Fake Plants in the Bedroom: Yay or Nay?

Controversial opinion - the bedroom is the most important space in your home.

And we fully stand by that.

As digitalization engulfs our everyday habits, the overarching need for good quality sleep is more apparent than ever. In fact, good sleep leads to good thoughts, a better mood, and the best immune system you can get for free.

So, it’s vital to create an environment that caters to rest and relaxation that’s also the junction of beautiful and functional design and provides temporary refuge from life’s stressors. 

But how do you do that?

Two words - fake plants.

Let’s get to the root of it!

Why Fake Plants?

As it stands, your bedroom is not a garden - we’ve already got that outside. But that doesn’t mean you should completely skip out on the foliage!

On the contrary, is there a better way to inject some life and personality into your sleep haven than adding faux plants from across the world?

As an added bonus, you won’t be plagued by pollen allergies, regular pruning and trimming, and frequent maintenance. Your plants will be purely decorative and will spruce up your interior space and transcend expectations.

And since many people consider the bedroom their sanctuary, it should look as inviting as possible. After all, you can tell a lot about a person from their bedroom, right?

But before you buy every fake plant on the market, think about the environment you want to create with your greenery. What are you trying to accomplish? How do you want your bedroom to feel?

Just like when decorating for the holidays, you should have a plan in mind. And if you want some guidelines and unique ideas, we’ve got just the thing!

Tips for Decorating the Bedroom with Artificial Plants

There are a million and one ways to include fake greenery in your sleep quarters, but let’s start with our favorite 10:

Brighten Dark Areas

Unfortunately, not every bedroom is blessed with exceptional light. But don’t worry if yours is one of them because you’re not doomed to a drab and gloomy room!

artificial plants on stairs

To artificially “brighten” a dark corner, add a hint of green. This could be something like a tall leafy plant, a customizable wall disc from our exclusive collection, or a smaller shrub in a colorful, decorative pot. It’s almost like a plant lamp!

And to maximize the effect, opt for a plant with delicate but bright green leaves. Just make sure they don’t look too fake!

Hanging Plants for Tight Spaces

If your bedroom is on the smaller side, too many plants and decorations can make it feel cramped. In this case, seek the help of hanging plants.

artificial hanging indoor plants in game room

Small hanging artificial plants add a natural touch to a monotonous room and invite your eyes upwards. They enliven your lonely ceilings and visually enhance the room, making the space seem more spacious than it is and evoking a holistic experience.

Plus, it’s an exceptionally easy, maintenance-free way to enjoy the benefits of artificial plants and save the little space you have.

Use Plants as Sculptures

If your eye is attracted to plants with significant girth and a specific shape, incorporate them into your bedroom décor. Essentially, you’ll be able to create a sculpture from the plant and make it a focal point of the room.

For example, you can position an imposing plant on a table, by the entranceway, by the headboard, or in a corner. This way, the plant will add a variety of textures and layers to your bedroom and make it a bit easier on the eye.

Get Small Plants

If you’re not ready to jump in with both feet and deck your bedroom in centerpiece greenery and eye-catching décor, you can still make a difference with small artificial plants, especially in tighter places that are missing the “it” factor.

In fact, small fake plants can instantly bring some much-needed synergy and make the environment more enjoyable. In recent times, succulents have been a fan-favorite because they’re trendy, surprisingly versatile, and look good on every surface.

Practice Minimalism

As Americans are constantly being overstimulated, many have turned towards clean, simple styles, subtle colors, and minimalist principles in their home decorating as a form of quiet revolt. It’s no surprise modern and Scandinavian décor themes have been all the rage recently.

small indoor plants

So, why not try something new?

Instead of saturating your nap lodge with many different kinds of fake vegetation, add a nice tall faux tree in the corner and create a cozy nook. Alternatively, you can play around with pot and leaf textures and let their beauty do the talking.  

Use the Bedroom Window

If you have a windowsill with space for decorations, use it!

Even the smallest plant can transform the window space because it adds shadows, crafts a unique texture, and plays with natural light in new ways. And if the plants are big enough, they’ll serve a functional purpose as window shades or privacy curtains.

In fact, you should think about investing in fake vines to hang over your windows and have the leaves cascade down. Shape your vines around the window to keep leaves off the floor and add height to your bedroom wall.

And if you’re adventurous enough, you can even give window plant shelves a try! 

Set Up an Accent Wall

And no, we’re not talking about painting one wall a different color. Instead, we recommend investing in a high-quality artificial green wall to introduce grace and positivity into the room and provide a subtle country vibe all year round.

Even though fake green wall panels are often installed in reception areas, hallways, or decorative spaces at salons at spas, that doesn’t mean they have no place in your bedroom. Imagine opening your eyes in the morning and immediately resting your gaze on lush greenery!

And to tie it into your room as seamlessly as possible, Designer Plants® allows you to customize the design yourself.

Prop Up a Fake Tree

Those looking for larger plants to add vigor to an empty area can benefit from a fake fiddle leaf fig or other striking trees.

These rockstar plants fit behind the bed or in an empty corner, and you can angle the branches to where you want by twisting the wires in the stems. You can’t do that with real trees!

artificial boxwood tree

Artificial trees are the perfect vertical accent for your bedroom because they don’t take up much space on the floor but still branch out at the top. And while they may not fool a plant aficionado, they’re lifelike enough to diffuse feel-good energy.

Create a Plant Shelf

If you’re not brave enough to go all out and install a green wall or hang a wall disc, you can add a dollop of green by placing a plant shelf to show off some of your favorite fake small flowers or succulents.

Your plant shelf can be as plain or as complex as you make it. Plus, you don’t have to leave it to the plants to fill up the space by themselves - prop up a few paintings, add a couple of accessories, and voilà!

Remember that even the tiniest shelf can hold a sweet pot. No inch of space is off-limits!

Mix Fake and Real Plants

We admit it - luxurious greenery can sometimes put a strain on your budget, regardless if it’s real or fake. So, to get the most bang for your buck, combine inexpensive fake plants with real ones from a local garden center.

Despite a mix and match being a budget-friendly alternative, it’s also a joy to look at because of the difference in textures, colors, and sizes. Plus, when the real plants start growing, they’ll provide varying heights.

Finishing Thoughts

Bedrooms are slowly becoming the go-to area for fake plants.

There’s something about the privacy and intimacy of a bedroom that inspires creativity, experimentation, and risk-taking with decorations. And if you can’t get imaginative there, where else is left?

With so many tips and tricks on decorating with fake greenery, can you resist not shopping from the most realistic fauxliage collection on the territory of the US?