Adding Color to a Fake Vertical Garden - Best Ways to Do It

Don’t let your fake vertical garden look like it’s stuck in a black-and-white movie with Cary Grant. Make it scream technicolor!

Artificial green walls usher the beauty of nature into your home and help you make the most of limited space. But even though fake greenery is low-maintenance, it can also be low-personality. Customizing your living walls will make them suit the area better and inject personality into a bleak room.

Adding color is an easy (and fun) way of creating a focal point in any room and capturing your guests’ attention as soon as they walk through the door. So how do you add some pizazz to a plain fake green wall?

Read on for the details!

Why Should You Personalize a Faux Vertical Garden?

Before you dive into our advice, make sure you have a wall to beautify in the first place. We recommend ordering a vertical garden that exudes your personality, not a plain Jane.

Since you’re (hopefully) not a robot, you have your quirks, qualms, preferences, and a distinctive sense of style. Consequently, your decor should reflect your character and make your home feel like a home. In the end, you want your guests to know this is your space because it feels like YOU.

And it’s an excellent conversation starter. Have a friend over and watch them marvel at your masterpiece. Then, reveal it only took you mere minutes - it’s like pulling off a magic trick!

By flexing your creative muscles, you have the freedom to experiment with different colors, themes, and textures and marry them to create a one-of-a-kind vertical garden tailored to your taste.

And let’s be honest, it’s never just about impressing your friends. Taking on creative projects in the home has positive impacts on mental health, reduces stress levels, and increases feelings of well-being. By doing so, your space looks great and makes you feel great, too!

How Do You Add Color to an Artificial Green Wall?

Sprinkling color onto your artificial garden wall doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you want this DIY project to be as painless as possible, check out some easy ways to enliven your fauxliege:

Buy a Colorful Fake Green Wall

artificial outdoor vertical wall

Americans without any time on their hands can bypass all DIY projects by purchasing an artificial green wall that’s already colorful, like our stunning Luxury Country Fern or Wild Tropics vertical garden.

Just because we call them ‘green walls’ doesn’t mean they can’t come in other colors. Luckily, there are heaps of options out there, from faux vertical gardens with splashes of red and yellow to ones with white speckles or orange foliage. Whichever you pick, make sure the colors complement your existing decor. After all, we wouldn’t want colors clashing.

Add Flower Stems

artificial green walls with potted flowers

If you’ve already bought plain all-green fauxliege, add some variety and color by sticking flower stems into different areas of the panel. For example, our dainty White Bougainvillea Flower Stem will infuse your home with joy and serenity and craft a blissful scene that unfolds before your eyes.

Plus, artificial plant stems don’t attract insects or produce pollen, so they’re safe to use around the family. When using flowers, you can incorporate the colors of your room or go for a bold contrast as a statement. Let your imagination bloom and allow the flower stems to work their charm.

Set Up Lights

awesome fake green wall with lights

We’re here to debunk the myth that lights are just for Christmas or your gazebo. We’re firm believers in the power of lights (especially string lights) and have witnessed the change they invoke first-hand. String lights add a warm and cozy glow to your artificial green wall, making it a sight for sore eyes when lounging and unwinding on balmy evenings.

Depending on your preference, choose plain white lights or opt for colorful ones that awaken the kid inside. Then, create shapes and patterns and produce your very own light art. We promise you won’t be able to stop admiring it.

Put Up Neon Signs


Feeling a bit daring? Why not add a neon sign to your faux green wall?

Recently, we’ve seen a triumphant resurgence of neon signs as they’re no longer relegated to dorm rooms and man caves. Today, you can find them among some of the best interior design projects, especially those honing in on vintage design. Neon signs make a bold statement and aren’t for the faint-hearted, so before you dip your toes, determine whether it’s right for you.

As far as signage goes, you can choose between a classic “love” or “hello” sign or something quirkier like an abstract shape that adds whimsy to your wall.

Hang Ornaments

green walls with ornaments

Like the garnish on a fancy cocktail, ornaments add an extra touch of flavor and make a simple artificial green wall all the more enjoyable. Since ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, pick ones adjacent to your personality and style. From intricate shapes to cute animal figurines, there’s an ornament out there for everyone.

By mixing and matching, you’re telling tiny stories and sprinkling your wall with the most important elements in your life. Just make sure that everything you hang is lightweight to avoid damaging the branches. And don’t be afraid to play around - sweet and salty can make a delicious treat!

Decorate With Photos

Personal photos can be the icing on the cake and provide space for keeping your most treasured memories. Snapshots frozen in time capture moments of happiness and transport you back to a special time. So, by decorating your green wall with pictures, you’re creating a mini gallery you’ll love coming back to.

Have fun with the placements and photos you choose and let your personality shine through. Whether they’re portraits of people, places you’ve visited, or pets, make sure they ignite joy. After all, you’re sharing little pieces of yourself and weaving tales for visitors gracing your home, so you’d better convey something good.

Finishing Thoughts

Personalizing your artificial green wall is the best way to add both color and personality to your fauxliege. Regardless of your choice between flower stems, string lights, ornaments, neon signs, or photos, there are countless ways to make your greenery truly your own.

In the end, the most important thing is to savor these moments of customization.

The sky’s the limit!