How Do Artificial Plants Handle the Cold?

Winter’s in full swing in the States, and while we’re bundling up in our coziest knits. But in all the coziness, we tend to forget our artificial plants.

Unfortunately, the fate of some lower-quality fake plants dips with the temperatures.

But there are still things you can do to help them “live” through the winter. We’ve got the secrets of keeping your faux foliage in tip-top shape during the frosty season, thanks to decades of experience in the industry.

It’s time to weatherproof your artificial plants!

But first, let’s talk about the elephant in the room - can you even leave fauxliege outside?

Can You Leave Artificial Plants Outside In the Winter?

residential outdoor faux plants

Chillier weather has us all snuggling up, but some of our faux plants often ride out the cold outside.

But is this okay? Can they brave the cold?

There’s no silver bullet answer because this drama is faux plant-specific. Namely, some artificial plants can thrive in the great outdoors even on the iciest days. Certain products are so hardy, they can withstand the elements and are ready to take on snowflakes and chilly gusts without batting a leaf.

If your faux foliage doesn’t carry the “suitable for outdoors” label, it’s for strict indoor affairs only. This means that this faux greenery isn’t as sturdy as the other ones and needs a little extra protection. Even if the sun’s shining bright, keep your indoor fauxliege indoors where it’s warm and snug.

How To Protect Your Faux Plants When It’s Cold

With the chilly winds blowing, we’re not the only ones seeking refuge in cozy blankets. In the winter, you may need to show your artificial plants a little extra love because, for some, it can be tricky.

Here are a few tips to help you protect your fake plants in the cold:

Ensure They’re Suitable For the Outdoors

Before doing anything else, double-check if your artificial greenery can even sit outside. Ideally, you should have this information on hand before you buy your fauxliege. Still, there’s no time like the present to learn something new. So why is this important?

Well, Designer Plants and other premium manufacturers design certain products specifically for outdoor resilience. This means they’re equipped with materials and construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions. To see if yours is outdoor-friendly too, check the manufacturer’s specifications - we have ours written on each product page.

This doesn’t mean that indoor fauxliege is lower quality. Instead, it simply means it may not be as sturdy to combat inclement weather and might be more susceptible to damage. In the end, always opt for a designated outdoor fake plant if you plan on keeping it outside in the winter.

Provide Some Protection 

Tough fauxliege may also need some shielding!

Even though your outdoor-grade faux plants are resilient, they’ll still benefit from protection. This solution doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. For example, offer your fake green wall panels refuge under an awning, patio cover, or a well-placed umbrella.

protecting the artificial plants with an umbrella

Here, the important thing is for the shelter to limit direct exposure to snow, rain, or strong winds. By doing so, you’ll extend the lifespan of your fauxliege and ensure you keep it around for years.

But remember that our fake plants labeled “suitable for outdoors” do not need extra protection because they already have it built in.

Clean Them Often

After a bit of rough water, your fake plants might need a touch-up. This is especially important if you live in an area that gets harsh weather and leaves snow, debris, or dirt.

It’s crucial to clean your artificial plants regularly and even more so after storms or snowfall. Depending on the severity of the buildup, check if your faux green wall panels need a good scrub at least once a week. Gently wipe down any accumulated snow or debris to prevent the branches from bending or breaking under the weight.

cleaning artificial boxwood trellis

Cleaning artificial plants is easy to do and ensures they maintain their appearance and integrity no matter the season.

Ensure They’re Of High Quality

If you’re still in the market for fake greenery, make sure you invest in top-notch fauxliege that will pay off in the long run. A premium plant is going to serve you longer because of the durable materials included during production.

If you want a good deal on premium-quality artificial plants, shop online rather than at a local retailer. We recommend doing this for one reason only - transparency. Retailers don’t manufacture the fauxliege they sell, so they wouldn’t be able to give detailed answers about the quality.

Instead, research the manufacturer you like and ask them anything that concerns you. Since you can communicate directly, you have more insight into your purchase and the necessary information to care for it. For example, Designer Plants can prove the quality of fauxliege thanks to certifications from 3 independent bodies that speak for our production processes. Besides that, we’re always one e-mail or phone call away. 

Ensure They’re UV-resistant 

Although winter brings the cold in most corners of the US, some regions still get considerable sunlight. As a result, it’s essential to ensure your fake plants can handle the UV rays without fading. Don’t forget that even if there’s snow on the ground, the sun’s rays can still damage the vibrancy of some artificial greenery.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, look for UV-resistant labels or information from the company website concerning the product’s performance in the sun. If in doubt, reach out to the manufacturer to confirm the plant’s resistance to UV.

At Designer Plants, we include UV resistance in all products labeled as “suitable for outdoors.” So, if you choose our fauxliege, you’ll rest assured knowing it’s resilient and durable.

Finishing Thoughts 

Now that you know how your artificial plants can brave the elements, remember that a bit of TLC and care still go a long way.

If your fauxliege is suitable for the outdoors, you’ve got the arsenal needed to keep your green beauties thriving amidst the frost.

It’s prime time to make sure your greenery ‘blooms’ with resilience in lower Fahrenheit and get your hands on a durable product from our extensive collection.