artificial green wall installed behind working desk

The idea of green walls was introduced to restore nature in the tiniest available space. Unlike the natural phenomena, the vegetation here grows vertically. In this world of reconstructed concrete, this idea brings hope for the repair of nature in urban cities. However, the maintenance of vertical gardens comes with many constraints.

The introduction of artificial green walls overcomes most of the limitations associated with natural vegetation. The product is indeed artificial, but it creates a real impact on its viewers. This idea of fake greenery is a cost-efficient way of getting your luxury homes and businesses filled with nature.

Genuinely high quality UV-tested green walls are suited to most weather conditions. From decorative green hedges, flower walls, and wall panels to expandable fence panels, artificial greenery panels can easily be installed to beautify and improve the aesthetics of the place. These lush green synthetic walls add an oomph factor to the location instantly.

There are a number of key considerations one should take into account prior to choosing your faux greenery panels.


Artificial green walls have become a primary idea of ornamentation in most high-class salons, spas, offices, and posh houses. So, the first thing to consider is the site location;


Artificial plants are often installed in hallways, reception areas of offices, and decorative pieces at spas, salons and apartments. These ornamental plants add positivity and grace creating a wonderful ambience. The easy installation makes it an appropriate replacement for natural plants. Artificial green panels can be customized according to the area of installation. With the low maintenance cost and high quality, these synthetic walls can last for years.

  • It is recommended to choose the shades and types of plants according to your homes theme, colors, and size of walls.
  • Make sure the artificial green wall panels you opt for are made eco-friendly materials that do not “off-gas”, as this can cause issues with many cheap products.


Artificial green walls can be installed in outdoor spaces like courtyards, balconies, terraces or other spaces. When it comes to choosing faux green walls for outdoors, durability becomes very important.

Make sure plant wall panels you choose are made from UV resistant high-quality synthetic materials. Plant walls made of cheaper materials become brittle, lose brightness, and fade away too soon.

The UV rated green walls may cost more but it is good to pay more initially than end up with having to change the panels frequently.



Whether at work or home, the small details of decorative items reflect your style. So, be cautious when choosing plants for your green walls. Explore your locality and search the web for various options available to ensure you choose only the best quality green wall panels.

Most online websites offer artificial green wall panels in different sizes, colors, patterns and foliage types. You can choose between ferns, tropical plants, Hawaiian plants, amazon jungle panels, coastal plants, and many more.


Of course, these plants are unreal, but a premium quality product will always seem closer to the natural one. There are options available now which are so life-like that you’ll need touch it to believe.


DIY or Professional service:

Most vendors offer an installation service, but you can choose to install them yourself. When choosing to buy the faux plant wall panels, check if they come with a DIY ready kit or not. You can view our handy installation guide online.

The Wall:

The green wall panels come in different sizes and shapes. Depending on the wall and the space you want to cover you’ll need to choose the right one for efficient installation with minimum wastage.


There are various grades of plastics in use with higher grade ones considered better in terms of durability and sustainability. Investing a little more upfront will often pay dividends as it wills save you from regularly replacing the product down the track.

Nothing can indeed beat the essence of nature, but these artificial walls can improve the view of your house or workplace and offer the option of installing diverse plants that are otherwise challenging to grow and maintain.