Spring Sensation Artificial Green Wall 40" x 40" 11SQ FT UV Resistant

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A captivating combination of ivy and delicate green leaves to create a faux green wall with a perfect spring vibe.

Why can't it be spring all year round? Well – now it can. With these vibrant and ultra-lifelike living wall panels, you can enjoy a lush green grass wall no matter what season it is.

Details of the Artificial Ivy Hedge Panel
• Material: Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
• Blockage: Suitable for Privacy Screening
• UV Protection Level: High Grade Commercial UV Protection
• Coverage: 11SQFT Per Panel / 40 Inch x 40 Inch
• Life Expectancy 5+ Years Outdoors, 15+ Years Indoor
• Usage: Beautification, Events, Commercial Fit outs & Privacy
• Installation: Zip Ties, Screws or Staples (DIY Suitable)

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40 x 40 x 3-4 Inch | 100cm x 100cm x 7-10cm

4.4 lbs - 7.7 lbs | 2kg-2.5kg

Indoor & Outdoor

Attach Using Staples / Screws / Cable Ties

UVTex & RealTex


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Spring Sensation Artificial Green Wall

Artificial foliage with minimal maintenance required

Unlike real plants, which you have to water, trim, and care for endlessly, your faux living wall panels will thrive even without any attention. Just make sure that you install your plant wall securely and it will generally stay there until you decide to remove it.

The Spring Sensation is the perfect plant decor that’s very easy to clean - you can just dust it off for indoor spaces or take a hose to it if you really want a clean surface.

The environmentally-friendly faux garden wall we’ve all been looking for

Compared to a living plant that needs watering every single day, an artificial living wall can save you tons of water. From manufacture to installation to maintenance, faux plants emit only around 20% of the overall carbon emissions that a real garden does.

How is fake greenery better for the environment?

  • You save around 3 lbs of water each year 
  • No need for fertilizer or pesticides 
  • No plastic pots or piping for irrigation 
  • No soil or gravel required 
  • No heavy stainless steel grids for installation

Spring Sensation Artificial Hedge Panel and Instant fake Ivy Panel

Artificial Green Wall Panel Miami Pool Spring Sensation

The perfect way to enhance your privacy and security

Do you ever feel like you're on a reality TV show where your neighbors are spying on you? Worry no more - your artificial living wall will shield you from your nosy neighbors and their disapproving stares. A faux plant wall is a more affordable way to upgrade your privacy. Just install your hedge two inches taller than your fence line and you're good to go.