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Save 42%
Wild Tropics Artificial Vertical Garden 40" x 40"
Sale price$115.00 Regular price$199.95
Wild Tropics Artificial Vertical Garden 40" x 40" 11SQ FT
Save 17%
Snowy White Artificial Vertical Garden 40" x 40"
Save 33%
Lush Fern Artificial Green Wall 40" x 40"
Save 26%
Country Fern Artificial Vertical Garden 40" x 40"
Save 23%
Green Tropics Artificial Vertical Garden 40" x 40"
Sale price$115.00 Regular price$149.95
Green Tropics Artificial Green Wall 40" x 40" UV Resistant
Save 33%
White Oasis Artificial Vertical Garden 40" x 40"
Sale price$120.00 Regular price$180.00
White Oasis Artificial Vertical Garden 40" x 40" 11SQ FT

The Most Realistic Artificial Vertical Gardens Ever!

Designer Plants USA helps you instantly beautify YOUR space with stunning green wall panels. Our wide range of artificial green walls is ideal to instantly enhance the beauty of any space! Install stunning artificial greenery panels to make your office or home more vibrant and welcoming. From expressing a unique nature-inspired artistic vision to having your private personal outdoor space, these artificial green walls give you value for money and create a space you'll be sure to love.


Because we design every plant using only the highest quality UV plastics, they’re not just realistic

They’re ultra realistic & super easy to install

Installation is super easy & fast, simply:

1. Measure your space (Length x Width) to calculate the SQF required.

2. Order enough panels to cover your area.

3. Zip tie, staple or screw the panels to your wall.

4. Connect the panels together and repeat until your space is completely covered & looks amazing!


'Sustainable quality’ means we strive to create environmentally friendly plants without sacrificing quality, reliability and durability in each and every one of our products.

Every single day, our design team refines ever plant and garden wall to ensure they’re always made from the finest and most durable material. That way, your
plants can keep on lasting.

We do this through using only safe, sustainable and recyclable materials – meaning each and every one of our plants are 100% environmentally conscious.

An Experienced, Quality Focused Company that Supports the USA

We’re trusted by individual and corporate customers around the world, with hundreds of artificial plant owners relying on us for reliable, fast and high-quality service.

No order is too big or too small. Whether you’re looking to make one-off orders for your living room or regular large-scale international orders for your business, our team can assist every step of the way.

We use a complete supply chain that oversees everything from manufacturing and packing to shipping and delivery.

When you use Designer Plants, no stone is left unturned.

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The Premium Range of Artificial Green Wall Panels for Outdoor

Our artificial green wall panels for outdoors and indoors are made from the finest quality materials and maintain optimum functionality for years. These green walls are UV stabilized and maintain their original look and feel for years to come. Our product range includes Artificial Trellis & Ivy, Vertical Gardens & Living Walls, Artificial Hedges & Freestanding Boxwood, Artificial Topiary & Balls, and more.

Whether you are looking for designer plants online or artificial greenery wall panels, Designer Plants is your ultimate destination. Invest in life-like artificial plants and create a soul-soothing and peaceful personal place without any hassle of maintenance. Whether you need artificial pants in Miami, Florida or New York, New York, we ensure fast and safe delivery to your doorsteps.

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