How a Client Achieved a Successful DIY Faux Green Wall Project In His Yard

In a Nutshell

  • Results:
      • A backyard refresh 
      • Low-maintenance decor 
      • Year-round thriving green wall 
      • Covered up the view of the neighbor’s fence 

    Before Our Collaboration

    artificial lush fern installation on residential space

    We love installing artificial green wall panels for our clients. But we love it even more when our clients take the installation into their own capable hands. So, when a client approached us about refreshing his backyard with faux green wall panels by himself, we jumped at the opportunity to help.

    Our client was handy and had done a few other DIY projects on his property, so we were sure he’d do a great job. Luckily, our faux green wall panels are incredibly easy to install on any surface, so we weren’t expecting any roadblocks.

    The Problem

    This client already had a fenced yard and a beautiful garden to relax in. But, the fence that separated his property from his neighbor’s wasn’t the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. After dealing with an uninspiring view for a while, our client had enough.

    In the beginning, his only concern was covering up the view of the neighbor’s fence with something eye-catching. But after ruminating for some time, he realized he’d also like to create a private area to enjoy during the warmer months. Besides this, he remarked how a green transformation would make this the perfect spot for hosting and entertaining.

    Admittedly, he had a great setup from the start - a big yard, a fence, and a desire to make everything pop.

    During The Process

    installation of lush fern vertical garden

    In the beginning, our client turned to Google for inspiration.

    He perused blogs, shops, Instagram feeds, and Pinterest boards until he finally settled on Designer Plants. Since our team has made it their mission to capture the benefits of artificial plant walls, our client didn’t have to look for much longer.

    After browsing our vast collection, the client decided to take on this installation and try his hand at another DIY project. Following careful deliberation, our client chose a mix of the Luxury Country Fern Artificial Vertical Garden and the Lush Fern Artificial Green Wall.

    We then sent him the panels and he got to work.

    The Solution

    Results were inevitable with a client that is equal parts creative and enthusiastic. And given that this is a residential project, our client will enjoy his green decor for at least 5 years without having to replace it.

    According to our client, his region experiences unstable weather during the warmer months, so he needs hard-as-nails artificial greenery that can withstand whatever nature throws at it. The client’s spacious deck lent well for full coverage, so the client decided to source their own timber and construct the frames needed to support the faux green wall panels.

    The client determined he would need 14 faux living wall panels to cover the entire surface. He then put up the wooden frames and prepped the area for the panels. Using our handy installation guide, he successfully hung the fake garden walls and interlocked them.

    To do this project, our client followed the installation guide and used a hammer and screws to affix and secure the panels to the timber beams.

    After It’s Done

    installation of silk lush fern

    The project took a few days to complete. Our client worked hard to revamp his space and give his family and visitors a unique change of pace. The household was delighted not to have to look at a boring fence any longer.

    Now, the space is prime for relaxation, outdoor dining, gardening, and hosting get-togethers. But in the end, our client couldn’t get enough of the stark contrast between the grey fence and the luscious green walls.

    In the end, we mostly heard praise about the fact that the artificial greenery is so low maintenance that you only need to spray it with water to clean it. The fauxliege doesn’t need trimming or sunlight to thrive, so our client can enjoy its benefits without exerting any effort.

    Next Steps

    Our client loved the result and the compliments he got from his family and friends.

    At Designer Plants, we were thrilled to offer the resources the client required to bring his vision to life and create a space worthy of royalty. This makeover showcased his determination and skill, and we’re honored to have been part of the process.

    Besides this, we’d be happy to help with other projects this client takes on.

    And if you also have an outdoor area to adorn, contact our expert team for ideas, solutions, or a quote. Share your vision with us and we’ll be on the case in no time!

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