How to Create the Poolside of Your Dreams With Designer Plants

In a Nutshell

Before Our Collaboration

Gavin, a passionate DIY enthusiast, reached out to our Designer Plants team to scope out the potential of enhancing his poolside partition. His goal was to use new artificial greenery to bolster the privacy in his home and give his yard a facelift.

The Problem

Gavin has had a pool in his yard for some time. Adjacent to it has always stood a partition separating his yard from the neighbor abutting him.

What sets this client apart from many others was his prior experience with artificial greenery, specifically, fauxliege covering his poolside fence. But this year, he sought a change. Gavin wanted to install new artificial green wall panels to bring back the vitality in his yard without taking away from the soothing ambiance.

Given their proximity to the pool, durability and quality were top priorities.

During The Process

Leveraging his familiarity with artificial greenery, our client knew where to look and what to look for.

A quick Google search yielded the Designer Plants website and our offer of faux vertical gardens. Gavin combed through our collection in pursuit of the perfect artificial green wall panel for his poolside. He had a few requirements:

  1. His ideal product has to be green and simple
  2. The product must be durable and made of high-quality materials
  3. The green wall has to be customizable to accommodate decorations

After careful consideration, he selected the Premium Mixed Ivy Spring Sensation Artificial Green Wall. He measured the chosen wall and determined the number of panels he’d need. Then, he messaged our team to share his vision and seek insights.

The Solution

Since the client already had a solid idea, working with him was a walk in the park. We confirmed  that his chosen panel not only suited his poolside but also delivered the desired privacy without any structural concerns.

Our Mixed Ivy Spring mimics various type of ivy and uses environmentally-friendly materials that abide by globally recognized standards for quality and environmental performance. These attributes ensure that our fauxliege is impervious to harsh weather conditions and fares well out in the yard.

With Gavin’s penchant for undertaking projects himself, he made sure the panels were easy to install with minimal assistance. And so he began his project.


First, he removed the old artificial vertical garden panels and the securing boards. He then extended the wall vertically, painted it dark gray, and installed the new framework that would support the new Designer Plants panels.

Next, he installed each of the 28 faux green wall panels by hand, dedicating his efforts to the project throughout July and August.

We received regular updates from Gavin, who enthusiastically reported that “this project is coming along really well and is looking fantastic”.

pool decoration with green wall panels

After installing the panels, he painted the exposed lower wall of the fence a light color and added lights facing the faux green wall. As a finishing touch, our client added string lights between the faux ivy leaves to get a subtle, flickering lustre.

After It’s Done

Upon completing the arduous project all by himself, Gavin shared photos showcasing the stunning results he achieved and his progress throughout, leaving us in awe.

Right before sending us the photos, our client told our support representatives to brace themselves for the beauty. Still, we weren’t ready for what Gavin had done. His poolside are looked unrecognizable, with the faux green walls infusing much-needed character and energy.

home pool decoration with fake plants

Now, his yard no longer suffers from a lack of variety, as the Premium Mixed Ivy faux green wall will have Gavin and his family living in the lap of luxury within a budget of $3000.

Next Steps

Now that Gavin successfully completed the project and the artificial green wall is in place, he’s eagerly looking forward to enjoying his transformed yard.

The newfound privacy, lush greenery, and enchanting atmosphere have reinvigorated his outdoor space and made it a haven for relaxation and entertainment. With the subtle flicker of string lights, Gavin’s poolside is the perfect escape after a long day.

It’s safe to say that our client’s vision has blossomed into a reality, and he’s ready to make the mos of his hard work.

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