How a Business Pops with an Artificial Moss Wall

In a Nutshell

  • Client: Commercial
  • Products used: Faux Evergreen Moss Mat     
  • Results:
    • Covered a drab wall by the door
    • Offered a contrast for the neon sign 
    • Provided a rich backdrop for business signage 
    • Supplemented the decor of the business entrance

Before Our Collaboration

blank walls in juice bar

We’ve been waxing poetic about the benefits of artificial moss walls, but it seems only recently have clients taken notice.

So, when a commercial client running a funky juice bar in California approached us with a wish to include an artificial moss wall, we were stoked.

The wall adjacent to his shop window didn’t have much going for it. It was dark, blank, and uninspiring. According to him, it wasn’t the best backdrop for drinking wellness shots. But it was the best contender for an artificial green wall.

The Problem 

According to a recent study, California ranks as the healthiest and fittest state in the US. With the lowest smoking rate, second-highest healthy eating habits, and innumerable fitness and health locations, California is a health nut’s dream.

Given the state’s status as a health-conscious hub, the bar owner recognized that the environment did not contribute to his desire to encourage wellness. This is when he decided to hop online and look for some inspiration.

During the Process

installing fake vertical moss

After combing through various websites, he came across our blog and read a few things about artificial green walls and how they benefit businesses.

While he was still a bit skeptical, he called us up and asked a few questions. He then told us his vision and we recommended a vertical garden panel that would beguile even the most disinterested customers - the Faux Evergreen Moss Mat.

The Solution 

Although the idea was a bit unconventional, the execution and installation were fast and smooth. Initially, the client debated whether he should do it himself or ask for help from our team. Professional installation is part of the package, but many clients decide to go the DIY route and flex their creative muscles, instead.

Ultimately, that’s what this client did.

When he received the artificial moss panels, he laid them out on the floor. Then, he estimated where the panels would hang and nailed in the screws to hold the fauxliege up.

He then placed the panels on the wall, interlocked them using the plug system on the grid, and fluffed the fauxliege to ensure no lines were showing. To do this, he had to cut some circular pieces out of the panel to allow the pipes to still attach to the wall. With a handy tape measure at hand, he cut out exactly as much as he needed without leaving bald spots in the panels around the pipes.

The client's biggest concern for this project was whether his signage would be visible among the fauxliege. But, since he ultimately decided to get a faux moss wall instead of a panel with big leaves, the signage was obvious and drew attention without overwhelming the wall.

After It’s Done

made with love sign on moss wall

Our client was happy with this transformation and noted that it was better than what he’d expected. He remarked on how realistic the artificial moss wall is, so much so that you’d need to touch it to believe it’s faux.

After hanging up his neon pink “Made with Love” sign on top of the moss, the bright green faux foliage provided the perfect scene and contrasted well in both color and shape. And, it also described the client’s process while installing the panels - driven by love and a wish to enhance the space.

The decision to include a moss wall aligned with the client’s commitment to providing a unique wellness experience. He brought a slice of nature indoors, so his juice bar grew beyond the bounds of just a place to grab a healthy beverage. Now, it’s a place where patrons can hang out for hours.

Our client was happy with the project and even mentioned including other products to supplement his moss wall. Of course, we’d be very happy to give him the tools he needs to make his vision come to life.

Next Steps

This project exemplified the impact a faux green wall can have on a business. In any case, this client deserves a round of applause and all the praise for this project.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your business’ storefront or create a more tranquil atmosphere inside, contact our team for ideas and quotes.

Have some ideas at the ready to share them with us when you call, so we can get to work immediately.

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