One Agency Creates Lasting Charm With Artificial Green Wall Disks

In a Nutshell

Before Our Collaboration

As one of the fastest-growing real estate groups in Australasia, One Agency is a revolution in the real estate industry. It empowers individual real estate agents and entire agencies to propel their businesses and reach new heights.

With members across Australia and New Zealand, the agency prides itself on successful, high-impact, far-reaching campaigns. The team goes above and beyond expectations, time and time again.

The Problem

Following the agency’s rapid growth, it began planning to incorporate a new training and education center for like-minded real estate agents. The staff was tasked with creating an environment that could foster creativity, productivity, and versatility. Besides, the design had to do justice to their phenomenal team and meet high-caliber requirements.

The new education center was designed with minimalism in mind, featuring a versatile open-plan concept, sleek lines, and ample room for innovation. Yet, embracing minimalism often results in blank walls and excessive empty space.

Recognizing the disparity between the envisioned ideas and the actual realization, One Agency identified the need for a decorative element to breathe life into the space. After considering various ideas, in the end, the team decided to install artificial greenery.

And this is when Designer Plants entered the picture.

During The Process

As with most of our clients, One Agency came across Designer Plants after some Googling. They put many suppliers under the microscope, but our greenery stood out due to our commitment to sustainability and the numerous certifications we hold. Our faux greenery is ISO certified, ROHS and REACH compliant, and made from the highest quality durable materials on the market today.

Our client contemplated including different types of artificial green walls but ultimately opted for our stunning hand-crafted Luxury Artificial Green Wall Discs, which combine artificial plants, grass, and stems.

The Solution

The team at One Agency unanimously decided to deck their training center in green wall discs with an Onyx Black outer rim. They chose this decorative element for its luxurious appearance and the realism exemplified by each leaf.

Since our fake green wall discs come in two sizes - 20" or 30" in diameter - the staff wanted to use both in tandem to create a visually interesting space. True to its core beliefs, One Agency sought to ensure the ultimate visitor and customer experience through thoughtful design choices.

amazing faux wall disc decor

The space chosen for enhancement was located directly above the kitchenette. Our professional team meticulously planned the placement, took precise measurements, double-checked the available space, and installed the faux green wall discs. Suddenly, this blank canvas was infused with newfound beauty, captivating visitors as soon as they walked in. 

After It’s Done

Following the installation of the Luxury Artificial Green Wall Discs in different sizes on the bespoke wall around the kitchenette, One Agency staff and real estate agents attending the seminars remarked on the visual improvement of the space.

In addition to enlivening the training center, Designer Plants' faux green wall discs became a focal point within the room, eliminating any lingering monotony. Since the room was intended to foster creativity and motivation, the new decorative elements contributed to a productive environment, as the color green often does.

artificial wall disc decor

The greenery added life and charm to the center, allowing the staff to revel in its beauty for years to come. By choosing fake green wall discs over natural plants or other design elements, One Agency saved time, money, and a few headaches. Plus, they created a show-stopping space all within a budget of $5000.

Next Steps

The benefits of artificial greenery extend far beyond mere aesthetic appeal, and One Agency witnessed its power firsthand.

After talking to the staff at the Head Office, we confirmed that our objectives were met, and the education and training center was booming and gleaning compliments day in and day out. Designer Plants successfully transformed a minimalist and predominantly utilitarian space into a widely adored standout feature, capturing the attention of everyone who enters.

Our team at Designer Plants couldn’t be happier to have been One Agency’s first choice. This project was driven creatively from conception to realization, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating on other impactful projects.

And if you can’t take your eyes off the beauty our artificial green wall discs offer, peruse our exceptional selection of faux greenery and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a quote.

In as little as a day, your space will become a harmonious fusion of functionality and elegance.

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