How Artificial Plans Elevated This Interior Design Company

In a Nutshell 

  • Client: Blok Design Co. 
  • Industry: Interior design
  • Products used: A range of artificial garlands and bushes
  • Results:
    • Adjustable and customizable decor 
    • Filled an often neglected area 
    • Low-maintenance decor 
    • Better visitor experience

Before Our Collaboration

Founded in 2015 in Australia, Blok Design Co. is an interior and commercial design company that understands the significance of reflecting a client’s identity through their space. The company is a hub for talented interior designers, stylists, and project managers with years of experience under their belts.

Blok operates across Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast, and has executed over 300 residential and commercial designs for clients.

The Problem

Since the Blok designers’ main passions and skills center around interior decor, their head office should represent the very best of what they offer clients. In many ways, their headquarters are the business’s storefront.

Every room, from the lobby and the bathrooms to the main office, is a concrete example of what clients can expect from the company. Blok Design provides an enhanced experience in any space they stage, so the team aspired to extend that expectation to their own property.

They were on the same page from the beginning - greenery is a must. Nevertheless, the staff thought it necessary to add subtle foliage that doesn’t overwhelm the space and works well with the limited floor space. After talking among themselves, the team decided to opt for artificial greenery from Designer Plants.

During The Process

After contacting our team and telling us exactly what they wanted to do, we recommended a few different types of faux foliage for their office. Luckily, they had a clear vision and understood how these decor elements would fit in the space.

As professional designers, the staff were able to concisely explain the desired outcome of this project. They pointed us in the right direction from the beginning, so there was almost no room for misunderstanding. After talking with our fauxliege experts, we pulled a few suggestions together. Then, we started planning the setup right away.

The Solution

Although the clients didn’t tell us which products they’d like to have in their space, we tested our expertise and sourced a few recommendations. The team wanted greenery in the waiting room and the bathroom as a start.

As the waiting room is the first room visitors enter upon stepping over the threshold, Blok Design needed to make a good first impression.

But, the team was also clear about still having enough empty wall space for changing decor elements. For example, a few days before our talk, the company had a head office launch party and cleared an entire wall to place a photo backdrop for guests. Had their design been permanent, they would’ve been much more limited.

The space we tackled first was the waiting room. The team perused our artificial hanging garlands and stems and selected a mix of products, including the Artificial Hanging Pearls, Artificial Two-Tone Narrow Leaf Hanging Ruscus Plant, and the Artificial Eucalyptus Stems.

The mix of fauxliege looked realistic and provided the texture the Blok team wanted. The clients installed a pelmet (aka a cornice board) that conceals the railing where the faux stems hang. The lengths of the garlands vary and lend well to being adjusted at any time by moving and sliding them along the railing.

For the bathroom, the team first considered real greenery. But, after noticing the lack of natural light, they decided artificial greenery was still the way to go. There, we installed more hanging fauxliege above the mirror but at a much smaller scale than the waiting room. 

After It’s Done

The installation of the fake hanging garlands at the Blok Design head office in Australia was a success.

faux garlands in a bathroom

The new decor elements added a pop of color and reinforced our client’s commitment to hospitality. Our garlands sat strategically on the bare walls and filled in the empty gaps in the room. The faux greenery added height and texture to utilitarian spaces and created a warmer, more welcoming environment for guests and company photoshoots.

sofa wall decoration with faux hanging plants

The mix of deep green faux hanging bushes was nothing short of a vista against the light-colored walls. The staff could adjust and customize the decor to suit their moods and needs during the day, providing a perpetually changing space.

The Blok team was especially excited about never having to sweep dead leaves off the floor or stand on their toes to water the garlands. And with our fauxliege’s UV resistance and warranties, they’ll live for years indoors without needing anything more than dusting.

By building on the property’s existing sophistication and decorating, Blok Design cemented its dedication to premium design.

Next Steps

The outcome of this case study proves the importance of greenery to sustain and elevate the atmosphere in any space. Green decor has a positive impact and contributes to the fight for sustainability.

We can conclude that it’s wise for commercial spaces and offices to introduce fauxliege as a cost-effective design solution. Artificial greenery will continue to create welcoming spaces for all who enter Blok Design. From the beginning, they will get a taste of what they’re in for.

In talking with our clients, they expressed their admiration for the new decor and conveyed their excitement about working with Designer Plants in the future.

If you’d like results akin to Blok Design’s, contact our skilled team and we’ll set you up with a bespoke quote and design solutions fit for a royal.

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