4 Ways to Beautify Your Poolside In the South

Temperatures might be cooling down, but in the South of the US, it rarely gets too cold. Nevertheless, our pools often take a backseat in December and January, a rather disheartening sight.

Can’t bear to neglect your poolside even in the winter?

We have some game-changing (and super simple) ways to decorate and beautify it. This way, you won’t have to wait until next summer to enjoy your little slice of paradise.

When poolside splashing is on hiatus, but the weather is still pleasant, how do you enhance your poolside’s beauty without a full-on renovation?

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

How to Beautify Your Poolside in 4 Easy Steps

installing artificial green panels on wooden fence

Yes, you can create an entirely new poolside in just 4 steps.

And it won’t take you long to have your own luxurious retreat!

Here’s how to start your transformation:

Dress Up the Fence

Before doing anything, assess your poolside fence. Is it drab? Boring? Grey?

Are those the adjectives you want associated with your poolside? If your fence doesn’t whisper “look at me” while coyly turning to the other side, it needs a revamp. The fence isn’t just a barrier; it’s a canvas. Squeeze every ounce of usability out of it by installing artificial green wall panels and watch your poolside shine.

Fake green walls add the beauty of nature to your yard and also provide an added layer of privacy and security. Just check out how our client used the Luxury Lush Spring Vertical Garden to brighten up a dark wooden fence!

Lush spring artificial green wall panel installed along a pool

Redecorate the Patio

Your poolside patio is the nucleus of outdoor leisure. You can improve the ambiance in the area by sprucing it up with a few tweaks. Consider a thematic redesign like a cozy Mediterranean feel or a sleek modern look.

Or, you can add a few pieces of stylish and weather-resistant furniture, vibrant cushions, and an outdoor olefin rug to tie everything together. Alternatively, you can also add a few small decorations around your sitting area, such as artificial hanging plants or artwork.

The sky is the limit!

Use Good Lighting

decorating poolside with luxury lights and plants

Without strategic lighting, your poolside is just a decorated black hole. Illuminate your pool and the cool nights spent by the water with a mix of soft, ambient lights. You can use lighting just for the atmosphere, or direct spotlights at certain features around your poolside to highlight them.

Sunsets shouldn’t mark the end of your poolside lounging. Extend the usability of the area after dark and enjoy balmy evenings all year round. You can even use solar-powered options for sustainability and create a space that invites you to unwind every day.

Add Lounge Chairs

lounge chairs next to pool

A cornerstone of poolside relaxation during cooler months is comfortable seating. Having a pool without quality lounge chairs is probably a cardinal sin somewhere in the world. To avoid testing the gods, add outdoor seating that blends in with your aesthetic.

Look for durable, weather-resistant materials that give you both style and comfort, just like when picking artificial plants.

Choose sleek loungers for sunbathing or cozy chairs that accommodate intimate conversations. Whatever it is, it should harmonize with the surroundings and be a natural addition to the space.

What’s Important for Artificial Poolside Greenery In Warm Areas?

If you see the potential of just one faux green wall by your pool, you’ll soon be rushing to comb through your options. In sun-soaked areas, durability and longevity are key.

So, while we encourage individual research, here are some non-negotiables when buying artificial greenery for your poolside:

It Should Be UV-Resistant

Sunny regions like Florida get almost constant exposure to sunlight. That’s great for us humans, but not as great for faux plants. Well, not if they’re low quality.

If you pick the first fake vertical garden you see in your local superstore, you might be disappointed to see it fade and deteriorate after a few months outside. That’s why UV-resistant artificial foliage is a must-have. This specialized feature firms up the tenacity of the artificial leaves and ensures they can fight against the intense rays.

So, look for faux greenery that’s specifically earmarked as UV-protected and suitable for outdoor use. 

It Should Be Weatherproof

The South is the bedrock of unpredictable weather and is often home to harsh conditions. Just like we need to be mindful of the weather before going outside, our artificial green walls need to be just as resilient, if not more.

So, your fauxliege should be built to endure inclement weather of any kind. Weatherproof artificial green walls boast resilience against the elements, from downpours to snowstorms. Just like built-in UV protection, make sure the product you’re eyeing is safe for outdoor use so that it retains its charm through every seasonal shift.

It Should Tolerate Water

Since your artificial foliage will sit close to your pool (maybe even right above it), it should be water-resistant. This is a no-brainer, but it’s a feature that’s surprisingly easy to miss. Some fake plants don’t do well with water and might tear or droop after a splash.

If water tolerance isn’t in the product description, ask the manufacturer about it. At Designer Plants, we feature a myriad of robust products that withstand splashes and high humidity levels without a dent in their integrity.

We’ve even happily installed faux green walls on beachfront properties and have seen fantastic results, so if you choose us, you won’t find fake leaves strewn about after a dip in the pool.

It Should Be Easy to Install

Hassle-free installation is an aspect you should not compromise on.

Opt for an artificial green wall designed with simplicity in mind and features like a plug-and-lug interlocking system. This will allow you to install your panels quickly and easily. Plus, you won’t need any complicated tools or long-winded YouTube tutorials to get the hang of it.

An easy installation process will ensure you’re stress-free and allow you to focus on enjoyment rather than hard labor.

Finishing Thoughts

Envision your poolside as a year-round retreat.

By using these 4 simple steps, you can fashion enduring charm and revamp the decor around your pool. Creating an environment that invites relaxation doesn’t have to be difficult, and the advice in this blog proves that.

In the end, you need a personal touch and a bit of creativity to watch your poolside evolve and accommodate moments of leisure throughout the seasons.

Want to get started?

Browse our selection of UV-protected, durable artificial green walls and ask us for a personalized quote. We’ll be happy to make your poolside dreams come true.
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