BMW Enhances Showroom Atmosphere with Designer Plants Artificial Green Wall

In a Nutshell

  • Client: BMW
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Products usedLuxury Green Tropics Artificial Green Wall
  • Results:
    • Echo and noise reduction 
    • Calm and relaxed customers
    • Employee stress reduction 
    • Cost savings on maintenance

Before Our Collaboration

As the best-perceived car brand in the United States, BMW doesn’t need an introduction. After a decisive focus on sustainability and strong growth in the production of electric vehicles, BMW sold over 2 million vehicles in 2022 and maintains the first position in the global premium sector. Since its conception, the brand has become synonymous with luxury.

The Problem

This particular showroom in Melbourne was struggling with a drab and uninspiring interior. It seemed as if this dealership was no different than the thousands of other similarly sterile spaces. BMW’s wish was clear: they wanted a design feature to revamp the showroom and complement the sleek lines and sophisticated styling of their cars.

They tossed around the idea of adding a real vertical garden into the mix to liven up the environment. However, the notion was met with a healthy dose of skepticism from a handful of employees.

Since they already had their hands full with work, nobody wanted to add “plant care” to their already long list of responsibilities. But little did they know they would achieve phenomenal results without any maintenance soon enough. 

During The Process

So how does one of the biggest brands in the world choose whom to work with?

Like any other customer, they referred to trusty Google for information. Luckily, they came across our website and were soon thrown for a loop by the number of options available to pick from.

Based on our conversations, what stood out most was our:

  • “100% recyclable” stamp 
  • Strong focus on sustainability
  • Quick response time
  • Diverse catalog of options

As BMW is also striving for sustainability with every new vehicle, partnering with Designer Plants was a no-brainer. Our team was open to giving expert recommendations for the best choice of fauxliege, concluding in a decision to use the Luxury Green Tropics artificial green wall to add depth and texture to the space.

The Solution

We suggested this panel because of its realistic flora and customizable design, which were pivotal factors for BMW. Since this is a commercial property, replacing their green walls is something that should be kept to a minimum, thus the choice for a fake vertical garden that can last for up to 15 years

The wall chosen for beautification is approximately 10′2′′ in height and 45′5′′. in width. Due to the fact that most Designer Plants artificial green walls are 40′′ x 40′′, our team had to trim the panels to fit in tighter spaces (like above and below each sign and around the doorway) and staple multiple panels together to cover the entire wall. Although it might sound like a lot of work, installing a faux green wall is as easy as buying a car at a BMW showroom.

artificial green wall planning

Creative showroom employees opted to adorn this particular wall with greenery because it possesses the most power to entice customers as soon as they walk in and help them adjust to their new surroundings more easily.

After It’s Done

Following the swift installation of the Luxury Green Tropics in this BMW showroom, employees noticed a significant impact on day-to-day activities. Namely, the new design feature wasn’t just appealing and visually pleasing, but it contributed to a relaxing environment and transformed the look and feel of the space.

artificial green wall in BMW saloon

Being enveloped in greenery calmed customers waiting for their cars to be serviced and helped the dealership attract new prospects by playing on the sustainability angle.

Besides this, showroom employees also noted an increase in morale and productivity and found it enjoyable to work in a calmer, more relaxed environment. Overall, this is not surprising, as the color green gives more than meets the eye.

promotion screen with faux green panels

By opting for artificial greenery, this showroom secured surprising cost savings. Had they chosen a real green wall, they would have needed to install a drip irrigation system (at about $2.80 per square foot) to keep it looking fresh. Aside from that, employees would have had to stock up on pruning and trimming tools and work on their green thumbs to prevent the greenery from wilting or outgrowing its space.

Next Steps

After witnessing the exceptional beauty of artificial vertical garden panels, the BMW Group has been pondering ways to include this stunning design feature in other showrooms across the world. We at Designer Plants are proud to have been BMW’s first choice and are looking forward to future collaborations. After all, why stop at one when you can transform them all?

In talking with our prestigious client, they’ve expressed amazement at the choice of fauxliege installed in the showroom and relayed surprise that a green wall can change that much in an environment.

faux green wall panels

If you’re seeking results in line with BMW’s, contact our expert team at Designer Plants for a quote and revitalize your commercial property in as little as a day.

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