are under strict requirements for shared structures.

Frame the Balcony Door

Sometimes, you may not want to make any big changes to your balcony, just subtle adjustments. A good way to achieve this is to frame your balcony door with artificial greenery. This is another time faux hanging plants can come in handy.

For example, you can hang vines around the doorframe to delineate the transition from indoors to outdoors. These trailing plants temper blunt architectural lines and help you feel more connected to nature, even if you’re far away from it. Plus, they bridge the gap between your living space and the natural environment.

You don’t have to go overboard - a few hanging garlands are enough to cover any hinges, cracks, or unsightly features around the doorframe. And since your foliage isn’t real, you won’t need to think about how to water it. All you need to know is how to clean it.

Use Accessories 

fake green wall discs

Think you need something else to complement the foliage and intensify its charm?

Good for you - this is something you can do easily. For example, if you’ve hung an artificial green wall, you can weave string lights between the leaves to cast a glow in the evening. Or, you can install individual lights underneath the panel to highlight textures and create subtle shadows. 

Should you decide against including lights out of fear of having magnets for flying insects, you can decorate your foliage with decorative clips or baubles, instead.

Or, if you have faux topiary or another plant you can pot, put it in a decorative pot aligned with your style instead of using the one it came with.

Include Window Boxes

window boxes balcony decoration

If your balcony has a railing that allows for decoration, don’t overlook window boxes - a classic way to introduce greenery to your balcony. For beginners, we recommend browsing our collection of artificial stems and garlands.

Now, we know what you’re thinking - artificial plants don’t need soil. While that’s correct, the true value of fauxliege is that it looks realistic without the maintenance. This means you can use your faux plants just like you would real ones - plant them, fluff them, put them in a sunny location, etc.

After choosing your planter box, choose your mix of faux plants with varying heights and textures. This will help you create the appearance that your foliage is growing messily, just as it would in nature. Secure the planters to the railing with brackets or hooks so they stay in place.

Finishing Thoughts

Now that you have a few tangible ideas on how to decorate your balcony with artificial greenery, you can take these insights and make them your own.

With artificial plants, you can have green decor year-round and remain worry-free. This way, your balcony will be a welcome escape instead of a stressful afterthought.

Contact us for a quote and send us details of your balcony so we can help you find the best solution. Afterward, we’ll expect a photo of you sipping your coffee surrounded by hanging ferns.