8 Best Ways to Include Artificial Greenery in Christmas Decor

‘Tis the season to deck the halls again!

It seems like only yesterday when we were writing our 2022 Christmas blogs. Time flies, but many decor options have stayed the same.

This year, we’ve grown our collection to include some new arrivals - new artificial green walls, an entire range of faux hanging bushes and garlands, and a pre-order range of artificial palm trees, so we have a lot of new ideas.

As we gear up for the festive season again, we’ve reignited our passion for overhauling holiday decor. While we’re still sticklers for traditional choices, we shouldn’t restrict innovation.

So, let’s talk about how to use artificial plants in your holiday decor this year!

How to Use Artificial Plants for Christmas

If you’re ready to do something different this year and use new elements alongside your nostalgic holiday decor, we have some tips.

Feel the festive spirit by diving into the world of artificial greenery. Here, you’ll find 8 delightful ways to harness the coziness of a Christmas setting that’s both merry and bright (and vibrantly green!):

Add Ornaments to Faux Green Walls

ornaments addons to artificial plants

It’s a good thing the color green is one of the reigning symbols of the holiday season because. We have it all around, and especially at our shop. But artificial green wall panels can do with a sprinkle of festive magic that will complement your Christmas tree.

Baubles and ornaments aren’t just for trees; they can dangle on an artificial green wall panel, too. If you have a faux green wall, nestle a few colorful ornaments among the fauxliege or decorate it as you would a Christmas tree. You can even create a holiday theme and hang thematic ornaments, like a candy cane corner or a woodland wonderland.

Tip: Don’t overwhelm the panels. If you want to hang heavier ornaments, use the grid for support instead of the leaves.

Wrap Up the Pots

Your holiday party has to include all your guests, even your planting pots. You don’t have to go overboard; just wrap them up like gifts waiting to be opened. Wrap each pot in vibrant red or green ribbons and cozy burlap and turn them into tiny surprises for your visitors.

Holiday decor doesn’t start and end with a Christmas tree. For the best outcome, extend your decorating into all the little nooks and crannies. That way, you’ll get a merry surprise in every corner. Ultimately, it’s all about spreading joy and letting even the smallest details contribute to the festivities.

Make DIY Decorations

If you haven’t found an artificial plant decoration that suits your tastes to a T, make one!

One of the best things about using artificial greenery is that you can craft bespoke decorations and tailor them to your liking. For example, use our faux hanging garlands and bushes, tie them together with some ribbons, cinnamon sticks, and pinecones, and you’ve got a DIY wreath.

And what’s even better, you can untie the garlands after the holidays and just hang them up around your home. Versatile and reusable - a real holiday treat.

Drape Fairy Lights Over Fake Vertical Gardens

decorating artificial green walls with lights

Fairy lights are a synonym for Christmas and a magical way to illuminate your home and turn your faux green walls into a twinkling paradise. String those lights through the foliage and watch them dance like they’re having a little party.

This approach will help your space come alive as the lights cast a soft glow and create a starry night right in your room. This way, your artificial green wall won’t seem like a passing thought, but an element you’ve carefully included in your holiday decorating.

Even with the lights out, the twinkling will set the mood for a festive gathering with friends and family or a cozy evening by yourself.

Use Seasonal Scents

Your festive decor won’t be complete without the signature scents of the season, so incorporate the nostalgic fragrance of pine or the comforting aroma of cinnamon. The lingering scents will waft through your room and help you feel like you’re tucked away in a cabin on the hills, next to a fireplace.

Seasonal scents like these are a warm hug for your senses. They elevate your Christmas decor by making it feel more immersive and enveloping you in the evocative embrace of holiday cheer.

Decorate the Ceiling

Suprise your guests by extending your festive decor upward. While the term for our products may be artificial green walls, nothing’s stopping you from using the ceiling as a wall.

Picture suspending lush strands of artificial greenery panels from above that make your guests gaze upward to see a canopy of green. Overhead decorations might not be the norm yet, but we’ve never been ones for conventionality. Don’t limit your creativity to eye level and turn an often-overlooked space into a conversation starter.

With this, your festive decor will soar to new heights - quite literally - and offer a refreshing twist to the festivities.

Dress the Windows

artificial plants around windows

Turn your windows into portals by framing them with cascading garlands of artificial foliage. Pick your favorite fake hanging garlands or bushes and drape them around the window frames. Then, picture the glow from the snow filtering through the leaves and casting light patterns on the walls.

Artificial hanging garlands will serve as a charming backdrop for your room and will infuse the space with outdoor whimsy while keeping the holiday spirit alive and well indoors.

Tip: Measure the length of each window frame and ensure you have enough garlands to cover the space. Some products in our collection measure 37” in length and can cascade down large windows.

Accent the Staircase

decorating your stairways with green wall panels

Last but not least, look at your staircase. This area of your home can become a great festive focal point. Add winding garlands along the banister and make your staircase more than a functional element.

This will help the holiday spirit permeate into every corner of your home and turn the area into a playful space. As you go up or down the stairs, you’ll focus on the luscious greenery that accompanies your step and makes your home feel alive.

Decorating the staircase ensures that your home resonates with the joy of the holidays and weaves a narrative for everyone entering it.

Wrapping Up

The festive possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

These relatively unconventional ideas showcase the versatility of artificial greenery and help you find ideas to use your faux green wall in your holiday decor.

Decorating for the holidays isn’t just about what looks good but what feels good, too. It’s about making memories that contribute to an experience that brings joy and cheer.

So, which type of artificial greenery are you using for the holidays?