Sample Panel of Lush Fern Artificial Green Wall (Small Sample) UV Resistant

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Taste the Mediterranean sun, sea, and sand with this lush, vibrantly green, and amazingly lifelike faux plant wall.

If you're looking for a quick getaway to the Mediterranean seaside - look no further than your own backyard. These lush, green artificial living wall panels are sure to bring you that exotic yet cozy Mediterranean vibe.

This is a sample panel listing for an approximate 10inch x 10inch sample only.

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40 x 40 x 4-5 Inch | 100cm x 100cm x 10-12cm

4.4 lbs - 7.7 lbs | 2kg-2.5kg

Indoor & Outdoor

Attach Using Staples / Screws / Cable Ties

UVTex & RealTex


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A subtle yet effective security feature

A house isn't just a place to sleep, it's your own private space to relax and be yourself. We know how annoying it can be to have nosy neighbors or creepy strangers peeking over your fences. The good news is our fake living walls don't just add color and texture to your walls, they also add an extra layer of privacy.

Use your fake plant wall decor as an elegant privacy screen by installing it a bit higher than your fence is. With these dense, sturdy leaves, they won't be able to see a thing. That'll keep them out of your hair!

Almost zero maintenance required

Real gardens are a wonderful sight and they smell great, too! But don't they require a ton of work? Here are just some of the things you DON'T need to do with a faux grass wall:

  • Water it daily
  • Trim, shape, and prune it
  • Feed it fertilizer-rich soil
  • Spray pesticide
  • Check it for weeds
  • Sweep up its fallen leaves
  • Stress about it constantly

Your artificial living wall stays where you put it up rain or shine (or snow), leaving you to work, play, or lounge around as you please.

Better for the environment

Just the fact that you won't spend gallons of water on your home garden is sure to be a plus in Mother Nature's book. Your fake living wall also emits 20% less carbon than its living counterpart. Without the need for fertilizer, soil replacement, and other maintenance activities, you'll be doing the earth a favor by sticking to our evergreen artificial living wall panels.