Improve Property Value With Artificial Green Walls

You’re strolling down a scenic suburban street, admiring the stunning homes and rich greenery lining the sidewalks. You notice the perfectly manicured lawns and the towering trees that add to the subtle charm of the neighborhood. It’s as if the verdant decoration tells the specific story of the people living there and encapsulates how its residents see the world, whether they’re brave and bold or value simplicity.

For some, the serenity that comes with a touch of green in the home is all that’s important. But would you be surprised to discover that these properties often come with a steep price tag?

The perfect house is more expensive for a reason. In many cases, homeowners have invested thousands of dollars to create a sanctuary for themselves or the buyers they’re selling to.

But if you want your house to do the talking and capture buyers’ attention from one block down without squandering money, you can turn your gaze toward artificial green walls. After all, they offer a scroll of benefits that traditional landscaping can’t match.

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What Is Property Value?

For such a widely used phrase in the world of real estate, it’s ironic to learn that no one’s come up with a conclusive definition. This leaves homeowners, tax assessors, buyers, and sellers with varying understandings of the value of a property.

Allow us to illustrate property value with a little help from a seafaring analogy.

what is the value of your home

You’re the captain of a ship you want to sell. This is your property. To determine how seaworthy your ship is and how much treasure it can carry, you’ll need to take various factors into consideration. Similarly, the value of your property depends on many aspects.

The location of your ship is a crucial factor. So, if you’re docked in a bustling part of town that’s close to many commerce and trade routes, your ship’s value will far exceed your highest expectations. In the same vein, if your property’s nestled in a desirable area that’s close to shops, transport, schools, and other amenities, it’ll be worth much more.

Next, you need to take into account the size and condition of your ship. If it’s a mammoth and in excellent condition, you’ll get more for it than a rickety vessel. Likewise, a spacious well-maintained property will entice more buyers than a disparaging cramped one.

Last but not least, the value of your ship (or your property) will largely depend on the demand for its cargo. Namely, if there are hundreds of other ships or properties with similar features on the market, yours won’t be worth as much as you think no matter how special you believe it is.

Essentially, property value is like the treasure chest of your property. You should always be looking for a way to increase the perceived value to make a profit from the sale. Just like how pirates thoroughly search for treasure, you should exhaust all options for value increase.

But to ensure that wouldn’t cost you more than what you’d get from a sale, we’ve got a cheaper solution with a high-class impact. Let’s talk about it!

How Artificial Green Walls Impact Property Value

Scaling your home’s value with the addition of a fake green wall or two might seem like an illusion, but the facts speak for themselves.

In fact, a comprehensive study from Virginia Tech observed a considerable increase in the perceived value of a home when it included greenery. In fact, the advantage ranged from 5.5% to 12.7%.

To put things into perspective, if your house is worth $350,000 without any real or artificial foliage, its value can increase to $392,000. So, you’ll get approximately $42,000 in profit - basically a full-time salary!

The study differentiated 3 landscape aspects and asked participants to rank them according to importance - design sophistication, plant size, and diversity of plant material type. Ultimately, the results indicated that the highest importance should be on design sophistication, with most respondents preferring large, evergreen foliage (just like the Boston ivy we have at Designer Plants).

fake green walls on pool

The Department of Horticulture at Michigan State University went a step further and affirmed that homeowners can achieve a 109% return on every dollar spent on landscaping. Interestingly enough, this study concluded that sellers could witness a 6% to 11% increase in property value.

But why is this so?

Essentially, greenery is pleasing to the eyes, regardless of whether it’s real or fake. Artificial green walls bring a myriad of benefits with them, so it’s not hard to see why many enjoy basking in the luxury. Since property value improves when you make positive changes to the home, simple additions like colorful fake green walls or striking faux topiary will bring forth advantages that outweigh the costs.

As a testament to this power, the American Society of Landscape Artists (ASLA) suggests homeowners invest about 10% to 20% of the home’s value in landscaping to get a significant return on investment. When the house is sold, green improvements can return 100% to 200% of their cost.

Although most of these benefits can be found in natural greenery, artificial products offer a slew of additional advantages. Namely, if you’re looking to sell your property sooner rather than later, you won’t have time to wait for natural plants to grow. In between attending meetings and rushing to get the paperwork done, who’ll be home to water and prune the plants?

On the other hand, when homeowners neglect to landscape and skip out on artificial greenery, it can sink the home’s price by as much as 10%. And even if this number seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things, a $350,000 property might be relegated to a value as low as $315,000.

artificial green walls landscaping

Landscaping with artificial green walls and other sought-after foliage not only enhances curb appeal, but it tells the story of your home to prospective buyers. After all, people are more likely to close a deal on a house if they can envision living life and creating memories in it, and a well-maintained yard helps them do just that.

But before you get in touch with us for the best value-enhancing fake green walls, you should understand that for your ideas to come to fruition, you must have a specific plan to go by. Unfortunately, peppering pieces of fauxliege around your property without much forethought will not entice buyers. If anything, it’ll only detract from the beauty of your home.

Finishing Thoughts

Many hard-hitting studies have outlined the hand greenery has in increasing the property value of a home. But since natural foliage can quickly get time-consuming and costly, you’d be wise to consider investing in artificial green walls and getting the best of both worlds: a natural aesthetic without the high price and maintenance of traditional landscaping. Plus, it even works for businesses!

So, why not explore the world of fake green walls and learn how they can transform your property into the tranquil oasis buyers would fight for?