How To Use Artificial Plants for Commercial Buildings

As of 2023, 43% of American consumers prefer online over in-store shopping. Tough pill to swallow for brick-and-mortar stores, right?

But there’s a silver lining - this shift can actually work in our favor. It’s a clear signal for business owners to get creative and reel those customers back into the stores. And you’re not going to do that just by emphasizing the benefits of shopping in-store. You need to stand out.

Waiting for customers to come to you won’t do the trick. You need to entice them, give them a reason to step inside, or offer something competitors don’t. That something could be artificial plants.

Although artificial plants for commercial use are not new, few businesses are using them. If you’re one of them, you’re missing out on revenue.


Let’s find out.

Why Use Artificial Plants On Your Commercial Property?

Aside from the obvious contribution to aesthetics, artificial greenery has much more to offer. Here are some benefits of using artificial plants on your commercial property:

They Attract Customers

Time and time again, studies demonstrate the psychological impact of the color green. People are naturally drawn to green and subconsciously gravitate toward green environments.

As a business owner, use this information to your advantage and create an atmosphere that appeals to your customer’s wants and needs. Greenery fosters tranquility and well-being, encouraging customers to linger and explore your establishment.

As people wander among the fauxliege, they may find themselves feeling more relaxed and positively inclined toward your products or services.

They’re Low Maintenance

If you still think real plants can do the same job (or better) - here’s some food for thought: how much time do you or your employees have to spend on maintenance?

Not much?

Well, real plants demand a lot of attention around the clock. You need to water them regularly, trim the leaves, and monitor their environment (lighting, soil, temperature). In contrast, artificial plants cut your worries in half because they only need the occasional dusting.

This efficiency saves you time and effort, with fauxliege upkeep taking just 15 minutes every few months.

They’re Suitable for Indoors and Outdoors

One of the biggest advantages of artificial plants is their ability to “thrive” in any environment. Fauxliege is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it’s also very easy to move.

Artificial greenery is made of premium-quality plastic, so it won’t die off, nor will you have to shield it from the changing weather. Thanks to the durable materials involved in the production of fauxliege, your fake plants will maintain their beauty regardless of external conditions.

Designer Plants’ artificial greenery also comes with built-in UV protection, which means you can expose them to the sun without worrying about wilting, yellowing, or deterioration.

They Last Long

Artificial plants can impact your bottom line. Unlike live plants, fauxliege remains vibrant and lush for years without replacements.

Our faux green walls, for example, can last for up to 5 years outdoors and up to 15 indoors. This longevity ensures that your commercial property will stay appealing to your customers and save you money in the long run.

Faux plants help you achieve a sustainable and cost-effective solution that can boost your business’s overall success.

Where To Put Artificial Plants In Your Business?

using artificial plants in office

If you think your commercial property can’t bear the weight of more decor, you’ve got it wrong.

Since artificial green walls and faux hanging plants don’t take up any floor space, you don’t need to overthink it. To get the ball rolling, here are some of our favorite locations:

  • By the Entrance: Create a warm and inviting first impression by placing artificial plants near the entrance, framing doorways with artificial topiary balls, or adorning adjoining walls with fake vertical gardens.

  • In the Reception Hall: Highlight professionalism with well-placed artificial greenery, such as a small artificial potted plant on the reception desk.

  • In a Waiting Area: Transform waiting areas with an artificial vertical garden to create a calming ambiance and ease anxiety.

  • In the Office: Boost employee morale and productivity in the workplace by incorporating artificial hanging plants throughout the office. Greenery in the workspace has been proven to boost morale and productivity.

  • In Meeting Rooms: Improve meeting environments by placing artificial arrangements on tables. Keep in mind how your particular piece of artificial greenery can align with your company branding.

How Are Designer Plants Customers Using Artificial Plants?

If you’re still strapped for ideas, don’t fret.

Leading brands like BMW, One Agency, and Mercure Hoel have leveraged our artificial greenery to enhance their spaces and communicate their values effectively.

Here’s how they did it:


using fake green walls in bmw showroom

Since the BMW brand is synonymous with luxury, a showroom in Melbourne wanted to align the company’s values with its interior decor. They searched high and low for a design feature to improve the space without adding more tasks to their to-do lists.

Ultimately, they chose the Designer Plants Luxury Green Tropics Artificial Vertical Garden and covered the wall surrounding the doorway. This helped BMW entice potential customers and convey its sustainability values.

One Agency

using faux green disks in commercial agenct

One Agency is a fast-growing real estate group in Australasia that aims to revolutionize the industry. The staff incorporated a new training and education center for real estate agents to foster creativity and productivity.

After searching for the ideal design option, the staff chose to mount a few hand-crafted Luxury Artificial Green Wall Discs with Onyx Black outer rims in different sizes. The discs’ new home was a wall directly above the kitchenette, captivating students from the first glimpse.

Mercure Hotel

artificial plants in hotel

The world-renowned Mercure Hotel has distinguished itself as the beginning point of exploration, crafting a locally-inspired experience for guests in every city. The Mercure Melbourne Doncaster Hotel needed to continue this legacy and uplift impactful areas of the hotel.

They used a medley of our products - the Almost Natural Artificial Buxus Topiary for the entrance and a custom Luxury Country Fern Artificial Green Wall for the hallways and the garage. Their decisions encapsulate what the Mercure is all about - sustainability and elegance.

Finishing Thoughts

So there you have it - why artificial plants are important for commercial buildings.

Not only can fauxliege help your business stand out, but it can also help your customers understand your stance on sustainability. Whether in permanent shops, pop-up stores, companies, or commercial events, their versatility knows no bounds.

If you’re ready to stand out in today’s competitive landscape, get in touch with our expert team today.

Let’s make your interior work for you.