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Designer Plants have been transforming over twenty thousands spaces around the world! In 2005 we begun selling the very first UV proof living walls direct to consumers after years of research and produce development (to ensure they actually looked real)! Our passion for high-quality, long-lasting fake greenery has been backed by decades of experience and research creating products that are coveted by distributors, re-sellers & consumers around the world. 


Enabling & empowering our customers to create spaces that are truly beautiful has underpinned our continuous improvement focus, and desire to lead the industry. Whether it be your home, office or new commercial project we know the importance of making your space truly look amazing and through our dedicated teams you will be in safe-hands with each and every living wall project and fake plant order you place with us, and will always be working on enhancing our range to uphold the commitment to be the best in sector providers.

The Designer Plants Fake Plant Journey

Our relentless drive for continuous-improvement of fake living walls and plants has seen substantial improvements not only in our range, but globally:

  • 2005 - The very first UV resistant living walls were developed and pushed into production and real environmental testing. The following 4 years saw rea-life testing occur on people's fences and outdoor areas that got exposed to the harshest weather conditions.
  • 2009 - Brought to market (Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Fiji) - over the following 5 years we invested heavily into enhanced moldings and development of our exclusive RealTex plastics.
  • 2012 - Containers & orders were rolling out form our production facilities to resellers around the world and consumers including; United States of America (USA), Austria, Kuwait, Japan, Hong-Kong, England and South America. 
  • 2016 - Our premier range of fire resistant panels for high-end commercial projects were shipped direct to leading architects and builders around the globe to create compliant and beautiful green walls throughout leading hotels, shopping malls, and public spaces.
  • 2018 - The first Recylex plants and pots (by custom order) were rolled out after years of research - turning what was destined for waster into stunning high quality fake plants.
  • 2020 - Our Business Development Team further expanded our production capability and distribution with partnerships around the world with localized distribution facilities.

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