What are Green Walls and How do They Work

Significance of Artificial Green Wall in Today’s Era

There are several ways to beautify a place with green and natural plants that bring a soft and organic feel to the area. However, working with live plants is costly and time-consuming. Instead, artificial green plants can be a beneficial and innovative option.

Are you aware of the artificial green wall? Why is the concept popular? It is a life-like imitation of natural plants but is made of synthetic materials that can be kept around and admired for decades.

Various homes and offices in America have begun using these fake green walls. Read on to know more about the reasons to add artificial green walls to your workspace or to fill up the empty spaces of your home.

Benefits of Green Walls

  1. Instant greenery

    Most natural plants take time to grow and shape, and studies reveal that most plants take a minimum of 5 years to grow fully. Moreover, pruning is required to maintain its beauty over time. While artificial walls can be installed within a matter of hours, adding greenery instantly.

  2. Boosts creativity and productivity

    Biophilia, the human love for living green things, is considered the top interior design trend of the current day. Creators like writers, designers and artists, have observed improved creativity when exposed to green environments. Some studies have shown that viewing natural shades of the green color for even two seconds can increase creativity compared to other colors in the spectrum.

  3. The perfect alternative for children and pets

    Some house plants, such as lilies, snake plants, English ivy and a few more, can be deadly to children and pets. Such plants may be safe for homes where only adults reside. Creating an artificial green wall is the ideal option in such households. Designer Plants USA has a fantastic collection of faux vertical gardens made from durable materials. These artificial plants won’t fade and remain vibrant for years to come.

  4. Dampening noise pollution

    You can notice a difference in noise pollution in your surroundings when you add an artificial green wall—the more faux green wall plants around you, the more noise absorption. Not only will the outdoor noise be absorbed, but also the extra indoor noise like that of printers, fax machines, and other common noise will be reduced.

  5. Low-cost and maintenance

    While natural green plants look extremely beautiful, they require a constant irrigation system and soil for growth. You have to worry about its watering, putting them in the sunlight area, avoiding direct sunlight, and having a UV lighting system. This is costly and time-consuming, whereas artificial greenery is easy to install.

artificial living wall installed in home

What Type of Green Walls are There

We at Designer Plants have artificial walls that are environmentally friendly and made with high-quality and UV-tested synthetic recyclable materials. Our products range from vertical green gardens, living walls, and artificial trellis that are UV-resistant and Fire certified. We are trusted by individual and corporate customers worldwide, with hundreds of artificial plant owners relying on us for reliable, fast and high-quality service.

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