10 Reasons Why Artificial Plants Are Great Gifts

Have you ever given a gift to someone for the holidays only to find out you got it completely wrong and it’s not what they wanted at all?

Yeah, it hurts, especially after putting time and effort into choosing the perfect gift. This is why many people resort to plants as gifts for their loved ones.

While this may be a sound decision depending on the person, do you know whether your friend or family member knows how to take care of plants? Are you sure they don’t have the notorious “black thumb”?

If not, steer clear. But don’t give up on the idea of greenery altogether. Instead, opt for a lifelike imitation of your loved one’s favorite plant.

We’ve got 10 compelling reasons why artificial plants are fantastic gifts.

Let’s get into it.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Loved One an Artificial Plant

Depending on your loved one’s personality, an artificial plant can be the perfect gift. Now, we don’t just mean a potted plant; many people would appreciate a fake green wall disk or even an artificial green wall panel.

Before we get into it, make sure that the person you’re giving your gift to has enough space to accommodate fauxliege. It never hurts to know the potential issues.

1. They’re Low-Maintenance

Artificial plants are the epitome of hassle-free. Of course, one of the most significant advantages of fauxliege is the lack of upkeep. Unlike their living counterparts, artificial plants don’t need daily, weekly, or monthly watering, sunlight, or fertilization.

So, you gift them once, and that’s it. You don’t assign responsibility to your loved one to keep them alive. This makes them a perfect present for newbie plant parents, too. All artificial greenery thrives in the realm of “set it and forget it,” helping you enjoy the beauty of greenery without maintenance. It’s a one-and-done gift.

2. They Keep on Giving

Artificial plants bring evergreen charm to your space year-round. Regardless of the season, fauxliege will remain a constant source of aesthetic appeal. What’s more, your loved one can easily rearrange their fake greenery to breathe new life into their home.

evergreen faux green wall

By simply moving the artificial plants from room to room or corner to corner, it can look like a home renovation without the hefty price tag or construction team. As a result, your friend or family member can refresh their home with minimal effort and zero loss of beauty.

3. They Last Long

Investing in artificial plants as a gift means investing in durability. Faux plants, especially those crafted from high-quality materials and certified by third-party organizations that uphold strict production standards.

Outdoors, artificial plants can withstand the elements for up to 5 years without fading or showing wear and tear. And when hung up indoors, they outlast their natural cousin by staying vibrant for up to 15 long years. This extended lifespan will ensure that your gift isn’t a one-off gesture but a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Essentially, it’s a present that endures, just like your sentiment.

4. They Can Be Decorated

As we’ve mentioned many times over, artificial green walls and plants are versatile products. They lend well to being decorated with colors, signs, lights, or ornaments. For example, if you add string lights to your faux vertical garden, you’ll create a cozy atmosphere that sets the mood you want.

decorating green wall with lights

The soft, warm glow that lighting and colors can bring to your living space will add to the aesthetics and turn your faux plants into a focal point that beckons attention.

5. They Suit Any Lifestyle

Artificial plants are a great choice for everyone, but especially those leading fast-paced lives, as is the case for many Americans. During the hustle and bustle, tending to live plants is an added stressor. Seeing your plant wilted after forgetting to water it for 2 days is a kick in the gut that anyone would rather avoid.

But since artificial plants need minimal care and adapt to various lifestyles, you can gift them to anyone, from a professional with a demanding schedule to a laid-back person who prefers simplicity. Trust us, they’ll be happy to have no-frills greenery in their life.

6. They’re Customizable

Artificial plants allow much room for creative potential. Namely, your loved one can adapt these decor elements to fit their unique vision. For example, the receiver of your gift can opt to change the pots for potted faux plants, add stems to their fake green wall, decorate their fake vertical gardens with lights, or trim them to fit a certain space.

This adaptability will empower them to customize and modify the faux greenery to match their existing decor and evolve their style.

7. They’re Hypoallergenic

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 81 million people in the US suffer from allergic rhinitis (i.e. hay fever). If your loved one is one of them (and there’s a high chance they are), gifting them a real plant will be a health hazard. Here, the choice is clear - fauxliege is the solution.

These hypoallergenic alternatives bring the aesthetic charm of nature into your loved one’s home without triggering their allergies. As a result, this will prove a thoughtful gift for someone who enjoys greenery but is susceptible to allergens and can’t compromise on health.

8. They’re Pet-Friendly

If your friend or family member shares a living space with pets, they’ll understand the importance of selecting pet-friendly plants. Sadly, many real plants can be toxic to our furry friends. Some of these are incredibly common and can cause real damage to dogs and cats.

pet friendly artificial green walls

Luckily, fauxliege poses no threat. Your loved one can enjoy their glimpse into nature without worrying about their pet nibbling or coming into contact with harmful substances. This makes artificial green walls and plants a safe and stylish choice - the best of both worlds.

9. They’re Sustainable

Today, sustainability is paramount. Artificial plants have risen in popularity because they’re an environmentally conscious choice. Now, they don’t release oxygen into the atmosphere, but they contribute to recycling efforts and use materials that don’t hurt the planet.

Aside from this, artificial greenery reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional plant maintenance by cutting back on irrigation and temperature modifications. Choosing artificial plants as a gift is an eco-friendly, small but meaningful step toward a better future.

10. They’re Symbolic

Last but not least, artificial plants carry a symbolic significance that transcends aesthetics, beauty, and convenience. Their long-lasting charm represents lasting friendships and enduring love. Since fauxliege never wilts or withers, it will represent the bonds you have with the loved one you’re gifting it to.

Faux plants convey a sentiment of permanence and timelessness. In a way, they’re a constant reminder of the steadfast nature of your relationship with your friends or family.


To sum it up, artificial plants are the perfect gifts for people of all ages and genders. They combine low maintenance with year-round beauty, long-lasting apparel, and customizability.

By catering to diverse lifestyles and contributing to sustainability, fauxliege proves versatile and resilient enough to fit in anyone’s home.

So, with Christmas fast approaching, how about buying a gift that keeps on giving and perusing our extensive collection? We know there’s bound to be something your loved one will go crazy over.