Home Staging with Artificial Plants

First impressions matter.

But they don’t just matter for us people; they’re crucial for buying and selling real estate, too.

The power of a well-staged home can’t be overstated. Unfortunately, some real estate agents still underestimate the effectiveness of more unconventional decorations like artificial plants.

Here, we’ll talk about the secrets to creating inviting, vibrant environments that captivate everyone who steps into the home. Hopefully, you’ll see the power faux greenery holds and how it can help you convey warmth to potential buyers.

Ready to explore how nature fits into home decor?

Let’s get into it.

How Would Artificial Greenery Help Home Staging?

Artificial greenery can help with many aspects of home staging. Although the leading reason is to give potential buyers a glimpse of the atmosphere, there are benefits for real estate agents themselves.

It Creates Warmth 

Natural elements are unmatched in crafting a welcoming atmosphere. This, as we know, is a key ingredient in successful home staging. Lush greenery softens the ambiance of the space and appeals to the eyes of potential buyers.

Greenery, even when it’s artificial, can help buyers see themselves living in the home. In the end, this is the most desirable outcome of home staging.

It’s Low Maintenance

Artificial greenery is stunning. But that’s not all it’s got going on. Its allure doesn’t come down to just aesthetic appeal but to its low maintenance, as well. Unlike real plants, faux ones don’t need watering, sunlight, or ongoing care.

In turn, this means they stay vibrant without agents having to put a concerted effort into them. This ease of maintenance adds another layer of convenience for those staging and allows them to focus on other aspects of the presentation.

It’s Cost-Effective

Artificial plants are cheaper than real plants in the long run. This makes them a practical choice for home staging because the initial investment eliminates the need for ongoing expenses like water.

This way, faux greenery allows you to take on a more budget-friendly approach. It’s a sustainable option that won’t incur continuous financial commitments - exactly what you need from a decoration.

It’s Versatile

Versatility is another defining feature of faux greenery. Because artificial plants aren’t tied to specific locations, you can move them around to find the perfect spot. This allows for flexible arrangements that suit different layouts and design preferences.

Besides this, it ensures that the staged environment highlights the specific features of a space. Plus, the portability facilitates a seamless transition from one home staging project to the next. This way, you’re maximizing their utility in various settings.

What Faux Plants Look Best in Home Staging?

Now that you know the benefits of including artificial plants when staging a home, which ones should you get?

While there’s no wrong choice here, you need to be a bit strategic with your decision in terms of style.

Here’s what would suit almost any home:

Artificial Topiary

faux topiary for video staging

Faux topiary balls are among the top contenders for home staging because we sculpt it with timelessness in mind. These decorations resemble their natural pruned counterparts and can fit into any corner. From our experience, clients prefer having artificial topiary at entryways or as focal points in living areas.

Faux Hanging Garlands

faux hanging garlands

Dynamism is important for staging, especially when artificial foliage is involved. For the most versatile option, use faux hanging garlands and stems. Plant colorful Bougainvillea stems in small planter boxes and let them cascade from shelves or windowsills. Enhance the visual interest of the space and make the stems a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Fake Green Wall Discs

artificial wall discs in a scene

Artificial green wall discs are eye-catching decorations that replicate a living green wall but are more compact. You can hang them on accent walls or any bare walls. They usually contribute to a modern and chic aesthetic, so keep the style in mind before choosing. In any case, they’re a beautiful standout feature whenever you need a bit of drama.

How To Make Fake Plants Look More Real in Home Staging?

If you want to achieve an authentic and lifelike appearance with fake plants in home staging, you need a thoughtful approach.

First, invest in high-quality artificial plants that have realistic details and textures. You’re not fooling anyone by buying cheap. Even though your foliage is fake, it should still have imperfections, some discoloration, and unevenness. Shop from certified premium manufacturers like Designer Plants and you’ll never go wrong.

Aside from that, don’t forget the cleaning. Faux greenery is low maintenance, but you still need to dust and clean the leaves to prevent them from losing their shine. Wipe the leaves and read up on how to clean fauxliege well to ensure it never gets dull.

You can also further enhance the realism by adding soil or moss to the planters. This will provide a more grounded look and mimic the natural environment of real plants.

When thinking about the placement, it’s important to make sure the fauxliege doesn’t get in the way. Fake greenery is a lovely decoration, but it shouldn’t dominate the room, it should add to it. So, don’t get anything too exotic that doesn’t naturally grow in your area so that it doesn’t stick out in the eyes of potential buyers.

If you need a guide on getting your faux greenery indiscernible from the real thing, check out our blog post about making fake plants look real. And if your potential buyers become actual buyers, they can use artificial green walls to improve the perceived value of the home.

Finishing Thoughts

So when you’re staging your next home, include a faux plant or two and see how buyers react. Beyond the aesthetic enhancements for the space itself, faux greenery saves you time, money, and effort, so you can focus on more pressing matters.

Do you want to know more about how you can use faux greenery in your personal and professional life?

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