A Salon Client Benefits from Artificial Green Walls by Designer Plants

In a Nutshell 

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Before Our Collaboration

The Raw Edge Hairdressers salon in the quaint suburban town of Manly near Sydney, Australia had been looking to enhance the interior for a while. The salon was attracting customers on the daily and the talented hairdressers rarely wanted for new heads of hair. 

As the salon’s business grew, so did the staff’s desire for a new, professional work environment. While the space was already clean and elegant, the Raw Edge hairdressers thought it needed something more. 

The Problem

With the exterior of the Raw Edge Hairdressing is almost entirely glass, passers-by could look into the salon. As a result, they could make split-second decisions about quality, professionalism, and appearance. 

Having worked with a professional decorator, the salon already looked nice to begin with. However, the hairdressers believed the entrance left something to be desired. 

The bare wall with the salon’s name didn’t convey the atmosphere the Raw Edge stylists were after. Plus, they noticed the salon didn’t stand out from similar ones down the street. So, the primary purpose of this renovation was to help the salon capture attention more easily and draw customers to enter and book an appointment. 

The employees had many options at their disposal. They could decorate with string lights, paint the wall a different color, or add some foliage. The last option proved to be the most enticing, but then another issue arose - who would look after the plants?

During The Process

Like many other clients, the staff at Raw Edge Hairdressing began researching their decision to add greenery. By referring to trusty Google, they cemented their desire to incorporate plants, but not natural ones. 

The staff relayed a reluctance to dedicate time to plant maintenance and bloat the water bill. After coming across a Designer Plants collection of artificial green walls, they took a leap of faith and contacted our team for a consultation. 

The Solution

The team at the salon explained their vision to our designers and we started looking for a swift solution. They determined they wanted a faux green wall that was all green and dense to highlight the name of the salon. So, we recommended the Luxury Green Tropics Artificial Green Wall.

This artificial vertical garden is the epitome of tropical lushness and includes evergreen foliage that brings paradise closer to you. The panels are built to last, are highly durable, and are made from UV-resistant materials. Besides this, the panels are recyclable and contribute to the well-being of the planet. 

The Raw Edge team loved our suggestions and we got to work immediately. The wall in need of life was the one facing the entrance to the salon. This was the first point of contact for the customers, so it needed to embody the salon’s personality and set the mood for the visit. 

Since our faux green wall panels are all 40" x 40" and appropriate for indoors and outdoors, our team measured the wall and calculated the number of panels that would fit. 

Installation is very easy with the help of the interlocking grid on the back, so the project was over in just one day. We then nestled the “RAW EDGE” sign between the fauxliege. The bright sign against the dark greenery presented a stark contrast and drew the eyes to the brand name. 

The faux green wall was also visible from outside the salon, providing the stopping power the team wanted. 

After It’s Done

Installing the Luxury Green Tropics Artificial Green Wall at the Raw Edge Hairdressers salon proved a success. Both staff and customers remarked on the new decor element and mentioned how it completely transformed the space. 

raw edge salon

The faux green wall panels highlighted the elegance throughout the salon and reinforced our client’s contribution to sustainability. The fake vertical gardens added texture that was missing from the salon and allowed room for customization

inside the raw edge hairdresser saloon

The Raw Edge team was especially content with the low-maintenance faux green walls that don’t need human touch to thrive. 

Next Steps

This project solidified the significance of artificial greenery in elevating a commercial space. As green decor positively impacts people, the Raw Edge salon created a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution for their interior design. 

The hairdressers found what they were looking for and now have an easy-to-care-for addition to the commercial space. 

We’re happy to have had the opportunity to work with this Australian salon and the talented people working there. If you’re looking to undertake a project of your own and ginger up a commercial space, contact the Designer Plants team for a quote and capable hands. 

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