Artificial Ivy: All You Need to Know

The word “ivy” doesn’t have the best rap. Unfortunately, many people will quickly associate it with “poison.” But even though the plant’s undesirable reputation sometimes precedes it, there are many different types of ivy that won’t poison you (although you shouldn’t be ingesting them in any case).

And yes, real ivy looks stunning, but its beauty requires effort. In fact, it might even be one of the most demanding plants out there!

So, instead of investing time and money into the upkeep of your ivy, focus on learning about artificial ivy that can get you all of the beauty for none of the work.

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All About Artificial Ivy

So why opt for the fake version?

Well, since artificial ivy is a type of decor specifically made to mimic the look and feel of real ivy plants, you’d struggle to find the difference. Although these decorations are generally made from plastics or silks, our products use ROHS-compliant materials and the best UV-resistant technology to keep your trellis looking fresh for over 15 years.

realistic looking artificial ivy

And we’re not bluffing when we say that our artificial ivy is the real deal (or should we say the fake deal?). For example, our stunning Boston ivy green wall is the ideal addition to your walls, fences, and balconies because its leaf design resembles the leaves and tendrils of natural ivy. Plus, you can customize it by cutting the ivy into any shape you want to ensure your space never loses congruence.

One of the main advantages of fake ivy is that it doesn’t need the same level of care and maintenance. In fact, it barely needs any maintenance, i.e. no pruning, watering, or trimming necessary. This makes it the ideal product for busy Americans or those lacking a green thumb.

If you live in areas with a harsh climate or limited sunlight, you can use an artificial trellis to create lush, green environments anywhere without worrying about longevity and durability.

And we haven’t even touched on how much versatility comes with each ivy string. You can drape it over furniture, hang it from walls or ceilings, or even use dense ivy rolls as a privacy screen. Overall, it’s a low-cost way of injecting a dollop of green into every space for prices of under $80.

8 Ways to Use Artificial Ivy in Your Decorating

Like real ivy, artificial ivy can find a home in a variety of settings, such as the inside of your house or flat, your office, or a commercial space. You can even take it outside and decorate your garden for special events, such as weddings or parties, or just use it as a respite from the busyness of modern life.

Here are some exquisite tips you can use:

Cover the Exterior of Your Home

privacy ivy on house exterior

If you’re looking to go the traditional route, artificial ivy would be perfect for decking the exterior of your property in green. Usually, many people opt to cover the front of the house to simultaneously create a stunning classic aesthetic. Regardless of whether you live in a modern house or a country cottage, artificial ivy can elevate any exterior.

As an added bonus, since fake ivy always stays the same, you don’t have to worry about it damaging your property, growing into any cracks on your wall, or tangling into a knot. And if you want to move it, you can do so just as easily as you first placed it. Just make sure to protect it from fading!

Include It in Your Interior Design

interior privacy ivy

But faux ivy shouldn’t only be kept outside. In fact, many have decided to bring their artificial ivy decor into their living spaces, which will make for an eye-catching statement piece in any room. You can hang a string of ivy from a windowsill or a shelf, or even put it on your desk to quickly and creatively bring your garden inside.

Although fake ivy can be a wonderful addition to a home, it’s particularly beneficial for flat-dwellers and people living in spaces without much natural light. Since our ivy doesn’t need water or sun to thrive, you can place it wherever and have it look beautiful for years to come with almost no maintenance, except for the occasional dusting.

Drape It Over Your Fences

metal fence privacy ivy

If you’re not ready to dive straight into artificial hedges, you can create your own green barrier by draping artificial ivy over a wooden or metal fence. By doing so, your garden will elicit positive emotions and lure nature right to your door.

Although you might achieve similar results with real ivy, it can quickly damage your fences and will require you to replace them more frequently, and who wants that?

Plus, since fake ivy is easy to install, move, and remove, you won’t have to commit to anything that might become boring over time. On the contrary, you can give your garden a makeover in the blink of an eye!

Create a Feature Wall

hanging privacy ivy

Another way to get the most out of artificial ivy is by hanging it from a wall in your home. Although this is not a new concept by any means, we’ve realized that many shy away from incorporating dramatic greenery into their interior decorating because they might be intimidated by the power it brings.

Our artificial ivy panels are versatile and can suit walls of any height. Regardless of whether you follow maximalist or minimalist decor, artificial ivy can brighten the dullest corners and breathe life into monotonous rooms.

Wrap Ivy Around Statement Pieces

Those itching for a more creative idea can try transforming their belongings and bringing the outdoors inside.

It’s harder than it sounds. In fact, you’ll need to find a statement piece or a decor item you’d like to spruce up, such as a lampstand, bookcase, or mirror. Then, you can trail your fake ivy strings and wrap them around the piece as intricately as you’d like. Maneuver it to your tastes and move it around to try new looks.

If you get tired of your decor job after a while, you can simply wrap your ivy around another item and instantly change the feel of your place.

Use Artificial Trellis for Privacy

trellis with faux ivy

Living next to nosy neighbors? We know the struggle. But, we also know that you don’t have to suffer in silence. In fact, the best way to keep prying eyes at bay is by installing a privacy fence with artificial silk ivy that will simultaneously enhance the magnificence of your property. Pretty and practical, if you will.

Our ivy rolls are adaptable and suitable for all kinds of fences. Despite being laughably easy to prop up, they’ll provide your fence with additional height and gift you the privacy you so desire.

Make a Green Ceiling

hanging artificial ivy on ceiling

Gone are the days of boring old ceilings. Nowadays, you can surprise your guests by hanging some artificial ivy overhead and crafting an elegantly rich environment.

Even though this trend has been celebrated in interior design for a while, especially in fancy restaurants and cafés, it has yet to make waves in home decor. But you don’t need to wait for the fads to make rounds in your circle. In fact, by creating a green ceiling with premium-quality ivy, you can be a trendsetter!

Plus, dangling vines are a fantastic addition to your kitchen, dining room, or living room. All you need is a little courage.

What Should You Do Next?

If we’ve successfully convinced you to incorporate artificial ivy into your living space, prepare to be blown away by the results.

Fake ivy from Designer Plants is a surefire way to infuse a bit of nature inside your home while protecting the planet at the same time. With our environmentally friendly range of products, we make sure you enjoy the beauty of foliage without putting a burden on your wallet.

Ready to take the next step? Get your hands on a product from our fake trellis and ivy collection!