Manicured vs Organic Fake Green Wall Look: Which One Is Right for You?

The rise of artificial green walls has opened up many a possibility for creating a thriving environment anywhere. But, with the increasing demand for fake green walls comes a need for variety and customization. 

At Designer Plants, we understand that every client has a unique vision for their space. A simple one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. 

That’s why each buyer has a choice to go for a more manicured, uniform look or opt for some organic charm. This will help you tailor your ambiance to suit the character and style of your space to a T. 

Are you ready to explore the nuances that make these options unique? 

Let’s jump right in!

What Is a Manicured Look?

manicured faux wall panels

A manicured look means you get single, uniform panels, each identical to the next. This results in a neat, pristine appearance reminiscent of a well-kept garden. 

Although this option still offers a realistic look and diverse foliage, it’s slightly more curated than the organic option. 

While manicured faux green wall panels can fit into any space, they’re ideal for elegant and minimalist indoor and outdoor settings. The uniformity of this design contributes to a polished and sophisticated atmosphere. Often, this is perfect for upscale retail stores, luxury hotels, and French-style formal gardens. 

And if you want extra decor alongside your manicured artificial green walls, you’ll find a great balance with a set of faux topiary balls. You'll be amazed at how well they'll blend in with your refined aesthetic.   

What Is an Organic Look?

organic faux wall panels

On the other hand, fake green walls with an organic look contrast their manicured counterpart. In many ways, they symbolize a more diverse and natural approach. 

This look comprises 3 distinct mixed panels, cut and customized to meet your specific needs. This doesn’t mean you get 3 entirely different panels, but rather the same panel with differently-arranged foliage. 

This option delivers a more authentic portrayal of organic growth. The panels interlock and mimic the complexity and variety of natural foliage. If you like rough aesthetics, the organic look also allows you to incorporate diverse extras. For example, you can opt for white Bougainvillea stems for a personal touch. 

Organic looks are a great choice for casual indoor and outdoor settings. Specifically, they go well with modern and rustic architecture. If you’ve never used green decor before, artificial vertical gardens with an organic look can be a great foray into biophilic design. 

A 3-panel solution captures the essence of the natural growth you’d find outdoors. As a result, you'll have an unconventional and attention-grabbing element for entertainment areas, suburban yards, and poolsides.

Which One Is Right for You?

In the end, there is no definitive right or wrong when choosing between the manicured and organic fake green walls. At the crux of it, the decisive factor should be your specific needs and the message you wish to convey. 

Both alternatives boast wet weather resistance, built-in UV resistance, and fire resistance. This arms the panels with all they need to thrive for at least 5 years with warranties. We’ve tested all our fake green wall panels in extreme conditions and have noted minimal wear and tear. Such information should help you grasp the durability of your faux plants whenever you choose Designer Plants. 

Whether you opt for the manicured or organic look, you’ll get the lush appeal of dense and diverse foliage. Each option incorporates 15 plant varieties per panel, resulting in a dynamic appearance. With this, you get varied plant heights, layers, and colors that breathe life into the panel and the space. 

If you prefer a pristine, clean look, manicured panels may be the choice for you. But if you're leaning towards a more unruly aesthetic, you’ll find your match in the organic option. 

In the end, the versatility of both choices allows you to tailor your faux green wall precisely to your liking. 

Finishing Thoughts

To sum up, you should let your preferences and desired atmosphere guide you toward a manicured or organic fake green wall. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that both options boast remarkable resistance and solid warranties. 

If you still don't know what to do, contact our expert team and let us help you decide. 

You can also visit the product page of the panel you’re eyeing and virtually try it on your wall by using your phone camera. That way, you'll envision what your space would look like. 

And if you want to feel the fauxliege, you can grab a sample panel for many of our bestselling artificial green walls.