Why You Need Artificial Plants In Your Restaurant

When you first dreamt of your restaurant, building it from the ground up, did you aspire for it to be dull and unimaginative?

Think back to the initial planning stages. The food was essential, but it likely wasn’t all you thought about.

Hopefully not. And if it was, that’s a misstep you can now straighten out.

Many restauranteurs still overlook the importance of ambiance. But it’s never too late to turn the tables and make your restaurant an experience waiting to unfold, not just a place to grab a bite.

It’s time to rewrite the script… with artificial plants.

Yes, faux greenery can be a catalyst for memorable dining experiences and feasts for all the senses.

Let’s talk about why you should add them to your restaurant as soon as possible.

Why Use Artificial Greenery In Your Restaurant?

decorating cafeteria with fake green panels

Introducing artificial foliage into your restaurant or cafe isn’t just an aesthetics-driven choice, but a strategic and practical one, as well. Here’s why:

It’s UV-Resistant

High-quality artificial green walls and plants bring a sun-resistant charm that even natural plants envy. If your restaurant has an outdoor seating area, an artificial hedge or a faux hanging fern will bring some much-needed elegance to withstand the sun’s rays. That way, your faux greenery won’t wilt or yellow, even if it stays outside for years.

It Lasts Long

Artificial plants are in it for the long haul. At Designer Plants, you’ll get fake foliage that remains untouched for up to 5 years outdoors and 15 years indoors, with warranties. This ensures you won’t need replacements or concerns about wilting leaves, as your decor elements will keep your restaurant looking fresh for a long time.

It’s Maintenance-Free

What would you say about greenery that doesn’t demand time, attention, or care? A dream come true?

That’s exactly what artificial plants grant you. By investing in fake greenery, you’ll forget the watering cans and pruning shears because these products don’t need anything. A quick dusting now and then is all it takes to uphold their allure, leaving you more time to focus on other things that matter.

It’s Easy to Install

Installing artificial green walls and hedges is a breeze. Say goodbye to complex planting processes and waiting for plants to grow because fauxliege comes pre-designed and ready to impart charm to your restaurant. You’ll simply choose the spots you want to beautify, and voilà!

5 Best Ways to Use Faux Foliage In a Restaurant

If you’re wondering where to start, here are some tips to get artificial greenery into your restaurant or cafe without breaking the bank:

1. Faux Hanging Plants on Ledges

fake hanging garlands in a restaurant

Don’t go all out right away, leverage the charm of artificial hanging plants. For example, if you have pony walls, drape some hanging garlands and cover bland walls that break up the flow of the space. Or, you can use other ledges or some bathroom dividers as pedestals for your fauxliege to infuse utilitarian spaces with a bit of life.

2. Artificial Hedges as Dividers

using artificial outdoor hedge as devider

If your restaurant is open and spacious, create distinct, private sections using artificial hedges. Instead of building walls or partitions, faux hedges are versatile dividers that define spaces and contribute to the aesthetics. As a bonus, your guests will get more privacy when dining, leading to greater satisfaction and a better experience.

3. Fake Topiary Balls in the Corners

Begone empty corners!

When you get beautiful artificial topiary balls, you can transform dull corners into focal points. These decorative elements resemble carefully pruned natural topiaries and add symmetry to the space. They also blend in seamlessly with any interior design style, which makes them a practical choice for any restaurant.

4. Artificial Green Walls for the Walls or Ceiling

faux vertical garden in a restaurant

For the bold restaurant owner, make a statement by using artificial green walls on the walls or the ceiling. Let the fake vertical gardens cascade from above or dress up a feature wall next to your most-desired table. Verdant displays like this are memorable and incredibly easy to set up by yourself.

5. Potted Faux Plants on Tables

Finally, make a splash with minimal effort by placing small potted faux plants on all the tables in your restaurant or cafe. Since artificial plants are hypoallergenic, you won’t have to worry about plaguing your guests with allergens. Table plants provide a personalized touch to each setting, so your guests will surely appreciate them.

Tips for Using Fake Plants In Restaurants 

artificial potted plants

Let’s talk about some tips before you start decorating. Precision and consideration are key here because you shouldn’t just fill gaps around your establishment. Instead, you should:

Measure the Space

First, assess the layout of your restaurant. Think about where you want to draw attention and consider the traffic flow and the areas in need of visual enhancement. Once you’ve picked a suitable space, grab a measuring tape and measure. If you’re installing fake green walls, measure the walls where you’ll put the panels to calculate how many you’ll need to cover it.

If you need some help, check out Georgina’s measuring guide.

Align With the Existing Decor

When you add artificial greenery, it should align with what you’ve already got going on in terms of decor. The new foliage doesn’t have to set a precedent for change. At least, not in the beginning. So, consider your restaurant’s theme, color scheme, and style.

For a contemporary ambiance, sleek artificial living walls will accentuate the modern decor. On the other hand, ornate, lifelike arrangements might blend better into a more classical setting. Just make sure your fake plants harmonize with the environment instead of disrupting it.

Choose High-Quality Products

Many owners pinch pennies. While this might be a desirable trait in many aspects of life, it doesn’t translate well to faux foliage. Here, quality is paramount. So, look for products with premium materials that mirror the texture, color, and detailing of real plants. High-grade polyethylene is best for this because it ensures longevity and prevents fading over time.

If you want to be sure you’re getting the best of the best, only shop from reputable suppliers that have warranties and certifications for upholding standards.

Trial and Adjust

Before committing to large-scale installations, start with samples. Experiment with different types of artificial green walls in various areas of your restaurant. This trial phase won’t be expensive, as most samples are $10 to $15 a panel, but it will help you assess how greenery complements your design.

If possible, solicit feedback from guests while you’re testing. Are they positively responding to the changes? Adjust based on their insights before making your final choice.

Finishing Thoughts

Adding artificial plants will help you enhance the atmosphere in your restaurant. It’ll help you fashion a space that invites new guests and retains loyal customers.

So, try out the tips in this blog, let faux greenery weave its magic, and witness how even the smallest changes can transform your establishment into a welcoming area for all who walk through your doors.