Why You Need Artificial Hanging Plants Today

Ready to revolutionize your space with vibrant greenery that demands nothing but your admiration? 

That dream can become a reality as you say goodbye to the struggles of keeping plants alive. Artificial hanging plants have emerged as the ultimate solution, providing beauty and freshness without fuss.

Faux hanging plants have taken the design world by storm. They allow you to experience the beauty of nature in all its glory, without the need for soil, sunlight, or a green thumb. But how do you use these marvelous additions? Where should you put them?

Let’s find out!

Benefits of Artificial Hanging Plants

ceiling hanging plants for decor

Although fake hanging plants come with many advantages, we’ve compiled the most impactful ones. So, here’s why you should get your hands on one of our gorgeous products:

1. They’re Low-Maintenance

Like all artificial greenery, faux hanging plants are famous for their low-maintenance nature. Unlike natural plants, faux ones don’t need watering, pruning, or special care. So, say goodbye to unnecessary worry because your greenery will stay vibrant with minimal cleaning

2. They Add Color

Artificial hanging plants come in an array of colors to liven up your space. We’ve got purple and pink additions to our collection, along with the deep, rich greens that add a pop of color. Colorful fake plants make the greenery look more natural and tie the design together. This will help you spice things up further.

3. They Come In Various Shapes and Sizes

One benefit of artificial hanging plants that’s often overlooked is the wide variety of shapes and sizes they come in. If you look around, you will quickly find artificial plants that suit your aesthetic preferences and match the specific needs of your space. There’s almost never a lack of options!

4. They’re Child and Pet-Safe

Toxic sap or abrasive chemicals don’t lend well to Inquisitive little hands and paws. But you don’t have to worry about that when using artificial hanging plants as our products are ROHS-compliant. This means we don't use any harmful or toxic substances during manufacturing. As a result, you, your little one, and your furry friend can enjoy the beauty of greenery worry-free.

5. They’re Easy to Install

Compared to their living cousins, installing faux hanging plants is a breeze. With a few simple tools or accessories like hooks, baskets, or hangers, anyone with functioning thumbs can hang or drape a fake hanging plant. With this, you can create stunning displays without needing specialized skills or extensive preparation. 

Where Do You Put Artificial Hanging Plants?

To get the most out of your fake hanging plants, you need to think about the prime location. Luckily, these decorations are so versatile that you can place them:

  • In the bedroom: As the room that would benefit most from a touch of greenery, decking your bedroom in faux hanging plants would lend well to a good night’s sleep and a sense of tranquility. kids room fake hanging plants decoration
  • In the bathroom: With dim lights and humid air, bathrooms are not the best environment for real plants. But artificial plants are none the worse and provide an excellent placeholder.
  • On bookcases: If you’re an avid reader, you’d enjoy this stunning addition to your favorite piece of furniture. In turn, faux hanging greenery will help bring your most beloved stories to life.
  • On the porch: Artificial hanging plants aren’t bounded to the inside of your home. Instead, you can use them to disguise a dull spot outside or beautify the view from the porch.
  • In a home office: A relaxing and motivating environment is essential for a good day’s work. So, including some artificial hanging plants here will significantly impact the ambiance without taking up unnecessary desk or floor space. 
    office hanging plants

How Do You Install Artificial Hanging Plants?

Like all our products, artificial hanging plants are unbelievably easy to install. It’s almost as easy as hanging a picture frame. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Pick a location - as fake hanging plants are versatile, they can find a home anywhere in your abode, so choose a spot you’ll love and one you can admire 
  • Choose a basket - you’ll need to buy a basket for some artificial hanging plants, while others don’t need anything more than a structure you can wind them around
  • Get the needed materials - when using a basket, get a hook, drill, or self-adhesive option, but if you’re adding plants to a fence, invest in zip ties or a staple gun

What Are the Best Fake Hanging Plants?

artificial hanging plants montage

After expanding our already rich collection, we got hands-on experience with many different types of artificial hanging plants. Here are 3 of our favorite ones:

Artificial Hanging Ruscus

The artificial hanging ruscus plant is a true gem when it comes to adding elegance and versatility to your space. Our collection boasts 3 different types of ruscus plants:

All these stand at a height of 31 inches and come with delicate, elongated leaves that mimic their real-life counterpart. 

These faux hanging plants create a graceful cascading effect and allow you to drape them along a bookshelf or let them spill over a wall-mounted planter. The artificial ruscus blends with various decor styles and complements any aesthetic.

Faux Hanging Ivy 

If you’re looking for classic charm and timeless beauty, artificial hanging ivy bushes steal the show. Their lush, trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves craft a picturesque scene. This faux plant can spotlight a mantelpiece or cascade down from a hanging basket, allowing you to enjoy the beauty without the constant pruning. 

Since our Artificial Two-tone Ivy Hanging Bush contributes to a soothing atmosphere, it’s a perfect addition to bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices. Its versatility knows no bounds, so don’t hesitate to indulge in its beauty.   

Fake Hanging Ferns

If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we love ferns. We have 3 different types of faux hanging ferns, including:

These faux plants are so versatile, you can hang them on a macrame hanger by a window, adorn a patio or balcony, or create a vertical garden display. Each of our products is crafted using the highest-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. So rest assured that when you prop your fern up, it’ll stay up for years.  


It’s no wonder artificial hanging plants have shaken up how we bring greenery into our spaces. With their low-maintenance nature and mind-boggling versatility, these faux wonders offer a plethora of benefits. This makes them a must-have for any design enthusiast. 

So what are you waiting for?

Embrace the convenience and everlasting allure of faux plants by giving us a call and getting a quote.