How To Elevate Your Outdoor Space With Artificial Decking Plants

Welcome to paradise!

Or, welcome to your deck?

With the right approach, they can be one and the same. Picture sipping your morning coffee surrounded by the rustle of vibrant greenery, or hosting a soirée under the stars with the most whimsical backdrop.

It’s all possible… with the help of artificial decking plants.

But what are these faux wonders? And how can they help you create a functional yet aesthetic deck?

Let’s dig for some answers.

What Are Artificial Decking Plants?

Artificial deck plants are lifelike replicas designed for indoor or outdoor decoration.

Built to withstand the elements, they incorporate high-quality plastics and silks and boast UV-resistant materials that keep them vibrant. This UV resistance ensures that the fauxliege can brave extended exposure to sunlight without fading or deteriorating.

Artificial decking plants come in many varieties and offer endless opportunities for personalization and style alignment. In essence, they’re the perfect companion.

Why Do You Need Artificial Decking Plants?

We know what you’re thinking - why use artificial plants for your deck when you can get the same results with real greenery?

Your hesitation is valid, but there are many reasons why faux plants are often the better choice:

  • Instant Gratification: Once you’ve installed them, artificial decking plants instantly revitalize the space and provide immediate visual appeal, i.e. you don’t need to wait for natural growth.
  • Low maintenance: Fauxliege needs minimal upkeep compared to live plants. You don’t need to water, fertilize, prune, or trim them, making them ideal for those lacking a green thumb.
  • Customization: Since faux plants come in all shapes and sizes, you can pick and choose exactly what you want without worrying about weather conditions or longevity.
  • No messiness: With fake plants, you can skip the hassle of dealing with soil, pests, and fallen leaves. This way, your decking area will remain clean and tidy for far longer. 
  • Allergen-free: Artificial decking plants (and other faux plants) don’t release allergens, making them a prime choice for people with allergies, asthma, or breathing difficulties.
  • Long-lasting: Fauxliege from premium manufacturers often comes with a warranty that outlines how your fake plant can last for up to 5 years outdoors and up to 15 indoors.
  • Durability: Good-quality fake plants are impervious to harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, winds, and extreme temperatures. As a result, they won’t wilt or lose any visual appeal.
  • What Faux Plants Are Good for Decks?

    There are no rules when decorating your deck - it’s all a matter of creativity and ideation. But through our extensive experience, we’ve noticed that some are better than others.

    The best fauxliege for decks includes:

    Artificial Green Walls

    using green walls on your home deck

    An unfortunately underutilized option, artificial green walls are an excellent choice for any deck. A fake vertical garden is elegant and increases the privacy of your outdoor space, making it the secluded haven you crave.

    Since faux green walls don’t take up any floor space, they’re particularly effective for small or narrow decks. In one fell swoop, you can achieve your desired aesthetic and create a private space away from prying eyes.

    Artificial green walls incorporate various plant varieties, from tropical, to country, to boxwood. And if you need a flower or two, we’ve got those too.

    Faux Topiary

    decking decoration with fake topiary balls

    It’s a common misconception that a topiary ball’s place is in an affluent or extravagant garden setting. This belief often makes people hesitant to add it to their own decorating, fearing it might appear ostentatious or excessive.

    But the beauty of artificial topiary lies in its versatility. There are a million creative (and subtle) ways to introduce it into your deck without being over the top. We recommend starting with fake topiary balls because they’re not too prominent. After you get used to their appearance, you can move on to something a bit more striking.

    Faux topiary can improve your deck’s symmetry and allow you to appreciate a well-groomed outdoor space.

    Fake Hanging Plants

    faux hanging plants for your deck

    If you’re interested in a mellow, inconspicuous addition to your deck, consider adding artificial hanging plants. Faux hanging plants offer a charming touch to your outdoor decor because they resemble trailing vines and cascading flowers.

    This type of faux greenery works well with limited floor space, as it maximizes the vertical space available. They draw the eye upward and provide a dynamic dimension to your deck - adding depth to large decks and making small ones look taller.

    Available in many types of foliage, our collection of fake hanging plants creates a tranquil oasis that will surely fool your visitors.

    Fake Hedges

    decorating back yard space with artificial hedges

    Last but not least, add an artificial hedge. These practical elements can serve as privacy screens, windbreaks, or decorative elements. They provide an instant barrier between your deck and the outside world, contributing to a secluded space away from the hustle and bustle.

    If you live in an urban or densely populated area, fake hedges will uphold your privacy and restrict the view of your outdoor space. Faux hedge walls fulfill this noble deed by comprising lush and dense foliage in various heights and styles.

    This way, you can tailor your deck’s appearance to your needs and breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re protected.

    How To Use Faux Plants on Your Deck?

    Daunting. That’s how it feels staring at a bare-bones deck.

    There’s so much potential, but also so many opportunities to mess up.

    So, how do you set yourself up for success when using fake plants on your deck?

    Have a Plan 

    Start by envisioning the end look of your deck.

    Consider the type of artificial plants that would suit it best and delineate their placement. When you come in with a solid plan, there’s less room for errors. But don’t be afraid to experiment, too. Try different arrangements to find what looks best and move the elements around to better understand your options.

    Mind the Color 

    If your deck already has an existing color scheme, choose fauxliege that will complement it. Dark and light greens suit different styles, so mind the surrounding environment before you buy anything.

    But if you’re starting from scratch - the world is your oyster. Experiment with vibrant blooms or muted greens before picking a favorite and decorating.

    Use Them As Focal Points

    Do you need an attention-grabber?

    Luckily, artificial greenery does very well as a focal point - it can wear many hats. So, enhance the visual impact of your faux plants by turning them into points of interest. Seal the deal by integrating lighting elements like string lights, lanterns, or uplighting. This will add to the ambiance and extend the enjoyment of your deck into the night.

    Add to the Natural Environment

    Even though it’s artificial, fauxliege should never stick out like a sore thumb. On the contrary, you should do your best to ensure your fake plants blend in with your environment.

    If you live in a tropical region, using pines will be a controversial choice. So, do your research on native plants and buy replicas that complement the existing landscape. This will create a cohesive and balanced outdoor space without screaming “FAKE.”

    Finishing Thoughts

    As we wrap this up, you’ve likely discovered that decorating your outdoor space doesn’t require a green thumb or endless hours of maintenance. With faux plants, you’ll infuse beauty, charm, and a sprinkling of nature while enjoying the simplicity of no-frills decor.

    Welcome the creative possibilities, play with colors and shapes, and let your deck reflect your personality.

    Are you ready to start the transformation? Contact our team for bespoke recommendations and let’s get decorating!