Manicured and Organic Look, Vertical Gardens

Choose from the world’s biggest range of ultra
realistic artificial vertical gardens

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Choose a ORGANIC or MANICURED look



Mixed and customized panels.

3 unique panels interlock to mimic natural organic growth with a diverse array. Add random sprays of additional plants for an individual look.



Single uniform panels.

Identical uniform panels for a neat, manicured look mimicking a neatly designed and kept garden.

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Vertical Gardens - Manicured Look

Ultra realistic on up close view

40" x 40" Panel

Manicured look

Our single panel solution gives a neat, well cared
for and ultra realistic appearance.

Ideal sites

Suited to elegant indoor and outdoor settings

Blends well with classic and minimalistic architecture,
topiary, retail and hotels, and symmetrical formal gardens.

Ultra realistic when panels are integrated to cover large walls
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Vertical Gardens - Organic look

Organic look

Our three panel solution gives a diverse, organic growth.

Ideal sites

It mimics the natural growth of green walls
where no two panels are the same.

Suited to casual indoor and outdoor settings.

Blends well with modern and rustic architecture, biophilic design,
outdoor entertaining and suburban yards and pools.

Up close view of 3 panels

Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
Ultra realistic when panels are integrated to cover large walls

What our customers say

Linda X.
Instant and easy wall grass. Fast delivery overnight to Naples. Easy to hang off hooks which made the process seamless. The artificial nature of it really isn't noticed due to the variation and depth of foliage but a massive water saver and uplift.
Item Type:
Luxury Country Fern
Malek S.
Excellent product. Beautiful and natural looking. Highly recommend.
Item Type:
Luxury Country Fern
Bec C.
Product feedback: Our Yoga studio needed something that looked like it was meant to be whilst also being easy to maintain (or not at all!) as I am way too busy with clients to worry about watering, etc - the detail is fantastic and people compliment it regularly. Service: Delivery I had hoped for 1-2 days but took 3-4 though I accept it was a larger box than the average amazon box! Happy to use again just wish you had a store for pick up in CA
Item Type:
Luxury Country Fern
Lauren D.
Just as the picture shows.
Item Type:
Luxury Country Fern
Easy, Fast and Instatn. Absolutely transformative. I had been battling with living plants for years and they kept dying in our office. The panels have taken away that need and people comment frequently about how good it looks
Item Type:
Luxury Country Fern
Nadia O.
Beautiful ! Even better in real than in picture. We will buy again
Item Type:
Luxury Country Fern
Margo R.
Thick and lush. No gaps and much better then the stuff from amazon
Item Type:
Dark Boxwood
Denise S.
Instant & Very Dense. Gorgeous! The planted moss panels synthetic foliage looks truly realistic and very dense. Our shop installed them along the entrance and the rear seated area and has created a instant greening outcome with absolutely no ongoing work being needed.
Item Type:
Faux Evergreen Moss Mat
Jessica S.
Really natural. Absolutely stunning! The foliage appears to be a mixture of ivy leaves, oak tree and some other variety that looks very nice. Ordered 6 panels and was able to quickly enhance the neighbor outlook without any issues
Item Type:
Mixed Ivy Spring Sensation

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