Using Fake Plants For Your Wedding: Yes or No?

It’s almost here - your big day.

You can almost hear the distant jingle of wedding bells and feel the flower petals underneath your feet as you walk down the aisle.

But until that happens, you’ve got obstacles to overcome. And at the top of the stressor list is the foliage.

Every decision you make for your wedding can and will shape the atmosphere, style, and essence of the celebration. Among these choices, one topic has recently sprouted - using fake plants for your wedding.

It’s a concept that tugs at the strings of tradition. But does that mean it’s wrong?

Let’s see.

Should You Use Artificial Plants For Your Wedding?

 bridesmaid and artificial plants decoration

You might be wondering whether it’s acceptable to introduce faux beauty into a celebration so steeped in tradition. Will your guests scrunch their noses in disgust and point and laugh at your appalling decision to decorate with artificial plants?


No one will bat an eye, we assure you. And if they do, they shouldn’t be your friends anyway.

Is It OK to Use Fake Foliage At Your Wedding?


You may think us biased, but we’ve invested too much time into artificial greenery to not have a say in this.

The allure of artificial plants lies not just in their true-to-life appearance, but in the creative control they grant you. They’re great DIY decor for the crafty couple. Namely, you can put the fauxliege up yourself and avoid the hassle of last-minute florist arrangements.

Plus, it allows for unconstrained creativity during the changing seasons. For example, peonies would be very hard to find any time before April, so if you wanted some for your wedding, you’d need to have them imported. And that is costly.

Here are some other reasons why using fake plants for your wedding can be beneficial:

  • They’re eco-friendly, so you can use them after to decorate your home
  • They’re hypoallergenic, so sneezing won’t accompany your vows
  • They’re versatile, so you can make them fit any space

Can Using Fake Plants Decrease Your Wedding Budget?

Weddings are magical. But that magic also casts a financial spell. And while your excitement bubbles like champagne every time you think about the day, your budget is an ever-present looming figure. 

Bountiful bouquets, cascading centerpieces, and delicate petals strewn along the aisle are woven into the very fabric of matrimonial celebrations. But that beauty eats up 10%-15% of your entire wedding budget, with most couples forking over $700 to $2,500 on floral decorations.

If only you could reallocate a chunk of that fund toward other cherished elements, like a culinary experience that lingers on the taste buds or a live band to serenade your guests…

Well, you can - with the help of an artificial stem.

While this is an unconventional choice, these faux plants not only curb the costs, but they create a fantastic centerpiece for every table. All you need to do is pick a few of your favorite faux stems, arrange them on your centerpiece, and voilà - a sight to behold.

Is It Tacky to Use Fake Plants At Your Wedding? 

wedding bouquet decoration with fake plants

That depends.

Are you using cheaply-made fake plants? Then yes, it might mar your decor.

But if you invest in high-quality faux plants, they will weave seamlessly into your decor and beckon admiration instead of skepticism. These shouldn’t be your grandmother’s dusty silk flowers, but rather fauxliege brimming with realism.

Thanks to technological advancements, fake greenery has come a long way. Nowadays, faux plants add sophistication to any setting and leave the notion of “tackiness” wilting away, much like their natural counterparts.

How To Decorate Your Wedding With Artificial Plants?

Fake plants provide a backdrop for unforgettable moments, and they achieve this at a more budget-friendly cost.

So, here are some recommendations on how to tastefully decorate your wedding with artificial plants:

  • Mix artificial with real foliage - If you don’t want to go all out on the fauxliege, mix in some real plants. By combining the natural and the artificial, you can enhance the richness of your decor and remain budget-conscious. This way, nobody would be able to tell the difference and the decor won’t be completely out of your comfort zone.
  • Prop up a faux green wall - Every wedding needs a focal point, and yours could be an eye-catching artificial vertical garden. This addition can serve as an interesting backdrop for your photos, especially if you add some twinkling lights or neon signs to accentuate it.
  • Use high-quality fauxliege - Quality reigns supreme, especially when it comes to faux greenery. For the best outcome, choose high-grade artificial plants that mirror the beauty of nature. The intricate details of each leaf and the texture of the stems will fool even the most discerning eye, so nothing will take away from your big day.
  • Accessorize your fake plants - Fauxliege is versatile and allows room for plenty of personality. Don’t just leave a faux green wall or hanging plant as it is. Liven up your decor with pops of color like vibrant ribbons or delicate ornaments. You can even ask guests to write notes and hang them on the stems. Don’t be scared to add some character. This day is about you, after all.
  • Test the fake plants first - A few months before your big day, grab a sample of your chosen fauxliege to ensure it meets your expectations. Observe how it interacts with different lighting, how it would nestle in the venue, and whether it fits with other planned decorations. This trial run will provide valuable insights ahead of time so you can fine-tune the arrangements with as little stress as possible.
  • Use more greenery - Verdant greenery can be your budget’s best friend. Contrary to somewhat popular beliefs, you don’t need to deck your venue in floral arrangements to make an impact. Instead, opt for opulent displays of faux leaves, vines, and branches that don’t come with such a hefty price tag, but still usher in all the beauty.

Finishing Thoughts

artificial green wall behind sitting area

As your day inches closer, you’re likely dwelling on the best decision.

But the truth is, there is no objective best decision. It depends on you, your budget, and your preferences. In the end, this day should be about celebrating your love and marking the beginning of your and your partner’s life together.

So, regardless of whether you’re using fake plants for your wedding or real blooms, your celebration will succeed because of you, not your decor.