How Designer Plants Helped Moms Celebrate Mother's Day

In a Nutshell

The Essence of Our Collaboration

This past Mother’s Day, on the 14th of May, Melbourne witnessed a one-of-a-kind event:  MDXO, the Mother’s Day Rooftop Experience organized by 38 Grace.

This event aimed to celebrate moms and all they do for the family. The Crown Aviary served as the setting for the inventive celebration. The venue was teeming with jovial guests, delectable cuisine, refreshing beverages, and exhilarating live entertainment.

MDXO also boasted a rooftop boutique market overflowing with rare finds, a silent auction, and a playground for the little ones. What’s more, the celebration doubled as a charity event, supporting Victoria’s Statewide first response service for women and children escaping domestic violence.

A remarkable event with a touching message not even the Designer Plants team could resist.

The Problem

Before the event’s launch, Lisa, the Head Event Manager at 38 Grace, explored multiple decorating options. As the goal was to create an atmosphere of love and warmth for mothers, children, and all other attendees, the venue had to look the part. Additionally, Lisa envisioned a photo backdrop fit for a king.

After doing what she does best - researching and planning - Lisa came across our wide range of artificial green walls. She perused our products and decided to propose a partnership.

When our team got the rundown on the event, we couldn’t agree fast enough.

During The Process

Collaborating with a highly organized Lisa had its advantages, as she knew exactly what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it. There was no question if she would get the most out of the celebration.

Lisa wanted to add lush fake green walls as a unique feature at the entryway to the event. She envisioned the guests enjoying a nice photoshoot and capturing precious moments with their loved ones. She also stressed the importance of a lightweight, easy-to-set-up faux green wall so that her team could move it around if needed.

After careful consideration and numerous discussions with Lisa, we selected our Luxury Tropical Vista Artificial Vertical Garden panels.

The Solution

With a clear vision in mind, Lisa received the panels and got to work.

The Luxury Tropical Vista faux green wall features advanced UV protection technology, which proves useful for an al fresco event. Each panel, weighing about 10 lbs and measuring 40" x 40", was effortless to set up, relocate, and take down. Plus, its outstanding weather resistance ensured it thrived outdoors.

We provided Lisa’s team with the necessary tools and a manual for panel installation.

Since many of our pieces of fauxliege are customizable, Lisa incorporated fake pale pink leaves and delicate white stems to the Luxury Tropical Vista. The team was ecstatic about the results, telling us that “they are easy to set up and pack down and we look forward to using them again.”

After a few days of installation and finishing touches, the fake vertical gardens were ready for their closeup.

After It’s Done

Upon completing the project, Lisa’s team shifted their focus to welcoming their guests and hosting an unforgettable Mother’s Day event.

mbxo mothers day decoration with artificial plants

Mothers lined up in front of the Luxury Tropical Vista and posed for photos. The rich green background provided a striking contrast to the radiant moms, many donning long, light-colored dresses and beaming smiles.

Lisa and her team were delighted, sharing that they “were able to capture beautiful images of our guests having a lovely time with their families and friends.” 


The moms and their families reveled in the MDXO event, relishing a remarkable dining experience, savoring fantastic drinks, and mingling while dancing to the thrilling live music performances on a rooftop in the heart of Melbourne.

To be honest, we still regret missing it.

Next Steps

The MDXO event was a sweeping success, and we couldn’t be happier for Lisa and her team, who left no stone unturned in their planning. Now, they’re eagerly looking forward to their next Mother’s Day event, with hopes that Designer Plants will make another appearance.

When asked about her experience with our team at Designer Plants, Lisa had this to say:

MDXO – The Ultimate Mother’s Day Out, would like to say a huge thank you to Designer Plants for Joining us in partnership for our charity event and allowing us to showcase their beautiful green wall which served as a stunning backdrop for guest arrivals.” 

We’re grateful for the opportunity to participate in this breathtaking charity event.

And for you at home?

If you’re also looking to decorate an upcoming event, big or small, reach out to us, and let’s make magic happen. We’ve got artificial green walls that will brave through years of exciting events.

All you need to do is contact us.

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