Why Is Fire-Retardant Artificial Greenery The Right Choice for You?

Nobody likes thinking about fires.

We don’t either.

It’s anxiety-inducing, stressful, and a topic we’d like to never come in contact with.

Unfortunately, just because we don’t like thinking or talking about bad things, doesn’t mean those bad things just won’t happen. Such is the case with fires and fire hazards. We might not think about them and enjoy living our lives in ignorant bliss, but if they do happen, we’ll be vulnerable and unprepared.

So, now that we’ve made you ponder the potential fire hazards in your home, we’re urging you to minimize them. Every single one of them. Including your plants.

Sadly, live plants can pose a fire risk if not properly maintained. That’s why you should think smart and integrate fire-retardant artificial greenery.

What is that?

We’ll tell you all about it.

What Is Fire-Retardant Artificial Greenery?

Fire-retardant or fire-tested artificial greenery is a fake plant or plant wall treated with fire-retardant chemicals. These chemicals contain properties that slow down or stop the spread of fire if the greenery comes into contact with flames.

This is the opposite of what would happen with real foliage, as natural plants easily catch on fire and burn. As a result, fire-tested faux greenery is a safer option for indoor and outdoor spaces, especially in areas where fire safety is a concern.

Our artificial green walls are fire-tested against AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 standards to ensure robustness and durability. We make our fauxliege with the finest quality raw materials that are UV resistant and won’t succumb to the sun’s rays.

Fire-tested faux foliage fits well in both residential and commercial spaces.

Why Do You Need Fire-Tested Faux Foliage?

We know, we know - why should you pile on more things to worry about when you’ve already got enough on your plate?

Well, we like to think of this as removing worries from your mind. In your home or business, safety should always be a top priority. While beautifying a space is important, you still need to make sure you’re not compromising on some of the most impactful aspects.

Fire-tested artificial greenery offers you peace of mind through 3 benefits: 


Fire-retardant faux foliage reduces the risk of fire hazards because the materials it’s made of are not flammable. These features make it safer for indoor spaces and areas close to candles or fireplaces. And it's also useful for outdoor spaces near the grill.

In the event of a fire, the foliage is less likely to ignite and spread the flames. As a result, you’ll have more time for evacuation and a shot at halting further damage.

While you’ll still need to take the necessary precautions to ensure nothing catches on fire, fire-resistant properties will alleviate the burden.


We can’t speak for every artificial plant manufacturer, but Designer Plants ensures the fauxliege is designed to withstand the elements, including UV rays. Our founders tested thousands of artificial greenery blends before they settled on the one you see today - the one that didn’t fall apart.

Thanks to this rigorous process, the foliage in our collection will maintain its vibrant color and shape for at least 5 years outdoors and 15 years indoors.


We can’t just say we offer fire-retardant artificial greenery, we have to walk the walk. Namely, we need to meet fire safety standards and fulfill the requirements set forth by third organizations. For example, the AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 standards we tested our fauxliege against outline the regulations we must adhere to to prove fire safety.

This also means that official bodies closely track our regulatory compliance and ensure we’re following the rules we’ve agreed to. It’s a proactive step we’ve chosen to take to showcase our dedication to responsible practices.

The 3 Top-Selling Fire-Retardant Artificial Green Walls

Now that you know the importance of buying fire-tested artificial greenery, let’s talk about the best faux green wall panels for your space. After researching, we noticed our customers have shown the most love to 3 of our fire-retardant faux vertical gardens, including:

Luxury Country Fern Artificial Vertical Garden

country fern artificial wall panels

This faux green wall panel has been a best-seller ever since our team can remember. And we understand why - its dense, lush lifelike foliage comforts the senses and beckons for attention.

The Luxury Country Fern has found its home in many different properties, from homes and offices to clinics and home care centers. Thanks to its vivacious fauxliege, this panel is also suitable for privacy screening and comes with high-grade commercial UV protection.

You haven’t seen the beauty of everlasting greenery until you’ve laid eyes on the Luxury Country Fern, so make room for it in your home.

Luxury Tropical Vista Artificial Green Wall

tropical vista artificial wall panel

Create a luxurious vista with this head-turning Luxury Tropical Vista panel, crafted to near perfection for your space. This panel is UV-resistant, fire-retardant, DIY-friendly, and made from durable and high-quality materials.

The tropics might seem out of reach now but with a panel like this on your wall and sufficient time to admire it, you may find it’s exactly what you needed all along. The panels offer long-lasting results and ensure you get the most out of them.

And of course, without the added hassle of complicated upkeep, trimming, and cleaning, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this faux living wall panel.

Ultra Luxury Amazon Jungle Vertical Garden 

luxury amazon jungle artificial wall panel

Last but not least - a panel made for the bold among us - the Ultra Luxury Amazon Jungle. We named this panel so because it was inspired by the Amazon rainforest and the endemic flora found there. This panel features a dense and full leaf structure that adds to the privacy of the space and contributes to a quieter, more livable environment.

The beauty of the rainforest isn’t easy to capture. But we tried our best to mimic the leaves of each plant species to create a panel that’s UV-resistant and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Start living in the lap of luxury with just one choice - the Ultra Luxury Amazon Jungle panel.

Finishing Thoughts

And there you have it - thinking about fires and fire hazards triggers some productive results.

While you should still be very cautious, having fire-tested faux foliage can help you incorporate a blend of beauty and safety for your space. Now, you can bring nature back into your life with a worry-free solution that creates an inviting environment.

If you’ve got any questions about our fire safety procedures or whether specific products are fire-tested, reach out to us and we’ll spill the details.