Why Did a Mercure Hotel Choose Artificial Greenery From Designer Plants to Reinvigorate Its Property?

In a Nutshell

  • Filled design gaps
  • Higher-quality accommodation
  • Enhanced hotel ambience
  • Better guest experience
  • Solidified sustainable policies

Before Our Collaboration

inside the Mercure hotel in Melbourne

For the ever-wandering, Mercure will instantly ring a bell. As a behemoth chain of hotels, the Mercure brand encompasses over 940 hotels in 58 countries. The global Mercure Hotel is a French midscale hotel brand owned by Accor, a multinational French hospitality company.

Rooting back to 1973, Mercure has made its mark with outstanding service and over 125.000 rooms that appeal to each sense. Its namesake Mercury, the Roman god of travelers, has propelled the brand to distinguish itself as a springboard to exploration, crafting a locally-inspired experience for each guest worldwide.

This is evident through the designs of the hotels, in that each property mimics the local atmosphere and firmly grasps guests’ amazement. Our client, the Mercure Melbourne Doncaster Hotel has been in the business since 2021 and delivers an authentic elegance, complemented by avant-garde technology and pioneering sustainable practices.

The Problem

As the Mercure Hotel brand positions itself ahead of the competition by providing an enhanced local experience, the Mercure Melbourne Doncaster had to continue the legacy. Aside from the authentic Mercure elegance, the staff aspired to uplift critical areas of the hotel, such as the exterior, the reception, and multiple seating areas.

At first, they researched the feasibility of adding live greenery to their spaces, but quickly dismissed the idea following concerns about costly maintenance and a lack of time to dedicate to upkeep.

But there has always been a “best of both worlds” alternative, and Mercure didn’t take long to find it.

During The Process

enhancing hotel outdoor with artificial green walls

During Mercure’s research process, they (fortunately) came across Designer Plants and noticed unique aspects. Namely, Designer Plants’ DNA comprises sustainability, a diverse catalog of products, and a suspiciously low amount of work, which is exactly what they were looking for.

However, the team at Mercure didn’t have a solid idea of the type of artificial greenery they’d like most. After talking with our fauxliege experts, we were able to discern what the hotel was striving to accomplish, how they wanted to do it, and when it should be done. We were given a laxer timeframe to prepare. Nonetheless, our team started planning right away.

The Solution

Since the client didn’t want any specific products, we put our expertise and experience to the test and picked different types of artificial greenery for each space. For example, our Almost Natural Artificial Buxus Topiary adorned the hotel’s entry - a stone’s throw from the front entrance and some of the many wall-sized windows.

We put some of the fake topiary plants in pots to elevate their aesthetic and help them serve as focal points upon entering. Then, we finished up the look by filling the pots with coconut fiber for a more realistic appearance. 

Then, we pushed our client out of their comfort zone and recommended custom panels from our Luxury Country Fern artificial vertical garden to brighten up the drab garage and as a statement piece at the end of the hallway adjacent to the courtyard.

As most of our faux vertical gardens come in a standard size of 40′′ x 40′′, the walls surrounding the area weren’t able to accommodate that. So, we sent trained professionals in to measure and decide the best course of action. For this client, the ideal option was cutting the standard fauxliege panels to fit within the boundaries of the metal dividers and above and around each door.

At first, we were uncertain about how the panels would look between the metal frames. But once the installation was completed, we admired how the metal complemented the greenery and added visual interest to the wall. In a sense, it encapsulated what Mercure is all about - sustainability and elegance.

After It’s Done

artificial boxwood planters for commercial space

Unsurprisingly, the installation of fake green walls and topiary balls at the Mercure Hotel proved to be a success for employees and guests alike. 

The new design and the pop of color solidified our client’s commitment to high-quality accommodation, eco-friendliness, and sustainability. Since our plants were strategically placed, they filled design gaps and provided a lush green urban garden landscape and an invigorating flow of energy at every point.

Aside from this, the Luxury Country Fern effectively added height, texture, and visual interest to largely utilitarian spaces and created a warmer, more welcoming environment conducive to relaxation.

fake lush greenery

Following the green addition, employees noticed more productivity and increased energy when working in the presence of greenery, while guests were drawn to the new look and found it helpful when adjusting to the surroundings in a new city.

In terms of costs, the artificial greenery adorning the hotel is UV-resistant, fire retardant, and guaranteed to last at least 5 years, but will likely “live” until 15 indoors. And since none of the products require any maintenance, employees are relieved by not having to take on additional obligations.

By building on the existing elegance and sophistication, Mercure maintained and even elevated its reputation as a sustainability advocate.

Next Steps

The results of this case study indicate that the use of artificial greenery has a positive impact on those in the vicinity and contributes to the fight for sustainability.

Hence, it is wise for the hospitality industry to begin introducing fauxliege to reception areas, exteriors, rooms, and hallways as a cost-effective design solution. Aside from promoting the well-being of employees and guests alike, the trend towards environmentally-friendly practices continues to grow, with artificial greenery being at the forefront of creating welcoming spaces for all.

In talking with our client, they’ve expressed excitement at the thought of working with Designer Plants again and are still baffled by the beauty of the hotel post-renovation.

Designer Plants would like to help you turn your property into a pocket of luxury, too. Contact our skilled team and we’ll set you up with a quote as soon as possible.
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