Artificial Plants for the Summer: Hot Picks for 2024

We’ve made it to summer!

Now, as we’re seeing the sun stretch its golden fingers across the horizon, we’re itching to get into our yards and unwind.

The days are growing longer and warmer and we’re spending more time lounging on the patio or hosting gatherings. But there’s one crucial thing for both of these activities to work - a welcoming outdoor space. And usually, that means a whole lot of greenery.

Unfortunately, with temperatures soaring across the US, especially in the South, you can’t rely on natural foliage anymore. The intense heat and humidity can wilt even the hardiest of plants and turn your garden into a parched landscape.

Well, unless you get artificial plants.

Faux plants stay green no matter how scorching the sun gets. They thrive in hot and cold climates and maintain their beauty without needing constant care.

But what do you need to know before you invest?

Keep reading to find out.

What to Consider Before Using Artificial Plants This Summer

While we’re big proponents of artificial plants (we’ve built a business out of it, after all), we always suggest researching before you buy. Not every type of faux plant suits every person and location.

It’s important to weigh various factors to ensure your choice complements the sunny days ahead and doesn’t threaten your wallet. Here’s what you should research before deciding on the type of artificial plants you want:

UV Resistance

Since you’ll likely be putting your faux plants outside to bask in the sun, you must think about UV protection. If you don’t take notice of whether your fauxliege is UV resistant, the sun will be your and your plant’s worst enemy.

UV rays can cause the colors of the artificial plant to fade and its materials to deteriorate over time. But if you look for UV-resistant fauxliege, you’ll know it can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without losing structural integrity.

If you’ve already bought artificial foliage and then noticed it’s not made for the outdoors, grab a UV spray that seals and safeguards your foliage (and your outdoor furniture). What’s more, the leaves will get a nice shine too!


When you decide to use artificial plants as part of your outdoor summer decor, you should always check the warranty policy. Some manufacturers and suppliers don’t have warranties on any products, while others do. If you choose Designer Plants as your supplier, you’ll find artificial green walls with up to 4 years of coverage that assures defects and premature wear.

Of course, we advise you to verify the specifics of the warranty before you buy. Call the supplier and discuss the coverage terms to understand what’s included and how to address any issues that may arise.

DIY Suitability

Even if you’re not a DIY enthusiast, you can still benefit from faux greenery suitable for DIY projects. This is due to the fact that during the summer, the availability of installers or maintenance services may fluctuate due to holidays or high demand. After all, everyone has more time in the summer to do work around the yard.

By choosing DIY-friendly artificial plants, you can incorporate and adjust your decor according to your schedule and preferences. For example, our artificial green wall panels are easy to install and can be up on your wall in a few hours. This way, you never have to rely on external assistance.


Summer is synonymous with outdoor gatherings and celebrations. Soon enough, you’ll start getting invitations to backyard barbecues and garden parties, so you’ll have to match that with your own event. And of course, the magic of summer festivities lies in the little details, so that’s what you should pay attention to when looking for faux plants.

For example, our artificial plant panels are versatile and can create a backdrop for themed summer soirées. You’re not limited to what the panel offers because you can accessorize with fairy lights, baubles, buntings, or other trinkets.

Plus, you can even choose a few faux plant stems to add color to your panel without decorating it specifically for a themed party.

What are the Best UV Resistant Faux Plants for Summer?

uv resistant faux hedge wall

We’ve already emphasized how important UV resistance is for faux plants, especially if they’re outside in the sun during the summer.

But since there are thousands of products to choose from, settling on one can be harder than expected.

If you want to spruce up your garden with minimal upkeep and ensure your plants won’t fade, you should be looking at:

Artificial Palm Trees

While artificial palm trees may not be the first thing you think of when considering faux greenery, they might be the best UV-resistant option for you. Wherever you are, you likely already associate palms with summer. So, it makes sense to use faux palms as a practical solution that addresses key concerns during a heat wave.

Our collection of artificial palms is designed with polytech UV plastics that can withstand the harsh summer sun without fading or deteriorating.

The faux palms at Designer Plants contain durable steel and fiberglass, which ensures stability and longevity. The metal base plate means you can anchor them anywhere without worrying about uprooting or maintenance issues.

If you’re interested in artificial palm trees, you can order them according to your exact specifications because our production is made-to-order. Each palm tree comes in 5 sizes and with a 10-12 week backorder.

Faux Green Wall Discs

If you’re looking for something smaller and less imposing than an artificial palm tree, try a faux green wall disc. For those who may not like the full coverage of a vertical garden, our collection of green wall discs offers a compact version with the same benefits.

The discs are ridiculously easy to install - just like a picture frame. All you need is a nail in the wall to hang your disc and secure it in place.

Each disc in our roster comes in 2 sizes - 20” and 30”, and in 2 colors - with a black or white rim. Of course, they’re all UV-protected and can handle staying out in the heat throughout summer. Plus, our faux greenery is compliant with ISO, REACH, and RoHS, so you can have peace of mind knowing it’s safe for you and your family.

Artificial Hanging Plants 

Recently, we’ve been seeing an uptick in the number of hanging plants on residential and commercial properties. And we know why - hanging plants are beautiful, don’t take up any floor space, and are a hassle-free type of foliage.

This is especially evident in artificial hanging plants. For example, our collection features hanging fauxliege that’s UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. So regardless of the space you want to decorate, there’s a hanging plant imitation out there for you. And if it’s not UV protected, you can still spray it with UV spray and leave it outside..

If you get artificial hanging plants for outdoor use, you’ll have all the makings of an enjoyable, quiet evening with your loved ones.

Finishing Thoughts

If you want to make the most of the summer season, start with your outdoor space.

When you live in an area that gets generous sunlight, you must choose UV-resistant faux plants that can last longer and withstand the harsh rays.

The best faux plants for summer are versatile and impactful without any maintenance issues. They’re durable, reliable, and can stick around for years with the proper care.

Explore all your options and read the full product descriptions before you buy your summer fauxliege to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting. And if you need help, we’re one call or email away.