How an Artificial Green Wall From Designer Plants Boosted a Digital Agency’s Environment

Before Our Collaboration

In the vast realm of digital marketing, you’ll come across AiiMS Group, an exceptional powerhouse operating in Australia, New Zealand, and China, propelling businesses to remarkable heights of success. This talented team has revolutionized the online landscape through unparalleled expertise and innovative strategies, continuously surpassing expectations and setting new benchmarks for success.

The Problem

Following the recent renovation of AiiMS’ headquarters, the agency was tasked with creating an office environment that fosters productivity, elegance, and dynamism. As a digital marketing agency, the team’s working environment is of paramount importance, as it significantly influences employee creativity and motivation.

Thus, AiiMS identified a problem that required an extraordinary solution. The agency’s office space lacked a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere that could nurture out-of-the-box thinking and boost employee morale. Traditional office design fell short of meeting their imaginative vision, prompting them to explore unique alternatives.

“As a marketing agency, our image and brand are super important” said Matt Walker, CEO of AiiMS Group.


To complement their unique brand, reduce stress levels, and enhance focus, the team initially considered placing plants and installing green walls. However, given the fast-paced nature of digital marketing and the abundance of tasks, the staff couldn’t spare enough time to care for real greenery. 

When the idea of installing artificial green walls was proposed, the team enthusiastically embraced it. And so, our journey together begins.

During the Process

AiiMS came across Designer Plants and a brief, noncommittal Google search. After discovering a bevy of suppliers, our greenery stood out from the rest due to its ISO certification, ROHS compliance, and our company’s strong focus on sustainability and eco-friendly design.

installation of luxury white oasis green wall panels

Our client explored our vast array of fauxliege and opted for our best-selling Luxury White Oasis Vertical Garden. Drawn to its highly realistic leaves and the white lily flowers adding personality and brightness, they didn’t have to look for much longer.

The Solution

Our clients picked this panel because of its standout realistic flora and customizable design. The AiiMS Group wanted to inject their personality and character into the fauxliege while minimizing maintenance and replacements. Designer Plants' fake green walls can last up to 15 years, providing long-lasting beautification.

office silk green wall panels

True to their bold approach in digital strategies and outside in the real world, AiiMS didn’t hold back. We installed the Luxury White Oasis panels in every room, including:

  • The welcoming lounge to greet visitors
  • Numerous hallways to improve the visual appeal
  • Meeting rooms to facilitate focusing 
  • Work stations to provide a calming ambiance
  • Stairwells to incorporate points of interest

By utilizing fauxliege in every corner, our clients ensured the entire space was optimized for productivity and innovation. The splashes of green around the office significantly impacted the overall atmosphere at the headquarters and contributed to the agency’s bold approach to digital marketing.

As most of our faux green walls come in 40′′x 40′′ sizes, our expert team had to trim many panels to fit shorter and slimmer walls or staple multiple panels together to cover larger spaces. Fortunately, our experience and expertise made it easy to tailor each panel to specific wall measurements.

After It’s Done

meeting room luxury white oasis

Following the installation of the Luxury White Oasis artificial vertical garden throughout AiiMS’ office, employees quickly noticed the improvements. In Matt’s words:

“After undergoing a complete renovation of our headquarters in Sydney and using internal fake green walls, we took our office look and feel to another level and really uplifted the overall image of our space.”

Aside from enriching the office space, our artificial vertical gardens became eye candy for all employees spending their days at the headquarters. The new design contributed to a calming environment and the team noted an increase in productivity, as the color green has a way of influencing emotions.

By opting for artificial greenery instead of real plants, the agency saved both time and money on upkeep and replacements, all within a $3000 budget.

Next Steps

The numerous advantages of artificial greenery weren’t lost on the AiiMS team.

After speaking with the CEO, he made a point to compliment the quality of our products and our exceptional level of service: “We found them to be extremely well priced and by far the best quality. Very highly recommended and will definitely use again for our next fit-out!”

At Designer Plants, we are proud and excited to have been the first choice for this talented agency and eagerly look forward to future collaborations.

In the meantime, we’d love to help you achieve results in line with AiiMS Group’s success. Browse through our ever-growing, results-driven case studies and get in touch with professionals for a quote.

We’ll revive your commercial property in the blink of an eye, so don’t hesitate!

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